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People perceive of weddings differently, as per their past experiences and/or familiarities. However, at the end of the day, weddings resolve to unite two, any two universal entities in the bond of holy matrimony. Weddings come under those ceremonial occasions wherein people like to celebrate their love for each other with their near and dear ones; they want to show this love to the entire world by committing to each other. Now, I wouldn’t say that a person ‘must’ marry just ‘once’ in their lifetime- even though that’s what societal norms would suggest. It’s totally up to what your definition of marriage is. I’ve seen people getting married just the one time- and they live the real “happily ever after”, I’ve seen people marrying more than once who they tend to find their true love much later in life, and I’ve seen people who’ve never had to get married, but they’re still happy as ever. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, ‘do you and let no one define your worth.’

Wedding is just for that one day, it’s the marriage and the relationship you have got to commit to. Wedding is generally that one day of craziness that prepares you, tests you for the difficult future ahead. Life is not all happiness and joy, and that’s how weddings also prove to be the test of one’s character. It’ll examine your skills, your go-with-the-flow attitude, your patience, your anxieties, and lastly, your love. With all that’s said and done, a wedding never remains the same without your families or friends. For these lovely people to be a part of the first step of your journey, you need to let them know that they ‘must’ be with you. For this very reason, it’s not just customary, but overall important to send wedding invites and ask for their blessings and positive vibes that would help you move on with the day.

Wedding invitations are not just requests for folks, but a display of how much you acknowledge their presence in your lives. Let’s get started with some ideas of what to write, shall we?


Wedding Invitation Messages


  • We all would love for you and your family to be a part of our big wedding that’s happening on the (date).


  • We’d be forever grateful if you could be a part of the celebration of this wedding.


  • I hope that you’d honour the two of us with your kind presence for our wedding.


  • Kindly make some time on the (date) to bless us with your presence for our intimate wedding ceremony.


  • We’d love for you to be a part our divine wedding and bless us with your appearance on the day


  • We’d like to cordially invite you to join in our wedding and bless the happy couple with a lifetime of joy and togetherness.


  • We hope for you to attend the wedding of (two names) on the (date) and shower your blessings on them.


  • It would absolutely mean the world to us if you’d take out time to attend our wedding along with your family.


  • We want to share our joy with the people who mean the most to us. Please do join us at the wedding!


  • We are the happiest parents who’d like to invite you to our kids’ wedding, with heaps of positivity and joy.


  • My family and I would warmly love to invite you to be a part of our knot-tying ceremony.


  • You’re the closest we have to the word “family.” Humble us with your presence for our wedding!


  • We merrily invite you to be a significant participant as we unite in holy matrimony.


  • In all joyfulness, my partner and I would love for you to be present for our wedding ceremony.


  • Join us, as we prepare for the big day on (date) for the bride and groom to unite their lives for a lifetime.


  • This wedding is a testament to our souls that are in session to unite in the holy bond. Do be a part to witness the same.


  • Our lives have forever revolved around each other, and now, we promise to make it about each other. Bless us for the forever journey that we’re about to accept with each other.


  • We totally respect your time and hope that you’d dedicate some of it for our magical wedding that is to happen on the (date).


  • My life feels complete with my partner next to me. Join us in making this bond a legal one, and having a once in a lifetime fairy-tale like a wedding.


  • I am pleased to announce that we are officially getting hitched on (date), and highly anticipate your presence.


  • This is one of those situations where we’ve finally been able to see eye to eye- for our wedding, and we’d really appreciate it if you could come.


  • Let, us all unite to celebrate the wedding of (names), which is the start of their marriage. We hope to witness you and your family as a part of it.


  • (Names), found their calm in each other’s souls. We invite you to join in the celebration and the wedding of these love doves!


  • We (names) request your presence for our wedding on the (date) for this joyous occasion.


  • On the auspicious occasion of (names) getting hitched, we’d love for you to accompany us with your grace and blessings.


Wedding Invitation Messages on WhatsApp


  • We humbly invite you to participate in the wedding of (names) and bless them with delight for the beautiful journey they are about to embark upon.


  • We’re trying to be a little more environmentally conscious due to which we’re sending this invite over the Internet, instead of paper. We do hope that you humble us with your presence for our wedding.


  • Proposal, engagement, and now the big day. We want you to rsvp as early as possible with an affirmative to be a part of this magnificent wedding.


  • We can’t contain our excitement. The betrothed couple is soon to be married. Please make sure to participate in the ceremonial!


  • It would mean the world to me if you’d even consider being a part of my only wedding! I don’t plan on any other marriage, please come?


  • I acknowledge all your enthusiasm throughout the whole process of wedding planning, but now, I want you to come and personally be a part of this fantastic ceremony.


  • We’d love for you to support and bless us with all your good wishes and be a delightful presence at our wedding.


