12 Ways To Love Yourself: Because You Are Worth It

ways to love yourself

Life isn’t a bed of roses you might find thorns at times and might sail smoothly at other times. A little work on your self-esteem will be worth it and can allow you to experience life beautifully. And, you will see yourself to be so much more beautiful if learn to love yourself.

You shine with positivity and are properly geared up for any challenge you come across when you feel love for yourself. People often look for love outside themselves and in other people, try looking for that love within yourself. When you practise self-love, you start respecting yourself, you love your life, you love your job and you love everything around you. Life can be a cake-walk and you can awaken your true potential if you love yourself.

So, how can you practise Self-love?



Hail your strengths and work on fixing your weaknesses



Learn about both these sides of you. You know yourself better than anybody. Take a deep look inside, your strengths are your pluses but that doesn’t mean you get disappointed by your weaknesses, instead, put them to positive use, and work on them. Your strengths will get you your favourite job and working on your weakness will make you a better you. Love both sides and work on them, they are at your behest.



Indulge in better and brighter Health



Nothing can go wrong with a healthy body, mind, and soul. Eat healthy and work on your fitness, trust me, it does give a boost to your confidence. Learn the art of meditation to clear and segregate your thoughts. You need a platform to think right. A healthy you will make you look spectacular. It is rightly said,’ A great day starts with a good meal”. Engage in eating a more natural and healthy way.



Snooze your problems, live in the moment



Live your life in moments as you experience them because every moment counts. Problems and stress will never go away if you take situations too seriously. It is a part and parcel of life and what is more important is to give yourself a break. Feel happy about the positives in your life and make sure tensions can be tackled later. Taking your life problems too seriously will make you fearful and insecure, so, go ahead and have a laugh.


Don’t chase Perfection




You don’t have to impress anybody. Stop worrying about who thinks what and don’t slog to fit into everybody’s needs. People may challenge you, but becoming a perfectionist isn’t all that important. Have a crazy life, it’s okay, perfection only makes you a confused person, because perfection is subjective and depends highly on what others think it is. Be what you actually are and love yourself that way. Don’t try to become superhuman.



Don’t live to win others but to win yourself



We often try to look for love from others but what one should realize is that true love is found within oneself. Don’t mold yourself according to other people’s needs especially, those who don’t value you, trust me you are worth more than that. You live once and must live it for yourself. The love one has for oneself is unconditional, faithful and pure. You must understand that you are not answerable to anyone and nobody can judge you.



Broaden your horizons, go beyond your limit



Why should you be in your own little cocoon? Try to do something different every day, take risks and let knowledge come to you. Don’t limit yourself, life is full of opportunities. And, do not miss out on grabbing a good opportunity. You don’t know how life going to shape out, which idea might be best for you, so go ahead give yourself a chance to explore.



Be honest and true to yourself



The only person you can keep your secrets is you, yourself and no one else. You tend to act differently with different people, but always be true and honest to yourself. You are your best judge and no one else can be aware of all the variables involved in making decisions for yourself. If you try to fool yourself, it will ultimately distance you from your own reality. Don’t live in an untrue world of your creation, but keep yourself in confidence.



Make wrong decisions and evolve later



There is nothing wrong in failing sometimes. What has gone wrong and needs to be changed is clearer when you fail. Failing gives you a good lesson to be learnt and makes for a good personality. Don’t beat yourself over too badly because of making stupid decisions, it is nothing but a step to a better and a more wholesome you.



Be creative and give time to your hobby



Everybody has one creative side. Explore your hobbies and create a space where you can practice. Practising your hobby is a great mental exercise and keeps you peaceful. Do something that keeps you happy and satisfied. When you do something that you love, you then love yourself more. Paint your world or sing your favourite song to calm your soul or twirl around to easy tunes to energize, engage yourself in a good diversion.



Be kind, empathetic and sensible



When you show a selfless disposition towards others, it gives a happy feeling not just yourself but to people around you too. A kind and empathetic heart is pleasing and gives a feeling of confidence when you can put a smile on someone else’s face. You know that you love yourself and you are ready to spread that happiness and positivity.


Kick the past


Sometimes, while living your life, your past might try to overpower your present which might make you all the more sad, regretful or self-piteous. Once you free yourself from your past, only then can you be fully dedicated to your life and love everything about it. Lingering around your past will only give dissatisfaction and disappointment. Self-pity is a waste of time.


Look good and feel good


If you really love yourself you will spend some time on yourself too. Looking good means you are putting an effort in yourself. A sense of confidence and enthusiasm is what it gives you. Feel and look your best, you are worth it.