29 Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend To Know Her More

Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

A good conversation is very essential in a relationship to help grow the bond and find new depths in it. It brings you closer to your partner, lets you discover so many different aspects of your girlfriend and makes the relationship all the more exciting.

So here are 29 things you could talk about with your girlfriend

29 things you could talk about with your girlfriend

1. Ask her about her day- Talk to her about the day after she comes home tired from the day-long work or class. Listen to her rants and her stories. When you show interest in her daily life, it reflects your love for her and how special she is to you.


2. Talk about her insecurities- Ask her whether she is comfortable sharing her insecurities with you, offer her a non-judgmental ear and assure her that you will help her work on her insecurities. Tell her that having insecurities is pretty natural and is a part of being human.


3. Talk about her future goals- The key to a healthy relationship is never letting it come in between one’s goals. Talk to her about her dreams and where she sees herself in the coming years. While you two can have totally different goals, knowing her goals will only allow you to acknowledge the fact that two different individuals can be so different and yet can thrive happily in a relationship through a few adjustments.


4. Her expectations from the relationship and from you- Just like every person has different goals, similarly the expectations from a relationship can differ from person to person. While you might want to move things fast and talk about your future together, she might prefer to live in the present and not think about the future much. So try and know what she wants, where she sees the relationship in the near future and her expectations from you as a boyfriend. Having clarity about each other’s needs won’t take up the much needed personal space and the relationship won’t end up suffocating you two.


5. Her hobbies- Talk about the things she loves to do in her free time. It will help you in situations when you are in a dilemma as to what to gift her or what to do on a holiday together.


6. What kind of movies, songs, food, sports and novels she likes- The kind of movies people watch, the songs they listen to, books they read and the food they eat, each tell a great deal about their personality. Ask her questions like, what are her favorite movies or songs, which makes her love them, the novels she likes, etc, and you will know so much about her in no time.


7. Talk to her about her childhood- For most people, their childhood is usually the best part of their life. Talk to her about her childhood, about her favorite memory as a child, about her childhood best-friend, etc. When she shares about her life with you, you also become a part of it, hence strengthening the bond between you two.


8. Her family- When someone loves you, they tend to be concerned about your family too. Ask her about her family’s whereabouts, her closest family member, their health condition, etc. Such conversations will reflect how much you care about her as well as her loved ones.


9. Her inspiration- The work we do is often influenced by our inspiration in some way or the other. Share about your inspiration with each other, what inspires you about them and how do you plan to become like your ideal.


10. Her past- Knowing your partner’s past allows you to know more about them, why they are the way they are and also allows you to help him/ her get over their past. So, keeping in mind that she is comfortable talking to you about her past, ask her about her happiest and worst memories, her past relationships and anything that can be relevant in making your relationship better.


11. What is love according to her- The definition of love varies from person to person and there is no one single answer for it. Also, a relationship can never thrive if you don’t feel loved. So it’s really important that you know what exactly is love for her in order to be able to make her feel loved.


12. Daily happenings around- For someone who isn’t good at conversations, it’s better to start off by asking general questions like, something interesting that happened in your neighborhood or something that is viral on the internet and then slowly proceeds to have a conversation regarding her personal life.


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13. Her take on life in general- Everybody has a different take on an ideal life and what’s the purpose of life. Share your views on the concept of living an ideal life and try to know hers as well. Ask her about her purpose in life and promise to be beside her as she tries to fulfill it.


14. Share secrets- Sharing secrets is a great way to build up mutual trust. When you share secrets with someone it makes them feel special as there are certain things about you that only they know and no one else does.



15. Places to go on dates and vacations- Who doesn’t want to go to a fancy location for a date or a vacation right? So, discuss with her regarding her dream date location, a vacation destination she would love to go, the specialties and ambiance of the place, etc. This will reflect that her opinions matter even if it’s something small as deciding a date location.


16. The most adventurous/fun thing she has done- If you want to have a more fun conversation, ask her about the adventurous and mischievous things she has done before. You can also talk about the fun and adventurous things you want to do together as a couple.


17. Common interests you both have- A great way to start a conversation is to talk about a common interest you both have. It can be a movie you guys have watched, a song you both like, or something both of you enjoy doing. Conversations like these will help you stay connected with each other.


18. Religious/ Political views- Conversations on religion and politics will allow you both to be aware of each other’s beliefs, faith, morals, ethics and sometimes each other’s upbringing too.


19. Her priorities- Two people in a relationship almost never have the same priorities. While for you, your career might be more important, your partner can put her family as her first priority. Differences in priorities can often lead to breakups if not properly conveyed. So go ahead and speak up your mind as to what’s more important for you and why. This will give bring more clarity in your relationship, leaving little room for misunderstandings in the future.


20. Things that make her angry or make her feel special- Knowing small little details about your partner, like what makes her furious and what makes her feel special, can go a long way. It becomes easier to sort out fights and you end up being happier with your partner.


21. What are her fears- Sharing your vulnerability with your partner builds a kind of trust that is almost impossible to break, Listen to her fears and promise to be beside her while she tries to overcome her fears.


22. Compliment her once in a while- Compliments are very essential to keep a relationship going. When you compliment her, it shows her value in your life and also increases her self-worth. Appreciate the efforts she puts for you, compliment the things you like in her and let her know how amazing of a person she is.


23. Things she regrets- Ask her about the things she regrets the most in her life, tell her about your regrets in life and discuss what can be done in the present so that you don’t have regrets in the future.


24. Things she is grateful for- Have a conversation with her about what she is most grateful for and why. Having such conversations will keep reminding both of you the things you are grateful for and help you both in staying grounded.


25. Her go-to people- It’s always nice to know the people whom she trusts other than you. This will allow you to form a stronger bond with her and in case you guys get in a fight, you will always know whom to go for advice.


26. Wish her a good day every morning- A lovely message from you can brighten up her whole day. Try to leave a small cute message for her every morning religiously to cheer her up for the day.


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27. Talk to her about personal space- When in a relationship, you will have to be extra careful not to violate one’s personal space, otherwise, the relationship becomes toxic and suffocating. To avoid it from getting toxic, talk to her about her personal space and also share your view on personal space with her.


28. Things she likes and dislikes about you- Discuss the things you both love and do not love about each other. This will give both of you the scope of improving the relationship as well as improving as individuals.


29. Problems that you both can work on together- Sharing your problems with each other not only provides instant relief but also gives a sense of reliability. It allows you to trust your partner and gives you an assurance that no matter what happens at least I have someone to go to with my problems and we both can work on it together.