What am I passionate about?

What am I passionate about

This life of ours that’s coming to an end with every passing day, do you honestly realize the worth of it? Maybe you do, maybe you do not. Right from the day we were born till now, we are facing different hues of life. Our guardians keep on telling us the main ‘mantra’ of our lives, i.e. to find out the real purpose. But is it that easy a task? Purposes are many, professions are ample but striking the right cord is an utmost necessity.

We see people keep on blabbering about living a life worth to live for which ultimately signals to settle down with a job that we may or may not like and wait in our death beds for the final call. Do you want that? Think.

The daily hustle and bustle are stressful. But the world we are living in, we cannot fully deny every stress. Rather we can choose what to be stressed about. It becomes a bit easier on our part if we opt for our passion. Definitely, there will still be hurdles and hiccups, but then we can give our hearts out for the things we love to do.

Passion can be another name for enthusiasm itself. When we are passionate about the things that belong to us, that we love and adore, there is always a positive energy emitting. Pretention takes a backseat and authenticity comes forth. You must have the courage of expressing thoughts, feeling and love. Living a life that is already sketched out is not what you have come for. Being the architecture of your own life is what that must drive you crazy. And passion helps you do that.

Talking so much about passion, identifying passion is indeed a difficult work for those who have not identified any, yet.

So here are the 15 ways to identify what you are passionate about:

Explorative and Creative


Living in a world that constantly pushes you to pursue things out of obligations; we often tend to forget that obligations are the label given by us and ourselves only. Being dumb to the dreams that you see with open eyes and deaf to the sound and music of our hearts, you will only be imitating machines. But keeping the eyes and the ears open, creativity can find a way into you and vice versa. Being bored with oneself can never make you a happy soul. Start exploring, star experiencing. That is how you never know, you might find a way to passion’s home.


Paying attention


Being attentive is always important. Attention let you know things, not vaguely but deeply. Even for identifying that particular flower’s color, to understand how it smells, one definitely needs to be attentive. Attention and sincerity can lead you to heights unimaginable. All you need to do is, to be honest, attentive and sincere.


Ethics, values and worth


When we are born, we are already blessed with certain inherited values and morality. Obviously, these are subjected to change. But what we all know is that the roots from where we belong, we cannot abort that. There might be a multitude of things that look glorious and appealing. But are we really ready for that? Will our ethics let us do that? Think of the things that feel ‘right’ to you and then move on. Then place yourself in situations wanted and rediscover.


Childhood remembrance


Remember how being a child, you used to do thousands of lunatic things. Your guardian might have scolded you a hell lot of times. You might have painted the floor while aiming to paint just a page. You might have written on the walls of your room. You might have fallen from the bicycle and again started to ride one, keeping in mind that you want to be a cyclist in the future. You might also have operated an ant thinking that one day you will be the doctor of the nation. Am I right or am I right? But who knows, all these things might have been a way indicating towards your passion. If you have not yet identified then have a look, you might find yourself anew.


Peace finder


From chaos to cosmos. Obviously, we all are undeniably confused in many times of our lives. This way or the other, however, we need to find a way from the present chaos to the awaited peace. Believing that things will happen anyway, that it is just our luck that we are where we are, mustn’t be a reason for staggering behind. Go ahead, find what gives you peace inside and nurture the peace in it. Peace and passion when goes hand in hand can make miracles.


Discover your talents


Every one of us has their own bit of talents. All we need to do is to find it out and start working on it. You must water it, every day. Nurture it with care. With each passing day, you will witness the abundance of its prosperity. The qualities you inherit or you are building, they will not stay with you without your sincerity towards it. Constancy, rather a consistency is important to keep growing.


Long-time companion


The rainy afternoons, the lazy evenings and those scary nights. Sometimes life throws you in situations unwanted. The sunny mornings and the rainy afternoons no longer make you happy. Solitude is the best company you might seek. Listening to music, reading books, watching films, painting or going out for a weekend trip are the few things that might cross your mind, immediately. Have you ever thought about this friend of yours? Maybe this is your hidden attachment, your unrevealed passion. Maybe you want to be a traveler or a painter or a blogger or a film critique. Who knows!



Passion Vs Interest


What we wish for isn’t always what we desire for. Same goes for this, as well. Your interest cannot necessarily be named as your passion. You can have hundreds of wishes hovering around, you may or may not fulfill those, though. But when it comes to our desires, we put efforts to get it done. We might have varied interests, but all those aren’t passion. Passion will not come to you. You need to understand the difference between these two, primarily.


Job passion collision


There is this cliché that you will get bored eventually with the nine to five jobs and eventually, your life will be another example of boredom. Well, you must not believe this blindly. You definitely might love the nine to five job, there is no harm in that. If teaching is what you prefer, if marketing is what you desire and if inventing is what you look up for, there is no denial in loving that. You must be passionate and your passion can have any name, even in the name of the job you are associated with – that’s how the collisions in your mind will vanish away, slowly and steadily.


Soliloquy and questions


As a child, you used to question every little thing in front of you. That questioning of yours kept you growing. And today you are here. So questioning things around you and also yourself will keep you growing. You are yet a mystery unrevealed to yourself. Talking to yourself, involving in a soliloquy will let you know a more of you. A bit more deeply, than you can anticipate off. In the meantime, you might yourself get the answers, too.


Quitting negativities


This life is short. Spending time over trivial things and giving space to negativities in life will only lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction. The circle of friends you are dealing with, are they positive? Do they have a positive influence on you? Do they encourage you? Are you yourself positive? Ask yourself these little things. Like the people around you, everyone is important; you must not forget that you are important as too. And for that, wash away all the negativities that are taking shelter in your home. You will have much clear a heart, much a sincere goal and much sorted a person.




Being patient, being calm and being emerged in yourself- these can be the ways to know what you want to do actually. From making tea to preparing for dinner- whatever be the work, without patience, you cannot reach the stairs of fulfillment. Being contended is what makes you keep going in the long run.


Letters to yourself


Writing letters are old fashioned these days, as regarded in the era of e-mails and Whatsapp. But have you ever tried writing to yourself? Well, right from today then. Start to maintain your own journal. The notes that you want to give to yourself. Jotting down the little tits and bits of your life, wonders might happen. You might unconsciously stumble down upon one of your pages and find yourself a bit more. Maybe writing is your passion. Isn’t it? It can be helpful to know yourself, your passion, your desire.


What matters most


What matters most is important. It is not just important but it's mandatory. Living a life where you are unaware of your own priorities will kill you. So know yourself first. Know where you belong. Identify your dreams and work towards it. You will automatically be led towards your passion.


The finish line of your bravery


Anybody and everybody can commit a dozen of things without even thinking of the consequences. But that will lead you nowhere. After all these years, knowing and rediscovering yourself, you definitely know where to stop. Same goes for commitments as well. When you commit to your passion, staying glued to it is necessary. You cannot just name anything as passion and leave it in a moment. For identifying, you need time and perseverance.

So get up from your bed, have your morning tea and go out. Go out from your insecurities and find the passion of your life. Because as you know, it is always better late than never.