120 Truth or Dare Questions – Best Questions To Enjoy The Game

The truth and dare game ranges back hundreds of years. This fascinating game is played all over the world in different ways, nevertheless, it is enjoyed thoroughly due to the interesting tasks given and questions asked which does not give the individual even a minute of boredom. The rules for this game are simple although there are varied styles in which it can be played. The most popular and trending style to play this game is by rotating a bottle kept in the midst of the circle formed by a group of people. When the bottle is rotated and whomsoever sits at the head at which the bottle is pointed gets the opportunity to choose ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ on the basis of which he is asked a question or given a task.

Some very interesting new truth or dare questions for this game are mentioned below.


Truth Questions



1.  Have you ever planned your future family or the names of your kids?


2. What is the most hateful expression you use verbally or non-verbally when you detest the person in front of you?


3. Confess any secret relationship you have ever been into?


4. Have you ever had a crush on your friend's or another sibling's wife?


5. What has been the secret fantasy song you always imagined yourself to star in?


6. How do you shove off unwanted proposals?


7. What kind of case do you think can be filed against you at The most or the greatest offence you can commit in the eyes of the law?


8. What cliché trend do you criticize in public but wish to follow?


9. Up-to what percent are you obsessed with yourself and spend in front of the mirror checking yourself out?


10. On an average what is the most time you've to spend doing makeup or grooming yourself?



11. How much are you willing to pay for an antique if you were a billionaire?


12. What according to you would be an ideal trip package for a couple?


13. What is your first reaction after something horrible is done to you or happens to you?


14. Do you doubt your sexuality or anything ever happened to you that might make you think about it?


15. Have you ever lied to your doctor and if yes why?


16. Have you ever punished yourself for doing something hateful? If, yes then how?


17. When was the last time you were completely insecure and you felt abandoned?


18. Have you ever tried to pull up an action event and it completely went downhill?


19. Have you ever been reported by someone else's parents after the age of sixteen for an extremely embarrassing situation?


20. Have you ever used extreme abusive language but never confessed up to using it?




21. Have you ever had an uncomfortable conversation with your parents or teachers regarding sex education?


22. Have you ever lied about being sorry about something that doesn't matter to you?


23. Did you overdramatize your lie that it was caught ultimately?


24. Have you ever confessed to watching and appreciating a show that you just briefed about on the internet just to stay in books with your friends?


25. Whom do you find most difficult to say a no to and never turn them down even if you want to and why?


26. Do you ever wait for the sale to buy a favored product?


27. Have you ever overindulged yourself into daydreaming keeping an important task on hold?


28. What is the worst rumor that you have come across about yourself and how did you deal with it?


29. What is the stupidest thing that you have done under the pretense of being high?


30.  What are the sins that you wish to willingly commit?




31. Confess your favorite cousin or sibling?


32. What is the most evergreen thing that you hate but confess to like because of your friends?


33. When was the last time they skipped bathing for more than two days or more?


34. Have you ever sleepwalked or made sounds in your sleep and someone had heard you?


35. What unusual or silliest thing flatters you the most?


36. Have they ever had a favorite porn star?


37. If they got to date their crush will they be willing to give up their food habits for their sake?


38. If they have secretly wanted to date someone else while still in a relationship?


39. The cheapest eatery they have been to?


40. What was the silliest thing that they pulled out at a public place?



41. What is your most random search that you are ashamed to confess?


42. What is the most dreadful act that you have accused someone of?


43. Give the names for the most likely people you would ask for a threesome?


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44. What was the most thrilling make out experience you’ve ever been?


