What is Really True Love? Difference Between Fake and True Love

Love is something invincible in this world. It is as alluring as a blossoming flower, first ray of sunshine and the echo of waterfall soothing our ears. It brings charm on gloomy faces and speed to steady lives.
When falling for someone doesn't feel like falling instead it feels like opening the door and you are home, your favorite place on earth then it's true love.
True love is an unstoppable rover in the river of life having free flow without boundaries, two persons drowning into each other all comfortably on the basis of compatibility.

How True Love Happens

How True Love Happens

Falling in love is the most charismatic thing one can come across. Everything feels right and we get the feeling of being on top of the world. And when this feeling turns to true love we find peace, space, and freedom in the first place and vulnerability in other that is our heart becomes vulnerable when it comes to that person. Your partner becomes your weak point and stronger point as well depending upon your level of comfort. Falling in true love brings a sudden affection towards your partner in a much more loving way than before. You will start caring too much about them and they would be able to notice your affection and will appreciate them.
Your fear will fade away. You will tell them every scar you ever had, your fears, phobias, threats, dangers, you will tell them everything if you are truly in love. And they will also response gently instead of overreactions because overreacting often disturbs relationships and sometimes destroys also. You will always be thinking about them if you love your partner truly. You will always think that how this action or that action of yours would affect your partner and how it will change your relationship. You will always think about how can you not take a step which will eventually bring breakup. Yes, breakup, it is never an option in true love. You and your partner will fight, maybe even not talk for days but you will never think about the breakup. Because at some point you will realize it's your relationship and only you can save it.

Elements of True Love


1: True love have respect that is respect of choices, opinions and taking care of each other's self-respect because if you truly love him/ her you would never stand in a place where they are not respected.
2: True love have respect. It doesn't matter it's a normal relationship or a long distance relationship the most important is that you both completely trust each other. No matter what the situations are indicating or speaking you just need to trust your love.
3: True love always has empathy that means putting yourself into their shoes. Only this would make them comfortable in telling or expressing their problems to you when they will sense comfort. Comfort in which they know you will not take their problems for granted and will try to solve them and if maybe you cannot solve their problems but at least you can give them mental support that is what is most important.
4: When love is true there is always space for forgiveness. Everyone is human and making mistakes is our nature but forgiving for mistakes is the nature of true love. Forgiveness comes with compatibility because only then you will understand why they committed that mistake and only because of compatibility they will be able to accept their mistake in front of you.
5: You will always feel a commitment to true love. There is no space for betrayal in true love. If they have committed for something to you then no matter what boundaries they will cross but if it's for the sake of your happiness they will complete it because that is what commitment is . " 8 pm is 8 pm for them no matter how much it takes in traffic!"

Difference Between Fake and True Love

Difference Between Fake and True Love

1- Honest feelings

Being in true love makes you stronger towards your emotions and gives you freedom for expressing it. No matter what happens you can never lie to your partner because it's all about honesty in true love.
But when the love is fake it makes you weak, confused and a liar above all and your constant trial of turning lies into truths in front of your partner also changes your personality into a dishonest person.

2 - Compromise

True love always has a sense of compromise because when two people love each other truly they totally understand that it is their relationship and only they can save it and the best way to save it is by compromising in your partner's choices, happiness and in whatever way possible. Compromise should always be mutual. It is also not valid that only one person is compromising every time. It is important that it should be from both sides . But in fake love, only the person who loves will compromise eventually and the person whose love is fake would not care at all that what the other person is going through unlike in true love.

3- Appreciation

When a person puts effort he/she deserves to be appreciated which is very common in true love. But when the love is fake those efforts go worthless even not noticed once by your partner and eventually you would end up blaming yourself. But in true love, your partner would be overjoyed after seeing what efforts you have put up just to bring a little smile on your face. And in fake love, they only see their happiness and ignore their partner's likes and dislikes.

4- Sense of freedom

When you are in true love you don't feel like doing something under pressure instead you choose what's best for you and your partner would totally agree on your choices. But in fake love you don't feel free, you will eventually notice that your partner's behavior is not natural and there is no freedom for your own choices and opinions.

Do Signs and Indications are Totally True for True Love

signs of true love

1- For believing in something one needs to be able to understand reality. And if the actions of your partner seem truly loving then the signs are true.
2- When you are with your partner if you feel happy by heart and your partner is doing everything to maintain that smile then it's true love.
3- When your partner always gives you a sense of protection not like a bodyguard but like your family that is without showing off then it's true love.
4- Being intimate is so common nowadays. Like the old days, people do not worry so much. But when love is true you will eventually somehow feel like you are making love with care accompanied by foreplay but in fake love, it just feels sex or being used physically or tortured mentally.

Different Responses Towards True Love

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1- The Natural Response

This is a basic and natural response. This happens when people start feeling overjoyed like they are at the top of the world. That feels like as if this is what they are waiting for. All efforts become worth it. This response becomes mutual when it comes to expressing it and it leaves both the persons in everlasting happiness and serenity.

2- Feeling of Guilty


This is the response which a person gives when the love is fake from one side and the other person starts feeling love and showing it in enormous beautiful ways then the person starts feeling guilty because that person knows that they have been playing around and now the partner is having feelings which will destroy everything.

3- Feeling of Fear

This feeling often comes in one-sided love. When two persons are very good friend and one falls in love but the other person does love him/ her but as a friend, not as a lover then that person starts fearing because if they will express their love and rejection occurs then most probably the friendship would be affected and he/she will lose his / her friend also .

How One Should Preserve True Love

Preserve True Love

The basic truth behind preserving true love is "acceptance". Acceptance of mistakes, flaws, achievements, difference in financial status and different choices and opinions.
True love is also preserved by supporting each other in times of happiness but mostly support requiring situation is sadness. When he/she is sad or in regret/ guilt then your responsibility is to hear them what they want to say or what reasons are making them sad or putting them in regression.
And validation is very important in the preservation of true love. Validation is one way in which we communicate acceptance of ourselves and others which is very important in an everlasting relationship. And kindness and thoughtfulness are very important when it comes to true love and especially if it is long distance relationship where you can't have face to face conversation, and calls disrupt relationships many times which requires kindness while talking.
You just have to speak your heart out and also listen by heart.

The Secret for Eternity of True Love

Secret for Eternity of True Love
The basic secret behind eternity of true love is appreciating scars and accepting flaws. True love never fades away even if we want to we can never remove that person from our lives. Sometimes situations will occur which will eventually lead to separation but you and your partner will find a way back towards each other if the love is true. Because break up is never an option in a true relationship. You choose that person as your home your serenity and after few moments everybody wants their home back no matter what the conflict was.
True love is eternal if you found your home in a person.