9 Cool Things To Do In Austin | Best For Romance, Weekend and Kids

Looking for a break from your hectic working life? There are many places we can look for but can the youngsters be settled with just any of the popular places? If your adventurous, fun-loving soul, hails from the ever-cherishing places then a bag pack to Austin’s lakes and hills is the one. The state capital of Texas, Austin is the ever lively place with rivers, natural swimming pools around nature, museums, and the live night music, to give you thrill whenever you step out.

We always behave maturely because people tend to judge us if we behave differently. But it that fun? Being a child has its own joy and you can explore that child within you in Austin’s buzzing streets. Austin has its own way to greet its tourists. There are 10 never-missed out things to do in Austin.

1. Swim to gorgeous natural swimming grotto Hamilton Pool

If you are a swimming lover then how about swimming in a natural pool amidst nature? Yes, you heard it right. Here is the magical pool that amazes the travelers with its natural beauty and gives a thrill of adventure. The pool is surrounded by large limestone slabs that rest by the water’s edge. This is a blend of nature and adventure satisfying every part of a traveler.

2. Weekend in Zilker Metropolitan Park

Zilker is the “most loved place” in Austin. It is the favourite weekend destination of residents and a home for various recreational activities. You can experience hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake, both of which run next to the park. The grand area consisting of 350 acres of the park makes it a home to so many annual events and festivals. You can be a part of grand events like Austin City Limits Music Festival and the Zilker Park Kite Festival enjoying the festive spirit of Austin at a single place. Zilker Botanical Garden, illumination of Zilker Holliday Tree, Zilker Hillside Theatre, and regular performances host by local companies especially “Shakespeare in the Park” are some of the attention pullers of the park.

3.  Hike up to Mount Bonnell

It is also known as Covert Park. Adjacent to the Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River in Austin, go for a hike to the Mount Bonnell and encounter the world being you at the top. A mesmerizing view of the Lake Austin, Austin city, and the magnificent surrounding hills, from the summit of the mount, is a wonder that can only be found in Austin. You can also spend some romantic time with your partner with the setting sun in front gazing at the bloody-eyed sky.

4. Austin Bat-Watching at Congress Avenue Bridge

Austin with its 11th most populous city is also a home to 1.5 million bats. These Mexican free-tailed bats migrate every spring to the north of Austin whose nest can be recorded at the Congress Avenue Bridge at dusk. The bridge’s crevices provide these creatures with the safe hiding place, and each night at dusk they start with their nightly flight in search of food. People in Austin die to be a part of this free show at dusk. These bats are actually awesome and make Austin free of insect diseases by gulping down pounds of pests and insects each night. It is a free-fun to experience in Austin.

5. Light up the eyes with Fireworks over Lady Bird Lake or Lake Austin from a tiny boat

You can experience the fireworks show in Austin from many places on a lot of different time. But why not go for the best one? Watching Fireworks up above the sky sitting on a tiny boat is the pleasant wonder to go for.

6. Know some History at the Bullock Texas State History Museum

It is good to gain some knowledge of the places’ history you go to visit. Besides all the adventure and beauty, museums of Austin provide you with the rich exhibition of its history and ancient collection. Bullock History Museum is a three-floor theme-based interactive exhibition that enriches one with the history of Texas.

7. Find the singer within you with Karaoke underground

Sing out loud at Nomad bar in Austin with Karaoke underground. It is for rock music fans that scream, dance, play their heart out, bark and sometimes even sing their favourites. It is the place where you can explore your carefree self to the fullest. Karaoke your every dream song and get the stage the singer within you had always dreamt of.

8. Watch your movie being a weirdo at the Alamo Drafthouse

Have you ever watched a movie putting on weird and wonderful outfits? Experience it with the best movie theatre according to the population of Austin at Alamo draft house. The best thing is their free food and bear. Enjoy free meal doting with their weird and wonderful get-ups during the new release along with marathons like the Lord of the Rings feast or with your favorite screening of all Harry Potter movies. Yeah Yeah for Harry Potter fans.

9. Give a boost to your energy with some live music in Sixth Street

sixth street austin

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A trip to “Live music capital of the world” and not giving yourself to its live music night is not an option. Explore the Sixth Street in Austin and find musical buzz at your every step. Bang your head with the shops, restaurants, bars and yes, some famous live music joints like Esther’s Follies, Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

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