Things You Need To Know About Valentine’s Day

As February arrives, every youth awaits for that special day when they could express love for their beloved ones. February 14, Valentine’s Day, a day for lovebirds to appreciate their love, companionship and profound respect for each other. As this month arrives, almost every couple involves themselves in purchasing some gifts for their partner, singles try to find a date or enjoy with their friends.

The V-day has a tradition that varies from country to country having their own uniqueness. It’s a day when not only romantic couples enjoy but also family and friends have fun. Few singles also celebrate it by purchasing some gifts for their pets as they are also considered as a life companion. Well, definition of Valentine is different for different people. In this article, we are talking about the bond shared by couples.



A fun fact about God of love:

  • Every religion has their God and Goddesses of love. Aphrodite, in Greece and Venus, in Rome are known for Goddess of Love.
  • In Roman, Cupid is the God of love, son of Venus (Goddess of love).
  • An image of Cupid can be thought of as an infant with tiny wings carrying bow and arrow.
  • His mission was to hit two people and enamor of one another. So, can we conclude that all the sweet couples were the victim of Cupid’s arrow?


However, this day was never like this in its history. Let us peek into its history and see how it became the romantic day.


  • The widespread Roman legend says that during the rule of Emperor Claudius II, he put a stop on marriage for young warriors. His belief was single men with no emotional bonds can perform better during wartime and stay more focus on war strategies.However, this prejudice done to the young men was realized by a priest named St. Valentine. He secretly performed marriages of young love even if had to disobey the Emperor. This custom couldn’t stay hidden for a long time in the kingdom and was known to the Emperor. After knowing this undisclosed ritual, St. Valentine was order a death sentence.
  • Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the sacrifice of Valentine which apparently occurred around mid of February A.D. 270.
  • In Rome, an agnostic ritual was held in February every year and the Pope overthrew this festival celebrating as Saints Day, thus establishing this feast day. So, this day is also known as “Feast Day” when every Saint used to gather at church or somewhere to enjoy a delicious meal together.
  • In the Middle Ages, a fishbowl contest was held where every youngster writes their name on a cheat and drop it into the bowl. After this, they withdraw the cheat of the opposite gender and would pin it to their sleeves. The names written on the cheats were considered as the valentine of that person for a week.
  • On realizing the sacred power of love and the divine sacrifice of St. Valentine, England's King Henry VII officially announced a holiday on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s week

After Valentine’s Day approval, people were free to find their love of life, their valentine. Before digital gadgets arrived, people used to express their feelings with the help of letters. Every love letters were signed by symbol ‘X’, which was considered as a symbol for kissing dates. Since then, it has become a tradition of expressing your feelings into words.


Nowadays, couple starts celebrating Valentine’s week by marking each day with its special significance, celebrating V-day in parts and keeping the aura of love throughout the week.


The week start with Rose day on February 7 - Goddess Venus loved red roses and hence became the symbol of love. Red roses also stand significance for love, a symbol of romantic affection. For friends, yellow rose is favored as it signifies friendship and joyous moment that we have with them.



Next day is Propose Day on February 8- This may be the day where you can propose your crush or loved one to be your Valentine or your mate. Well, as such there is no specific day to express your feeling but since its Valentine week where love is in the air, then go for a proposal. You may get “Yes”


Next comes the Chocolate Day on February - Chocolates and candies are primitive gifts whenever we meet someone for the first time. The sweetness of chocolates expresses the amount of sugariness that they have added in your life. And so, we have a chocolate day, how about a quick fact about it.


  • Studies have shown that eating chocolates increases the stimulus of the brain more than kissing someone does!
  • Chocolates also contain a small amount of caffeine of about 10 milligrams. Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of caffeine that can be equivalent to a can of Coca-Cola!

The fourth day of Valentine week, Teddy Day on February 10, what can be so adorable than gifting a cute teddy to your lady bear! Teddy bears are cute and adorable loved by kids and girls. Well, your lady is equivalent to kid, so gift them cute happiness.


The upcoming fifth day is Promise Day on February 11 – Make meaningful and fulfilling promises. A promise to stay together and support in good or bad times. A promise to embrace each other’s imperfect side.  A promise to respect each other’s decision.


Hug Day on February 12 – Well, hugging is a part of showing affection towards each other. Even if this day is included in this romantic week, person can hug each other at any day. Go ahead and Hug your loved ones.


The day before Valentine’s Day, Kiss Day on February 13 – A kiss is a symbol of love, affection, and passion. It helps you to bond with your loved ones. A forehead kiss, a kiss on cheek or lips has its own expression of feelings. A kiss refills your energy jar which boosts your “happy hormones”. A kiss on V-day is considered a lucky kiss that brings good luck. Time for a quick fact:

  • Kissing activates your brain with a flow of chemicals like Oxytocin that makes you feel good.
  • A Kiss also helps in lowering stress hormones!

Finally, it’s Valentine’s Day! February 14, in the honor of St. Valentine associated with youth, dedicated to love and romance. Get hit by the cupid, find your valentine and celebrate V-day with your love. Take your Valentine for a romantic lunch or dinner. Make them feel like a special part of your life.