Valentine’s Around the World!


The Germans celebrate valentines wholeheartedly by “pigging out”. As a sign of luck and lust, they combine the statues of pigs along with flowers and traditional gifts. “Ich liebe dich”( I Love You) is the word used in German to express love.


Estonia’s Valentine's is all about expressing love to your friends and buddies. Unlike other countries celebrating and exchanging gifts with their partners, this country celebrates friendship loud with pride. Ma armastan sind (I Love You) is the word for expressing love in Estonia.


People in France pair up to make love. However, those who didn’t find their match gather at the end of the day to burn photos of those who rejected them or broke their hearts. Je t'aime (I Love You) in the French language.


In Japan, valentine is a day for pampering men. Women shower men with love by presenting them chocolates and other romantic gifts and hope they return the gesture later. わたしは、あなたを愛していますis the Japanese word of I Love You.


Men send anonymous poems to women. The ladies have to guess the name as the notes are signed with one dot for each letter in men’s name. If she guesses right, she’ll be rewarded with an egg on Easter by him, and if she fails, she owes him the egg on Easter. Jeg elsker deg is their word of I Love You.


The welsh celebrates valentines on 25 January by giving spoons to each other, which gives a whole new meaning to “spooning” with the one you love. “Rwy'n dy garu di” is the word of I Love You in the Welsh language.


Valentine’s: undoubtedly a day to celebrate and shower your partners and significant others with love. The day is approaching soon; stores will be chockful with chocolates, stuffed toys, and greeting cards. This is the day when all the lovers can’t hold themselves back from hitting onto the shelves brimming with boxes of chocolates, candies, and teddy bears. It’s a typical way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, however not every country turns to red roses and heart candies to express love. Through this visual, we have tried to convey different expressions of love celebrated around the world. Have a look!