  • We’re overwhelmed with pleasure to declare that our lovely daughter, (name) will get married to (name) on (date).


  • We’d be more than pleased for you to be present for the wedding ceremony.


  • Keep your cheerful and lively spirit high to come and join us to kick start our marriage, with this wedding in the most unexpected manner.


  • Don’t forget to bring your happy feet dancing for the reception of the wedding ceremony of (names).


  • I’ve finally met my perfect match and would like you and your family to be present at our “lit” wedding ceremony.


  • We’re taking things to the next level and getting hitched! Make sure to join us with your family on the (date), and shower your blessings on the happy couple.


  • I found my partner-in-crime and will tie a knot with him/her on the (date). I earnestly hope for your presence at our wedding.


  • Not a damsel in distress, but, I found that one woman who has helped relieve all my anxieties and stress, and has turned me into a better human being. Your participation in our wedding would be highly awaited.


  • I found more than a “prince charming”, I am finally about to tie the knot with my soul-mate. Your participation in our wedding would be highly awaited.


  • Join us to celebrate the wedding of (names) in the presence of the Almighty and shower them with your lovely blessings.


  • I’ve found my peace of mind, and on (date), I’ll finally call her/him my wife/husband. We’d love for you and your family to participate and share our bliss and glee.


  • Save the date! The blessed couple will get wedded n the (date), and your presence will be highly awaited.


  • We’ll proclaim our love on the (date), and will have a wedding reception shortly after. We hope to see you be a part of this festivity.


  • Join us in raising a toast to the couple (names) on the (date), to watch them start their new lives as husband and wife.


Marriage Invitation Messages For Friends


  • You’re my best friend, and I’d absolutely love for you to be a part of the most special day of my life.


  • I’m not asking, I’m ordering that you have to be present at our wedding regardless of any appointment or work that might befall.


  • You were the one to introduce us and look at where we’re standing now. We’re getting married and would love for you to come and join us.


  • Points will be deducted from your house if you do not attend our wedding with your family. Come and join in!


  • You’re my best friend in the entire world and there’s no one I’d like to celebrate this day with, except you. Please, do come.


  • My spouse and I would be honoured if you could grace our wedding with your charm and poise.


  • We’re finally hitched! Please make sure to be a part of our wedding that is to take place on the (date). We await your presence.


  • This is the last chance you’ll get to warn your friend about me and my charm. So take it, and do come to our wedding.


  • I can’t wait to look at your gift, so, you’ve got to come to my wedding, okay!


  • From inviting you to my birthday, now I’m inviting you to my wedding, we’ve truly grown up, no? You have to come.


  • We’re hosting a lovely reception for our wedding and you’ve got to come and taste the amazing food. Now that I have your attention, make sure to be a part of our celebration along with your family.


  • We’re finally tying the knot! No, not of each other’s shoes, but the knot of matrimony. Please be present, for us.


  • I can’t wait to host you and your plus one for my wedding on (date). Don’t ditch me this time. Please be there!


  • I’ll make a vow to my spouse on (date), but here, I vow to kick your ass if you don’t come for my wedding.


  • If not for me, come for the food and drinks? They’re unlimited. Also, it’s my wedding, so you have to come and join us.


  • I need you to hype me up for the (date); it’s my wedding, man. Also, you have to come and bless us with your presence.


  • The betrothed couple will soon vow to be married. Make sure to be present at the wedding without fail.


  • The past year, we could never have imagined undertaking such a huge step, but you stood by us with every decision that we made. You’re more than family to us, and we can’t imagine getting married without you. Please be present!


  • I feel like the luckiest guy in the world, to be marrying the woman I love. Do you want to know what else I’d love? It’s for you, to be a part of our wedding.


  • Your wonderful engagement in our wedding ceremony would be highly awaited.


  • Just like old times, this wedding will be more of a reunion. I highly anticipate your presence.


  • I want you to come to my wedding and make sure that I look phenomenal and don’t cry ugly!


  • Oh my god! You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you- I’m finally getting married, and you have to come to my wedding!


  • We’re about to eat, drink and get crazy at our wedding and we want you to be present for the entire madness.


  • I hope you could forgive me and forget all the misunderstandings that pushed us far apart. I am getting married on the (date) to (name), and I earnestly hope to see you become a part of my celebration.


  • We’re psyched to announce our wedding date- (date), and would really love for you to participate (and bring a great gift too).


  • My treasured friend, we, the lucky couple would love to witness your presence for our engagement ceremony and our wedding celebration.


  • Keep your dancing shoes ready for the rocking celebration of the wedding season. Here I present to you (names) who’ll tie the knot on (date) in (venue). Please put in the effort to revel in their joy, and who knows what the return gift would look like!


  • Here comes the time to revel in the wedding ceremony of (names). You’re warmly invited to be a part of this rocking evening!


