What is FOMO? Know The Negative Effects And It’s Solution



Fear of missing out or FOMO is another debris or side effect which comes along with the unnumbered advantages of the internet. FOMO was recognized and termed by Patrick Mc Ginnis. It's recognition however gave the name to a stagnant mental state affecting the peace of mind, causing incompetence in work, or serious mental issues like depression.


Internet has it's ways to bring out the best and the worst in people. However,  for some it might seem a complete blessing relatively for others it is the very source of unease. With the fast-paced lives and networking, there is a constant fear in the subconscious mind of missing out on lives or experiences which others might be experiencing at the very same time. This might not only generate a  feeling of negativity in the form of jealousy, high competition but could certainly lower the self-esteem and control of an individual.


What is the meaning of FOMO

The negative effects of that FOMO relatively have enlisted:


Losing peace of mind

One of the most important aspects of our lives today is avoiding the chaos and FOMO might constantly make you feel under threat or not good enough.


Wrong decisions

You might be forced to make a harmful decision even when not meaning to under the influence of what you see.



Formulating one's ideas on the basis of a general perception or idea given.


Falling self-esteem

Thinking less of oneself might restrict your capabilities.



Feeling threatened continuously or jealous towards the amount of appreciation someone else might be earning.


Looking at the term more closely it is relatively understood that something that we see creates a greater impact on our brain.Our senses are vital but as has been observed in most cases what might always seem might not always be. Therefore,  this world full of pictures and the life of illusion one might be living online may as well contain filtered information.

Solutions of FOMO


Recognizing such conditions in oneself or someone near to oneself measures could be picked up. Living, breathing and analyzing your own senses has always been the magic mantra.


Re-energize every day

Drink water, try doing some social work at an NGO. Activities like gardening, cycling can work as a booster.


Feel your senses and your inner self to take control of your presence

Practicing yoga, meditating or even spending some time with yourself alone to analyze everything thoroughly.


A detox always works wonders

Taking refreshments or getting a massage, cleaning your aura.


A day away from the screens doing something more practical

When you feel that you are caught in the web of social media take a break and shut down your screens for a day.


Whenever under stress always have a backup plan

If you feel stressed because your own plans aren't working out and social media just adds to the misery you need to strategize and re-evaluate your plans.


Make more plans that require your physical presence

Rather than spending time going live on Instagram or capturing videos solely for social media, you need to actually be present in the moment experiencing life for what it truly is rather than through the lens of your camera.


Make time to meet people and catch up rather than calling or texting

Meeting people and knowing their story for real is a better insight rather than seeing a part of the actual picture.


Decide principles that you wish to follow in your life rather than making them under the influence

Making life decisions or changing your life according to someone else's agenda always becomes problematic. List your choices and lead your life on that basis.


Have your own opinion and outlook of things

Following the general agenda,  supporting the trending idea for the sake of it subsides your own ideas and opinions.


Fix the amount of time that you wish to devote to socialize online

Rather than randomly wasting hours online you could just fix the number of hours that you need to devote to your time online.


Tip: Life is a gift and everything in it will work at a pace. You just have to put in your best.


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