115 Best Thought Provoking Questions

Thought Provoking Questions

We all think that we know much about ourselves. But do we really know? When was the last time when someone’s question made you think a lot? Why did this happen? May be were not clear about what to say. Maybe because we were not sure about our own perspective. Therefore, it is necessary to ask yourself, provoke your thoughts, and go into a deep conversation with yourself, so as to check out your perspective. Thought-provoking makes you think deeply and indulge your mind on one particular topic. They make you understand yourself. They help you make a check of your own personality.


Thought-Provoking Questions

Best Thought-Provoking Questions

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Believe it or not, but it is necessary sometimes to provoke your thoughts in order to move forward in your life. Hence, either you ask to yourself or anyone else asks you, timely provoking your thoughts is necessary. Therefore, from now stop provoking others for a fight and start provoking them to think. Here, are suggestions of some thought-provoking questions for you.

Here I present you with 115 thought-provoking questions that will make your mind swing.


Funny Thought Provoking Questions


  1. Is Spaghetti actually pasta? Why or why not?
  2. What is the most ridiculous thing that you think people can say about you?
  3. What is the best meme you have seen till date?
  4. What is the best local Wi-Fi name you have ever seen?
  5. What is the best note you have seen on an Indian truck?
  6. “Curse of Chucky” or “Annabelle” which one is a better horror movie?
  7. What actions do you regret of doing in your childhood?
  8. Do you think that there are six packs behind your father’s big fat tummy?
  9. Best elephant and ant joke that you have heard?
  10. If your crush told you that he liked your best friend, what would you do?
  11. If you had to date a person whom you know is in a relationship, would you date?
  12. What is the biggest lie a person told you?
  13. Have you ever got noticed by your friends while checking someone else?
  14. Did you ever just imagine a situation that is never going to happen but still felt all the emotions of that situation?
  15. What was the biggest story you made imagining and still remember it?
  16. What was the weirdest thing that you noticed about your co-passenger on the train?
  17. What was the situation when suddenly everyone in the classroom turned and started starring at you?
  18. Which song’s lyrics were most hilariously understood by you?
  19. Do you usually think before making a call that what you will say?
  20. Can you spend more than a one-day singing the same song for yourself?
  21. Don’t you think that the name of Donuts should be changed because they have no nuts?
  22. Do you plan before acting or act without planning or just plan but never act?

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Best Thought Provoking Questions


  1. What are you doing with your life?
  2. Why are you lazy?
  3. What will make you work without expecting any reward?
  4. Who or what inspires you?
  5. What makes you angry?
  6. When do you remain calm and peaceful?
  7. What are you afraid of?
  8. When do you feel embarrassed?
  9. Why do you get frustrated?
  10. What are your driving forces?
  11. Why do you postpone things?
  12. Why do you do things before time?
  13. Why are you jealous of someone?
  14. When do you appreciate someone?
  15. Why do you get attracted to someone or something?
  16. Why do you get addicted to something?
  17. Why do you hate someone?
  18. Why do you love someone?
  19. Do you have the wisdom to remain calm when others rush?
  20. Can you patiently wait for the appropriate time to initiate action?
  21. Do you have a high level of tolerance?
  22. Are you intolerant of people whose qualities annoy you?
  23. Can people trust you?
  24. Are you responsible and committed?
  25. Do you speak the truth or occasionally tell lies?
  26. Do you have good standards of honesty and integrity?
  27. Do you act ethically?
  28. Do you pay attention to unspoken acts of communication?
  29. Do you feel that often people say something but they don’t mean it, or mean exactly the opposite?
  30. Is your mind open while listening to controversial ideas?
  31. Do you understand people correctly?
  32. How bad can you be to someone?
  33. What is the most beautiful aspect of your life?
  34. Biggest decision you ever made in your life?
  35. How will you run from uncertain situations of your life?
  36. Do you believe that you are the only one responsible for everything happening in your life?
  37. What are your suggestions for yourself that will help you do better in life?
  38. What is the biggest sacrifice that you can make for your parents?

Spiritual Thought Provoking Questions


  1. Do you raise your life to a higher spiritual level?
  2. Do people look up to you as their role models?
  3. Do you have the instinct in you to change the world and make it a better place?
  4. Do you transcend the mundane pettiness and live your noble self that is creative, loving, selfless, calm, compassionate, courageous, and exemplary?
  5. Do you have a positive or negative mindset?
  6. Is your mind always look at problems or comes out with solutions to problems?
  7. Do you have a rigid, fixed mindset, or a flexible and growth mindset?
  8. Is your mind looking for an opportunity to learn and grow even in difficult situations? Or, it indulges in complaining and blaming others?
  9. Can you manage your negative emotions such as anger, frustration and hurt?
  10. Can you think rationally and make objective decisions when you are consumed with your own emotions?
  11. Are you afraid of sharing your innermost feelings?
  12. What are the expectations of your life?
  13. Do you have the ability to make a difference?
  14. Do you really act according to what you believe?

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Thought-Provoking Questions for Students


  1. Do you have the resilience to bounce back after a set-back?
  2. Are you aware of your abilities?
  3. Do you have the persistence and perseverance to continue with your plan despite obstacles and oppositions?
  4. Do you have the will-power and determination to work with the same energy until your mission is accomplished?
  5. Are you confident all the time?
  6. When are you over-confident?
  7. When do you lack confidence?
  8. Do you believe in you that you have strength and power within you to achieve anything?
  9. How good is your emotional literacy?
  10. And the level of your emotional intelligence (EQ)?
  11. Are you able to control your emotions?
  12. Do you feel weak before some people?
  13. Do you feel intimidated when you meet people who are more powerful or stronger or richer?
  14. Can you share your love for someone without getting nervous?
  15. Do you remain cool, calm, and collected in any situation?
  16. Are you strained when you interact with people at personal and professional levels?
  17. Do you know how to come out of a stressful situation?
  18. Are you aware that the less stressful you are the more productive you will be?
  19. Which one thing you have learned as a student which is going to help you cope with failures throughout your life?
  20. How determined are you for your future goals?
  21. Do you respect all your teachers?
  22. Do you really know your strengths and weakness?


Thought-Provoking Questions for Couples

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  1. Complete the line, I wish I could hold your hands and..............................?
  2. You usually write #me_things, what if you could write #we_things?
  3. What were the things that brought you both closer?
  4. Would making out together after marriage be the same for you both?
  5. How many “your life rule” you changed after getting into this relationship with your partner?
  6. How far has your ship of this relationship reached?
  7. Talking on which topic makes your partner uncomfortable?
  8. How much has changed your habits for your partner?
  9. If you were asked to stay in a long-distance relationship with your partner then would it affect your relationship in any way?
  10. Is really your partner the most attractive person?
  11. What will you do when your parents ask you to make a choice between them and your partner?
  12. How healthy is your relationship?
  13. Will you accept your partner’s parents and give them respect as you give to your parents?
  14. Is this person the same as your dream girl/boy?
  15. What advice would you like to give to your partner?
  16. Will your expectations from your partner change with time?
  17. There are so many boys better than your boyfriend, why don’t you try them?
  18. In case your boyfriend doesn’t earn much in the future, will you stay with him? Ask yourself.
  19. What is the biggest sacrifice that you can make for your partner?


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