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Will Smith Movies

Willard Carroll Smith Jr. is popularly known as ‘Will Smith’ is Pennsylvania born American actor, rapper and media personality. He was being called “the most powerful actor in Hollywood” by Newsweek in 2007, Forbes ranked him as the most bankable star worldwide. The winner of four Grammy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards nominee Smith had his breakthrough with the television sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.



Where the Day Takes You (1992)



Will Smith made his film debut in the Marc Rocco’s 1992 drama Where the Day Takes You. The film portraits the life of teenage runaways as they strive to pull through the streets of Los Angeles.

A group of youngsters, with King as their leader, a man in his early twenties who spends most of his nights with Little J and Greg or in the jail. One night, Little J and Greg get into an argument and they part ways. Greg soon gets arrested and admits to being addicted to drugs. Meanwhile, King and Heather have trouble earning money; Tommy Ray beats up Manny to find out whereabouts of King, where he is shot and left to die by Little J. Will plays the legless crippled character, Manny. King sets out to start a new life at a new destination, but decides to look out for Greg, as Little J tries to save him from police, shots were fired leaving King dead and tears in Heather’s eyes. 

The film gained cheerful reviews for convincing acting of the cast, though failed at the box office. It was although nominated for the “Critics Awards” at the Deauville Film Festival and won the Golden Space Needle Award at the Seattle International Film Festival.



Independence Day (1996)



Roland Emmerich’s directed science fiction action film Independence Day focuses on the aftermath of an attack by an extra-terrestrial race, as the people launch a counter-attack on the 4th of July, Independence Day of the United States. Will appeared as a Marine Corps pilot in this movie.

A gigantic mothership Unidentified Flying Object about one fourth the mass of the Moon, takes place over some major cities, deploying assault forces. David Levinson, decrypt a signal determining alien’s countdown timer for a co-ordinated attack. President Thomas J. Whitmore orders immediate mass evacuation of Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. but it’s too late. Will Smith portraying the character Captain Steven Hiller force an alien to crash land sacrificing his plane. The unconscious alien was transported to Area 51 for its further investigation where it reveals its plans. David explains the deactivating of aliens’ shield by uploading a virus allowing U.S Military squadrons to destroy the entire saucer, as the humans rejoice in victory. 

Independence Day grossed a total of $817 million worldwide becoming the highest-grossing film of 1996 and 72nd highest-grossing film of all time. The film won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing.



The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)



The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 autobiographical drama by Gabriele Muccino based on the life of entrepreneur Chris Gardner. Will Smith plays Gardner, a homeless salesman, his son Jaden Smith debuts as Gardner’s son.

Chris Gardner invested his entire life savings in the portable bone-density scanner, a device that produces a picture quite denser than X-rays but is very expensive, consequently failing to sell those machines, financial instability erodes his marriage as Linda has to work double shifts to meet their growing financial demands. While putting efforts to sell one of the scanners, Chris met Jay Twistle, a manager for Dean Witter Reynolds, impressing him by solving a Rubik’s Cube during a taxi ride earns him the chance to become an intern stockbroker. A day before the interview Gardner is ordered to spend the night in jail, having to pay for numerous accumulated parking tickets, but he manages to reach the office on time the following day still in his shabby clothes, wearing his undershirt, a grey jacket, and jeans but still impresses the interviewers to be among 20 interns to compete for paid position. Lisa, unhappy with Chris’s unpaid internship leaves him and their son. Gardner and his son end up homeless when his bank account is garnished by IRS for unpaid income taxes, and the circumstances forcing them to stay at homeless shelters. On his last day of the internship the manager Martin Frohum congratulates him as he lets Chris know that he has won the coveted full-time position, Gardner fights back tears, shakes hands with them and rushes to his son’s day-care to embrace Christopher, thus creating one of the most iconic scenes of Hollywood.

The Pursuit of Happyness is a brilliant film with exceptional acting performances.  Smith was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Actor. The screenplay is based on the best-selling memoir of the same name written by Gardner with Quincy Troupe.



Ali (2001)



Ali is a 2001 biographical sports drama written, produced and directed by Michael Mann, it focuses on life of the great boxer Muhammad Ali, played by Will Smith. 

Cassius Clay Jr. (Will Smith) debuting against then heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. Clay wins the championship becoming the second-youngest heavyweight champion at the time. Clay is invited to the home of the Nation of Islam leader, where he granted the named Muhammad Ali. Ali marries Sonji Roi but they get separated when she objects to various obligations Muslim women have. Ali is later sentenced five years in prison when he refuses conscription for the Vietnam war. His conviction is overturned after three years, and Ali marries Belinda Boyd. In the “Fight of the Century”, Ali has the first loss of his career. Ali tires Foreman and finally knocks him out to regain the Heavyweight Championship. The end credits include the great Muhammad Ali requesting for the proceeds of the film to go to his long-time friend Ali-Alsafar.