45. Have you ever barged in on someone intentionally to distract them?


46. Who is the most hateful person on the contact list?


47. What’s was the worst timing when you experienced nature’s call?


48. Have you ever smelled the most unlikely body organs?


49. What is the most unusual intimidation that you feel towards your partner?


50. Would you ever lie to get in bed with an extremely hot person?




51. Have you ever put down your principles to serve your selfish motives?


52. According to you who is the most eccentric and indecisive individual in your group?


53. What is the most exaggerated story that you have pulled up and also made others believe in it?


54. What is the most extravagant thing you have tried or come across?


55. What is the most humiliating piece of advice that you gave your friend which he actually considered and followed?


56. What is the lowest paid job that you have attended?


57. Which was the most boring event or function you’ve ever been to?


58. What is the maximum amount of time you have spent in bed and why?


59. Would you steal a kiss in someone’s unconsciousness or state of sleep?


60. What was the most stupid decision you’ve ever made?



Dare Questions



61. Drink a glass full of fat or any other such drink that they don't like!


62. Call up someone you hate and chit chat with them with utter sincerity.


63.  Solve a complex math’s question or any such academic question.


64. Try to speak a tongue twister in a different language.


65. Pick someone up from the group of people participating and give them a piggyback ride.


66. Miss a day at work and assist anyone from the group throughout their day.


67. Forced to cringe watch a show the person hates.


68. Frame an apology letter to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.


69. Sneak out from your home or hostel just to prove a point of your bravery.


70. Take up the scariest ride at the amusement park.



71. Ask the person to drop their hygiene for a day.


72. Dare them to pull a prank on their crush or other loved one.


73. Dare them to sit next to the most annoying relative at a family event.


74. Ask them to eat a bunch of bananas or chilies in a row.


75. Ask them to take their pet or go out themselves for a stroll at 1:00 am at night.


76. Search for a new flat or apartment despite having one.


77. Ask them to walk around backward for an hour.


78. Dare them to challenge someone stronger than them for a fist fight or a thumb challenge.


79. Ask them to wear unusual makeup or hair for a day.


80.  Ask them to take an unusual medical test.




81. Ask them to purchase something outside their budget that is useless but always wanted to spend money on.


82. Dare them to arrange Halloween costumes for everyone and convince them to wear them despite the fact that it isn't Halloween yet.


83. Send up their complete unseasonal clothing for dry cleaning.


84. Crash an uninvited party and draw attention to self purposefully.


85. Go without bathing for a week without relying on any perfumes or anti precipitants.


86. Take up an unusual diet Chart and follow it for five days to seven days.


87. Convince your friend to date the most unobvious woman he/she would ever go out with.


88. Kiss everyone at your workplace or college goodbye while leaving.


89. Go completely out of way to do something you've never agreed to for your love interest.


90. Call up your bank or visit it personally to inquire about all of their policies without applying for any.



91. Drop a penny in every beggar’s bowl that you see for the whole day.


92. Play with little puppies on the street.


93. Drive to an environment-friendly area alone, a hill station or bankside and spend five to six hours sitting over there without doing anything productive or using your phones or any other electrical device.


94. Do a catwalk wearing heels on the footpath.


95. Throw a party for all your friends coming weekend.


96. Apply for an extra-curricular activity completely outside your comfort zone.


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97. Buy a block of ice and sit on it for half an hour.


98. Convince someone of your own sex to give you a lap dance.


99. Give away your favorite pair of shoes to charity.


100. Do the laundry for your most unhygienic friend.



101. Go out on an ideal location hunt for a probable business idea you have been thinking about.


102. Go to work dressed as a superhero.


103. Build a shed outside your house.


104. Kiss the prettiest girl on a family event.


105. Go club hopping with the most unlikely person from your group.


106. Talk in pure Hindi for a whole day without using even a single word from any other language.


107. Loudly scream the actual truth about your landlord on your balcony.


108. Rap instead of talking normally for three hours.


109. Play your sad song playlist on a cheerful event.


110.  Prepare a song and record it for your mother.




111. Invite two women from a dating app on a date on the same day.


112. Go to The mall straight from bed even without brushing your teeth, in the same state.


113. Get a tattoo or get a piercing on the most unlikely body part.


114. Tell your family you are moving out and record their reactions.


115. Arrange a date for your girlfriend and turn up as a decoy to trouble her for the whole evening.


116. Babysit a pet for a whole day.


117. Plan to visit your junior school with your school friends and convince them for the same.


118. Ignore your best friend for a week without saying anything.


119. Ask your friend's mother for a ball dance.


120. Dare them to go have an environment-friendly week without using any products that might possibly harm the environment.


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