  • You’re invited to attend the wedding of (names) on the (date). Be ready for a whole day of craziness and fun!


Indian Marriage Invitation Messages


  • Wedding is not just two people, in our culture; it’s also about uniting two families. We think of you as our closest family, hence, do grace us with your presence in this wedding.


  • We invite you and your family for a big, fat Indian wedding, with a phenomenal after-party bash. Your presence will be awaited.


  • We’re glad to inform you that our kids, (names) as going to tie the knot on (date). We definitely want you to be a significant part of this ceremony.


  • You’re as integral to our family, as you are to the wedding. We’ll certainly expect to see you for the big day.


  • Along with the rituals, food and dance will be on point. Please do join us for the matrimonial ceremony of the happy couple.


  • This wedding is a huge family affair, and we’d love for you to enjoy it with us.


  • We’re proudly present to you the wedding dates of the couple (names) and wish for you to be present for the same.


  • Grace the happy couple and their families with your loving presence and blessings for the wedding ceremony.


  • We’d love for you to participate with the loving couple for their exquisite wedding.


  • It’d feel like dream come true if you were a part of our magical wedding. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and we do not accept ‘no’ as an answer.


  • We’ve intended to host a wedding party for the two of us, and would love for you to be present there and have fun.


  • I am on cloud nine as I request your involvement in the wedding ceremony of my handsome son (name) with my son-to-be (name), and pray for their brilliant life ahead!


  • Heavens have conspired for these two, (names), to finally get together. Join us in blessing the lucky couple on the (date) for their wedding ceremony.


  • We’ve finally decided to promise each other in front of all our family and friends, the forever that we’re going to co-create. Join us for this magical ceremony.


  • Save the date- (date), when the couple, (names), will tie the knot of love, patience, togetherness and the promise to live long with each other.


  • Come rain or sunshine, we’ll celebrate the wedding of (names) on the (date), and hope that you’d be a part of the merriment.


  • This wedding is going to be a long week of craziness. Make sure to take some time off and come enjoy and bless the happy couple on (date).


  • Want to see all the rituals and wedding rites done right? Make sure to revel in the joy and celebration of the fun couple.


  • We request you to honour us with the presence of your company for the wedding of (names) on (date).


  • We’d like to cordially invite you to the wedding of (names). You being there would in itself mean a blessing to us.


  • We (names of the parents) warmly invite you to celebrate the joyous union of (names of the bride and groom) on (date). We’d be delighted to see you bless our children with the happiness of a lifetime and more.


  • We request your presence at (venue) on (date) under the starry skies, to celebrate the unification of (names).


  • We highly anticipate your presence in the exuberant wedding celebration of (names) for a night filled with dance, food, and love.


  • Bonded in fun friendship and to-be unified in an exciting marriage, (names), request your presence in their enchanted wedding on the (date).


  • Make sure to be present on (date) at (venue) for reveling in the joy of the wonderful couple, (names).


Random, Eloquent Wedding Invitation Messages


  • My spouse and I are getting married on (date) at (venue), and we’d love for your esteemed presence in our day of happiness.


  • Damn! I’m about to get married on (date). Shit just got real, did it not? I’d love for you to be a part of this celebration.


  • On the (date), we’ll be drunk in love and you can get drunk on wine or beer, but you definitely have to be present.


  • Once upon a time I met (name), and on (date), we’ll vow for our happily ever after. You must be present without fail.


  • I found myself in (spouse’s name). My beloved and I would warmly like to invite you to celebrate our day of union.


  • We’d like to invite you to be a part of this chapter of our love story- our wedding. We’ll await your presence.


  • Let us all come forward to join in the first step of the forevermore journey of (names).


  • On (date), (names) will vow and tie the knot to better each other for an entire lifetime. Please be there to shower your blessings and good wishes unto the lovely couple-to-be married.


  • We’ve been proud parents for an entire lifetime and now we’re pleased to inform you that we’re going to be thrilling hosts for our son/daughter’s wedding that is to commence on the (date) at (venue). We’d be overjoyed if you could join us in their celebration.


  • Prepare to bewitch your minds and ensnare your senses with an evening filled with magic and mystic for our daughter’s/son’s wedding ceremony. We’ll await your thrilling presence.


I hope at least one of these invitation messages was able to capture the essence of your wedding invite. Be sure to mention the important details, in clear fonts in the message itself and you can add a contact number, just for the sake of it- if someone is unable to attend your wedding, or unable to understand what’s mentioned. No one can ever be completely prepared for a wedding, am I right? Be prepared, according to your expertise, and have backups ready as well. Don’t be nervous. You’re about to marry the love of your life and spent an entire existence with them (him/her). Just listen to your heart, calm yourself down, and make it an extraordinary experience.