The realistic fight scenes of the film were one of its selling points. Except for the outstanding performance by Smith, he gained weight to make his character look the part of Muhammad Ali. Will Smith was nominated for 74th Academy Awards, 59th Golden Globe Awards and won the 2002 MTV Movie Awards for the best actor. 



Seven Pounds (2008)



Seven Pounds is a 2008 drama film directed by Gabriele Muccino as he reunites with Will Smith. Will Smith stars as a man who tries to change the lives of seven people. 

Ben Thomas (Will Smith) determines to correct his wrongdoings by donating his various organs to seven selected yet worthy people of his wish. He plays an IRS man and spends time meeting sick people. Will donates his lungs to his brother, one of his kidneys to the patient named George, the coach of a junior hockey team; Nicholas a younger patient at the same hospital as George was donated bone marrow by Ben, he too gave a part of his liver to a woman named Holley Apelgren. He meets Connie Tepos upon holly’s suggestion, an abused yet scared woman whom he gifts his beach house to provide her and her children a safe home. Ben later meets a blind man and a woman named Emily, he starts to fall for her as he spends time with her, during that evening, the ‘real’ Ben shows up demanding Tim (Will Smith) return his IRS credentials who was impersonating as “Ben”. Tim when finds that the chances of finding a donor for Emily are very critical, he executes his final act of committing suicide making sure his heart is left with Emily and his cornea is donated to the blind man Ezra.

This film connects its audience emotionally and morally with the lead character, as Will Smith and his co-stars give a lovely performance.



Hancock (2008)



Hancock is a 2008 American superhero comedy film featuring Will Smith as its lead character directed by Peter Berg. Will Smith plays John Hancock a superhero whose reckless action cost the city Los Angeles loss of million dollars.

John Hancock is an alcoholic superhero who is hated by the people for his drunken and careless act once rescues Ray Embrey, a public relations specialist, from a train and in return Ray helps Hancock to improve public image. Hancock goes to prison until his proper need for ray’s suggestion. Hancock is eventually released to prevent a bank robbery upon his success he much praised as a hero. Later when Hancock discovers the superpowers of Mary, he flies to inform Ray only to be chased by Mary and cause battle across the city creating havoc. Mary addresses Hancock is her husband from the past as Ray confronts witnessing their fight. Meanwhile, Parker escapes prison with some of his mates seeks revenge against Hancock, as he tries to kill him Ray cuts off Parker’s hand and rescues Hancock. John throws himself out of the hospital, increasing the distance from Mary trying to help her live being injured in the crossfire.

The film although received mixed reviews from the critics grossed 624million dollars worldwide becoming the fourth highest-grossing film of 2008.


Men in Black I (1997)



Men in Black is a science fiction action comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as agents of a secret organization called Men in Black.

Men in Black administer the extra-terrestrial lifeforms living on earth hiding from humans. After making the first contact with the aliens, this government agency protects the earth from intergalactic threats. James Darrell Edwards III pursues a fast and agile suspect impressing Agent K, after undergoing a series of tests, K offers James a position with MIB. Edwards accepts as he is renamed as Agent J. An alien crash lands on Earth killing a farmer to use his skin as a disguise while finding a device named “The Galaxy”. K investigates the incident as he and J examine the dead bodies, one of them happens to be an Arquillian royal family. Agent J deduces that the galaxy is hanging on the collar of Rosenberg’s cat but they (J and K) arrive late as the alien takes away the galaxy. The bug alien tries to escape but Agent J taunts him crushing cockroaches and Agent K blows him apart from inside finding the gun. J and K retrieve the galaxy.

The film became the year’s third highest-grossing over 589 million dollars. The film received three Academy Awards nominations for the Best Art Direction, Best Original Score and winning the Best Makeup.



Men in Black II (2002)



A sequel to the 1997 film Men in Black directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles from the first film.

It’s been five years since Agent K retired and his former partner Agent J is now called to investigate a murder of an alien named Ben at his pizzeria, the murderer is a shapeshifting plant-like with the form of Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, according to the witness, the waitress. Laura enlightens that they were finding something known as Light of Zartha. As J investigates the murder every point leads to his mentor, Agent K. Serleena with Scrad and Charlie launch an attack on MiB headquarters. Meanwhile, Jack Jeebs has an illegal deneuralyzer through which K regains his memory though couldn’t remember his knowledge on the Light of Zartha. As J and K watch a fictionalized story on the Light of Zartha, he remembers the Zartha Queen but couldn’t remember where he hid the light nor what it looked like, assuming it’s Laura’s bracelet, the bracelet leads them to the "the roof of a skyscraper" where a ship awaits to transport the light back to Zartha. Meanwhile, two of them realises that Laura is the daughter of Zartha and is the light herself and K convinces J and Laura that she must go for her planet and earth to survive.

 Men in Black II was number one on its opening weekend. The film received mixed reviews from critics but was commercially successful.



