Ye Mera Bharat Hai! This Is My India!

Credit by Niharika Bajaj

Today, I went to the roads of Shaheen Bagh, the small place in Delhi that has taken the nation to jolt, was lucky enough to hear the side of not just the protesters but that of police and the women leaders of the protest.

The protesters apart from their rejection with the new law, CAA (would not explain it as every person has its own interpretation to me, it is a law that has hurt the sentimental values of the constitution) when talked about what is bothering them more than the law excluding Muslims is the way the protesters have been treated, portrayed and being seen as.

Here were some facts (from the protester's view) The first one is very obvious,

The irresponsible reporting by media

Under the political pressure or their own ideological approach what makes them quote false claims like Rs 500 being given to people for sitting in the protest. (this is completely false).

For this, please don't trust what you watch blindly, yes I am talking about your prime time news shows and also the WhatsApp virals and social media stuff, read newspapers for some legit clarity on the subject (it still holds authenticity till certain point)

Credit by Niharika Bajaj

The next, no mother would tolerate their child being tortured physically or mentally, These were the mothers sitting at the protest site who saw their children brutally suffering at Jamia and other colleges. (very clear, loud and justified by today's horrible firing at Jamia, torture continues Day -45)

While everyone blaming the police for not doing anything, just watching things happening. Asking stuff like who is responsible for maintaining law and order, trust me the most frustrated group out there are the policemen who to me seemed no less than the puppets of the power. They can't take action unless ordered and we all know why the orders are not been declared, can't PM Modi stop this in a day by just one single order if PM Gandhi could bring an emergency overnight, what the big deal in getting those women back to their homes?

Election Games! LOL! Watching people getting frustrated over the traffic issues and portraying it as the mismanagement by the state government. Oh, you read it, Press BJP Button So Hard That Shaheen Bagh Feels the Current: Shah (Source: The Quint January 27, 2020 ) crazy!!

Credit by Niharika Bajaj


Now talking about the police's perspective

When we asked an officer about why can't they just open one way what they told is

* Ma'am it is not like we didn't try to negotiate with the protesters, we also managed to convince a few that, let's just get one way open (we all know the traffic problems due to Kalindi Kunj way blocked), but when the union comes they clearly tell the convinced ones, "apko kaum se bhar kar diya jayega" (You would be thrown out of the race)

Being a part of a media organization there, as the protocol says no hardcore political discussions on radio, we were there to discuss the traffic problem to the people of Delhi because of the protest.

The thought I was left behind with "the onions" kept before the 40-Feet Iron Structure of India’s Map, was it the symbolic of the inflation in the country, or the people who are in tears seeing the politics of religion, harming the constitutional spirit.

Credit by Niharika Bajaj

Penning Down

This is my Shaheen Bhag story, my experience and like any other individual my opinion (to my friends who have been asking if I stand in favor or in against, this is my picture thank you for your time)

Long live INDIA!