Who is a Highly Sensitive Person? Know The Basic Nature You Are Not Aware Of

highly sensitive person

 "Your CNS is sensitive
So is your heart
and mind as well
You feel really stimulated
by what is happening around you"

All of us have some or another characteristic feature. One such feature which you may identify with is being Highly Sensitive. What does being Highly Sensitive mean? It involves the mental action of deeply understanding stimuli, thought process, acquiring knowledge more comprehensively. Elaine Aron is the author of The Highly Sensitive Person “published as an extensive research in 1996 which states that traits of being highly sensitive should not be considered as a minus or a disadvantage.

Who are Highly Sensitive Persons?

The below list shows the behavior patterns shared by those who are identified as Sensitive include:-

Have deeper thoughts

deep thought

Highly sensitive people have a habit of thinking too much about the things they are experiencing. They keep processing and rationalizing their thoughts way more than the normal person.

Get flooded with emotions easily

emotional fool

These people have an elaborate range of emotions which they feel and can distinguish between. They tend to be more expressive and have great skills of ‘Empathy’ e.g.:-showing empathy to wounded animals or to anyone who is in pain.

Hesitant decision makers

decision maker

Due to their elaborative thought process, they are well aware of the merits and demerits of the situation. So even small things such as purchasing a chocolate bar is a very big task for them, something which normally does not take too much time for others to decide.

Work best in groups

group workout

These people use their sensitivity to gauge and understand others in their group so that they can perform to the utmost level, and work really well as teammates. Sensitive individuals prove to be an asset, as they rationalize and see the pros and cons of a situation and make decisions which prove to be very fruitful from a collective perspective.

Obey rules and have manners

obey rules

Sensitive individuals follow their conscience and always possess good manners, because how they are perceived matters to them. They also notice the detain and mannerisms of people around them and have the great capacity to identify differences in others behavior.

A habit of talking to themselves

talking themselves

Highly sensitive people, don’t find it odd but actually like talking to themselves when they are alone. It gives them a sense of satisfaction to converse and process information by themselves. They also like to speak to themselves when they are stressed or excited about anything. They seek intrinsic motivation through self-talks which gives them confidence as well.

Perform well before others

performing play

Performing as an art is natural to sensitive people, their successful carrying out of a task before an audience is complimented by their to gauge public response due to the sensitivity which they possess. They positively control and limit feeling fearful or anxious.

Pressured by deadlines

pressure deadline

It has been seen that highly sensitive individuals don’t like the pressure of deadlines for completing their tasks. That’s because they want to perform their level best and create their work with patience and peace of mind. That peace of mind gets disturbed by the constant stress and pressure and adhering to deadlines.

Difficulty accepting tough situations

tough decision

Abrupt changes in life, unexpected and unforeseen events and a rocky progression are all causes of great stress and create an atmosphere of uncertainty for sensitive more than what would be for those of average sensitivity. For highly sensitive people coming up with situations like moving to a new city, departing from old companions, starting a new job are really troublesome experiences for them.

Avoid horror movies

avoid horror movies

The genre of horror is a strict no-no! Highly sensitive people cannot watch horror movies. They are seriously haunted by them. Nightmares, sensitivity to sounds, lights, people, and things are enhanced to sensitive individuals which cause very uncomfortable experiences. They get seriously disturbed by loud noises as well.


In the end, a few skills sensitive individuals could benefit from:

  • When difficult situations knock on your door, reduce the number of variables involved in that situation. The few things to consider and hold an account of, the easier it will be to deal effectively with the situation and manage your emotions as well.
  • Practice not getting too irritated, excited, upset because of a difficult and unmanageable situation. Deal with the parts of the situation with a cool and calm mind. Try to perceive and think about the situation positively and then act accordingly. As it is said, “All is well that ends well.”
  • Practice writing your thoughts down rather than accumulating them in your mind. Read those thoughts and figure out if there is any pattern involved. This exercise will help you understand yourself and know where changes and corrections can be made, think of it as the beginning of your journey of self-improvement.
  • Try yoga and meditation. Both of them will make your mind and body healthy, peaceful and full of energy. Your way of perceiving things in life will get a new perspective which will benefit you entirely.
  • Never think that being sensitive puts you in a disadvantageous position, perceiving and being receptive to stimuli in your environment makes you different and has many benefits it can offer to you, which can be grateful for and think of that s something which makes you unique.
A famous line for the highly sensitive person

“Human beings are what we are because we have the ability to think, the ability to feel, and the ability to act. Our emotions dignify us.” - Karina Zegers