Why Don’t People Like Me? – 15 Things You Should Stop Right Now

There might be instances where you might feel that your presence is not acknowledged by people around you and though you are surrounded by people all the time, not everybody enjoys your company. People tend to change ways when they see you coming or when you enter a bunch of people you feel that they changed their talks because of your presence. Now, there can be many reasons which make you unpopular among people. But you do not have to feel shattered because the points mentioned below will definitely help you make other people like you.

Why Don't People Like Me

  • Stop being an Orator: People do not like to be around people who try to preach to others and always comes with a speech when they meet. This makes them feel that you are more bothered about making other people know what you want to convey rather than saying what they actually want to hear. So you have to be sure that you do not get all bossy and controlling when you interact with others. 


  • Be attentive: If you are around people and are having a conversation, it is really important for you to be absolutely attentive while they are speaking with you. The other person will get to know by your behavior whether you are actually listening to him or not. So it is important that every once in a while you give your views or ask a question so that the other person could count on you and ultimately start liking you. 


  • Give a chance to speak: No one likes it if they do not get a chance to speak while in a conversation. Now imagine that you are the one who speaks a lot, is not given a chance to speak yourself. How would you feel? Obviously not good right? Therefore it is necessary that even if you have loads of stories to tell, you should also give the other person his chance.


  • No need to flatter: Just because you want someone to like you does not mean that you need to impress them by your words. If you are genuine enough you will get their attention. Your flattering techniques will only make you an object of ridicule in their opinion, and they would mock you behind your back when they are with others. So you should always avoid unnecessary praise which might not even true.


  • Learn to empathize: It would really be difficult for you to understand someone unless you put yourself in their shoes. Everyone likes to talk to someone who understands them as no one. They like to converse with them and share their problems because they feel that the person really can feel what they are going through. This makes you more likable and people would love to have a chat with you. 


  • Be polite: No one likes to hang out with people who brag about their wealth or achievements. It also becomes difficult to be around such people. Everyone remembers the person who is humble and polite. Arrogance will lead you nowhere. It is better to be polite and humble with others so that they can have fun being around you. 


  • Socialize more: Whenever you meet a new person, try to talk to them and make them feel your presence. This will help them to know that you are not someone who stays in their own shell but who comes out of it to initiate a conversation. This will show your interest to know more about them which will help them in making a good opinion of you. 


  • Pick up casual talks: You must have noticed sometimes that there are people who will come to you in times of need but on other days they simply will ignore you. Now you do not want to be someone like them, right? So it is always better to pick up casual talks with people you know so that they can feel that they have you when they need you. This makes them feel the love that you have to offer and they can feel a sense of belonging. 
  • Do not be eager to form judgments: The society in which we live in is very keen to make judgments about others. But it is also noticed that a person who makes an immediate judgment about others on petty grounds is unlikely to have people’s attention. Thus avoid making judgments and do not take pleasure while others judge someone and you are good to get along with people.


  • Be optimistic: People tend to drift away from people who are pessimistic. The world itself lacks motivation and if you add on to it with your negative thought then you will make people anxious. It is always better to say a glass “half-filled” than “half-empty”. Be encouraging and enthusiastic and spread your positive vibes all around so that people automatically get attracted to you. 


  • Be a man of words: If you are a person who does not keep your promises or forget to do your responsibilities then certainly people would not like you. It is important for people to know that your words are set on stone and that no matter what happens they will not change. This would make it easy for them to rely on you.


  • Share and open up: If the other person is sharing stories with you then you should do that too. This makes them feel special and they do not feel that they are the only ones who open up while the other person does not care. Sharing will make you feel better while adding you to others’ good books.


  • Do not criticize: Well, if you are someone who goes about ranting other people's flaws then you are certainly not someone with whom people would like to hang out. Being a motivator and encouraging people is good but you should know where to draw a line so that you do not end up hurting them. 


  • Find common interests: When you talk to someone and you find that they are speaking about something which does not excite you, or that you barely know about the topic then the conversation might take a halt. So it is always better to find out some common interests as people like to talk with them with whom they think they share a lot in common. 


  • Ego aside: You might not feel good about talking and mending relations with someone you have messed around at some point in your life. But it is always better to keep your ego aside and try to pacify things as not only does it make you feel good about yourself but it also makes people like you as they would find you to be mature enough to value people’s importance. 


However, it should always be remembered that you are precious in your own way and that others’ opinion of you does not actually matters. However it is really good to have around people who like you but it must always be kept in mind that while making other people like you, you should keep your identity true and pure.


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