First Date Tips: 11 Things To Talk About on a First Date

Things To Talk About on a First Date

All set up for your First Date? A place to meet and a perfect outfit to wear, everything is all set. Have you prepared your date script i.e. talk that can head start your communication? This is where most of the planning goes wrong, accompanied by awkward silence. In this article, I am sharing 11 things to talk about on a first date.

Where is your home - things to ask on first date

First date is a very special occasion to meet a very special person of your life. First date is where you come across with the person you barely know. Getting to know them is the main motive of setting a date. The only way it can be fruitful is communication, proper and decent conversation helps to understand each other. Due to jitters of getting something might go wrong, we avoid much talking. Being nervous on your first date is common, as you tend to overthink certain aspects that are not even necessary. But we don’t even know how to start the conversation and maintain the pace of conversation.


When you reach your dating venue, you greet them with “Hi! How are you?”. Then there comes that awkward silence for a moment, trying to figure out ‘What your next question be?’ Here is some list of questions that you should be handy with for your upcoming date.


Where is your home?


This is the basic question that comes in our mind, just out of curiosity. But it’s a good start for a conversation. Getting to know their residential area can help you relate your talk. Like, if your residential area has a garden or a park near-by then you can come up with calm surrounding is beneficial for our mind. Though this is an amateur move at least you have given a positive comment.


What do you do for a living?

Asking about their job shows little respect for their work life. Talk about your work and get to know each other’s working atmosphere. Remember not to brag much about your work life. It adds a negative impact of your personality that may go wrong during date. And you don’t want this to happen.


What kind of movie lover are you?

Movies are the best part of the entertainment. Also, movies have different genre as per the preference of the audience. When you initiate the movie talk, it gives a gear shift to your conversation. This makes your date feel lively. Because talking about movies and their character makes chat more interesting and can last for a longer duration. With this talk, you come to know the genre of movies that your date likes to watch and may come across with the opportunity for a movie date.


If you do watch movies, which movie character you love the most?

This question can further add to some discussion about favorite characters. Talking about the area of interest make you involve yourself in it. Enjoy the discussion and remember not to argue if you dislike something. Everybody has their different choices, respect that.


Music category that they prefer?

Music bonds people’s soul. Things that are unsaid are expressed with songs. This can also be a topic where you can stretch your conversation. Who knows, maybe your likes for the music get matched. If by any circumstances you got the tickets for the concert, this might be the chance to go to your concert date!


How do they spend their weekend?

Talking about your weekend relaxing day, let the time pass by. Asking them about their weekend plans could provide you with some sort of hint to know how they enjoy their day off. Perhaps someday you want to spend your weekend with them the way they like.


When they have leisure time to spend, what would they do?

Everybody has a different hobby. Some might prefer to exercise or take a walk to the shop. Some might want to go to a movie or listen to music. Different people with different ways of time utilization characteristic. This can add a little essence to talk can build interest to discuss it.


Do they love to travel?

Travelling is part of life, to provide a bit of change in the environment and relaxing our mind with some displacement other than usual places. Get to know whether they love to travel or not. If yes, then ask them the places that they have visited or want to visit.



Do you love reading books?

Books, sometimes prove a perfect way to travel your mindful imagination. If there’s any chance that your date is a book-lover, they might share some of their best reads and how wonderful experience they had reading those books. And you also get some suggestion to read some books for a starter.


How were your high school days?

Sometimes bringing back the high school memories tend to add-up a little extra to the conversation. High school days are the most memorable and funny to talk about. This can lighten your chat with some humor and you may spend a good time. But sharing too much of it can be risky. Take a few points into account before sharing.


Can you tell me about your family?

When things are getting comfortable, feel free to ask about their family; how are they and what do they do. Showing concern about one’s family is a positive approach to begin with any relationship. Share how your family is bonded and care for everyone. If you have any siblings, how you manage to assist your sibling and sibling love that they have. Share this small thing, but not too much.


What kind of cuisine do you love?

Well, food is our first priority to keep us energies. Knowing each other’s likes and dislikes about cuisine will help you to select a suitable place for your next date. When you have your favorites on the menu, you tend to open up yourself. Thus, don’t forget to ask them about their appetizer.


How often you hang out with your friends?

Friends are the best part of your life. It is good to know about each other’s friend. Expressing how you enjoy with your friends can make your date feel like connecting a part of it. So, get to know about each other’s friends, when they meet and how often do they spend time together.


Shall I accompany you to your home?

After you get finish your date, ask them genuinely will it be fine if they drop you home. If they live near-by, a walk through their destination; or give a ride to home or station. In this way, you get a little extra time to have a casual talk or even have an ice-cream on the way.


Before asking any questions, you need to be a good listener. Try to understand what their opinion is, and respect it. Sharing emotional bonds and personal interests can nurture your connections. Based on how your first date goes, it tells you about your compatibility with them and thus, further dates are planned.

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Enjoy your date as long as you have something to your share and know each other. Be grateful for spending some quality time with each other. Ask them how was their dating experience and apologize for some silly talk if occurred during the conversation. Showing courtesy about your unknowing mistakes makes you a better person. Don’t make a hurry to pop the question about next date, that would lead to an impression of a desperate person. Take some time to analyze your date, how did it went then enlist the “Don’t” you need to avoid and work on it as well.


These were a few pieces of advice for enjoying your date. Most of the time you need to be yourself instead of faking things. Have a great Date!