Men in Black III (2012)



The film is the third installment of the series ‘MIB’ directed by the same starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, and Josh Brolin. The film was released fifteen years after the first movie of the sequel and ten years after its sequel.

An alien named Boris escapes from the prison on the Moon and goes to Earth to take revenge on Agent K, who arrested him in 1969. Boris uses an illegal time jump device to murder young Agent K, and with K gone, the ArcNet was never deployed and nothing left to protect today’s Earth. So, J travels back in time using the same device to save K but gets arrested by K. As Agent J and K follows the clues the come across an alien named Griffin, possessing the ArcNet, but griffin gets captured by Boris. On realizing they should head to Cape Canaveral to acquire the ArcNet and deploy it to space. Old and the Young Boris now unite to form a team. J, K, and Griffin flies using jetpack but stopped by the military, but helped them after revealing them the importance of the mission. K attaches successfully to the rocket. The young Boris tries to kill K but eventually kills young Boris and old Boris being incinerated by the rocket exhaust thus preventing the cycle from repeating.

Men in Black 3 grossed 624 million dollars worldwide making it the 10th highest-grossing film of the year. The film received positive reviews for its improvement of the predecessor.



Aladdin (2019)



A musical fantasy film based on the tale ‘Aladdin’ directed by Guy Ritchie starring Will Smith as Genie, Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. 

Aladdin, a street urchin of the Arabain city who rescues and befriends Princess Jasmine while snucking out the palace to explore. The grand vizier, Jafar, overthrows Jasmine’s father as Sultan and tries to retrieve a magic lamp with the help of Aladdin, as he was captured will sneaking in the royal palace to talk to Jasmine. Jafar warns Aladdin to take anything but the lamp as he goes inside the cave, Abu, his pet monkey accidentally causes the cave to collapse; Trapped in the cave Aladdin rubs the lamp unwillingly summoning a Genie living inside it, Genie grants him three wishes but Aladdin tricks Genie into freeing them without using a wish. Aladdin uses his first official wish to become a prince to impress Jasmine and promises to use his third wish to free Genie and turn him into a Human. Jafar when discovers Aladdin identity throws him in the sea to see if he lives having found the lamp. Aladdin rubs the lamp to save him at the cost of his second wish. Jafar steals the lamp becoming Genie’s new master and uses to his wish to become sultan, Aladdin and Abu return at the wedding ceremony rescued by the magic carpet and Jasmine steals back the lamp, destroying the magic carpet in the process. Aladdin taunts Jafar for being the second most powerful being in the universe, due to the indefiniteness of the wish Genie turns Jafar into Genie chaining him into the lamp without a master, Genie throws Jafar’s lamp to the Cave of Wonders and Aladdin kept his promise using his last wish to free Genie.

Aladdin grossed a whopping 1 billion dollars worldwide, becoming the sixth highest-grossing film of 2019 and 34th highest-grossing film of all time



I, Robot (2004)



I, Robot is an American science fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas. The film stars Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell, Chi McBride, and Alan Tudyk. 

In the year 2035, robots serve humanity, protected by the Three Laws of Robotics. Del Spooner, a Chicago police detective played by Will Smith, hates robots because he was rescued leaving a twelve-year-old girl to drown. When Dr. Alfred Lanning falls to his death from the office window, the CEO of USR, even though the police declare it a suicide, Sponner and robopsychologist Susan Calvin consult USR’s central artificial intelligence computer, VIKI. Sponner points that the window could only be broken by a robot but Calvin protests robots are bounded by Three laws and would never kill someone. They later discover Sonny, a robot specially built by Lanning himself possessing the ability to ignore the Three Laws and not an assembly line built NS-5. As NS-5 robots begin to take over power from the Humans, Sponner rescues Calvin and reunites with Sonny at the USR Headquarters when Sponner realizes all the robots are being controlled by VIKI, all the three head to its core with Sonny tasked to get nanites from Calvin’s laboratory. Sponner dives to VIKI’s core injecting nanites, destroying her.

The film grossed a worldwide total of 346 million dollars. The film received mixed reviews from critics and was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 77th Academy Awards.



Hitch (2005)



Hitch is a 2005 Romantic Comedy directed by Andy Tennant starring Will Smith along with Eva Mendes, Kevin James, and Amber Valletta.

Alex “Hitch” Hitchens (Will Smith) is a professional “date doctor” coaching men the art of wooing women, for long-term relationships and is very successful at it. While coaching one of his clients, he finds himself falling for Sara, but finds none of his romantic methods work on her. Hitch keeps his identity a secret but when Sara finds out his true identity, she publishes an expose, causing Allegra and Albert to break up and Hitch’s reputation to suffer. Hitch confronts that he refused to work with men like Vance. He tries to salvage Albert and Allegra’s relationship but realizes his advice was not much significant besides giving confidence to his clients. The film ends with Allegra and Albert getting married and Hitch repairs his relationship with Sara.

Hitch received average reviews from the critics. The film had a few moments to laugh about generating enough goodwill and energy.


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