75 Things To Do When Bored

Things To Do When Bored

With the constant wear and tear that we go through in our high paced lives.  We often forget to care for ourselves or usually are so much indulged with everything else that there is hardly any time left for oneself. However,  little activities that might start making you feel whole again or something refreshing for your mind is always a treat. Reunions with people you love, fun games, parties, music, long walks are all important to make you ready to go back to your continuous life of perseverance. Here are some suggestions to make your time worthwhile. 

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1. Go for a Zumba session.

Ok, How about an activity that will give you a fitness perk? If you love dancing, Zumba is your door to a fun engagement. You can find a ton of Zumba classes around, well, they are quite popular.


2. Learn to cook a foreign dish. 

 For all foodies out there, flip-up some recipe books for mouthwatering sushi, ramen, gumbo, risotto, The cuisine or maybe some extravagant sweet dishes or chocolates, there is quite some range to choose from. And furthermore, you could treat your friends to a delightful meal!


3. Go out on scavenger hunts.

You could try scavenging through a mall or randomly surf through The internet to catch something exclusive.


4. Clean the mess in your house that you've been avoiding.

Organizing your space around is the best activity to engage. A good way to do away with things that you no longer need around the house. You might want to sort the mess in your barn or the crumbled clothes inside your cupboard.


5. Pursue a girl/boy and arrange yourself a date. 

There are many options for online dating and online ways to look for dates. A good way to socialize and meet new people. You never know cupid might strike you just right there, wink!


6. Help a neighbor or search for a part-time job for money.

You are most welcome to help your neighbors, they will love you for that. Just offer to help with car wash while you doing yours or running an errand.

Tip: Wash a vehicle or run an errand.


7. Offer to babysit a pet.

Dog walking is a great hobby to pursue. Lots of pet owners are always on the lookout for babysitting their pets. A good way to realize your pet passion plus earn while you babysit.


8. Collect fresh fruit from the nearest orchard. 

There is an ultimate sense of satisfaction when you savor fruits just plucked from trees. Find the nearest orchard and relive your childhood days.


9. Surprise visit a childhood friend.

Everybody loves surprises, especially when you visit your dearest childhood friend. Remember your good old days with them and love it.

Tip: Try catching up with someone you haven't met for a long time, try baking them something for the visit.


10. Design a barn or garden for the backyard of your house.

It is a proven fact that gardening soothes your senses and is an awesome stress reliever. If you love to be around nature and has a knack for plantation, try landscaping your garden or kitchen garden.

Tip: All the empty space in the backyard could be turned into something productive.


11. Turn up at a friend's house with the rest of the group and have a random party.

A fun way to engage your time instead of getting bored is the PARTY!! Gather up your friends and throw a random party.

Tip: Don't forget to carry some snacks or essentials.


12. Create a fresh favorite playlist by listening to random songs. 

I am sure everyone loves listening to music, so make your playlists for different occasions and moods. That way you are always prepared for your workout time, parties or after-work relaxation.


13. Binge-watch a show.

Well, there are a huge number of shows in the market. GOT, Suits, Breaking bad and more to watch and kill your time.

Tip: Remember that show your friends are always discussing while you feel left out?


14. Revisit your memory lane by going through photo albums etc.

I experience all mixed emotions whenever I go through the older photo albums and enjoy the run-through of my emotions. The nostalgia just takes over on you and the feeling is awesome.


15. Watch a favorite cartoon from your childhood.

Simpsons or Mickey Mouse or the ultimate, Tom and Jerry, get a hold of them on TV or the internet and have a classic time.


16. Pick up a hobby you always wanted to have and work on it.

Your webbed life in work or family leaves you craving for personal time. The best way to achieve that is to get back to your long lost hobbies.

Tip: That unused camera in your cupboard or the singing certificate from third grade could be the right inspiration.


17. Spend some time doing community service or visiting the needy. 

Every corner of your neighborhood needs mending. Join with others to clean your area around like the community garden, plant trees or spearhead rallies for awareness.

Tip: The environment needs help and so do people.


18. Arrange a relaxing bath using salts or massage for yourself.

Give a little time to skincare. Make a quick homemade scrubs and lotion . Give yourself a relaxing massage and a hot bath.


19. Try learning about a new culture and their language.

Millions of cultures around the World to learn about. Get hold of their local books and learn about their food, systems, and traditions they follow.

Tip: Pick the most fascinating cultures of the world, the ones which you wish to know about.


20. Make organic hair and face mask to refresh yourself.

It's fun to experiment with homemade products and they are safe for skin. Combine a few ingredients together to make an enriched face and hair mask. You can even take it a step further and gift it among your friends.


21. Go through the world map exploring new countries and places you were not aware of.

There are a lot of places that we have never heard of. You will be amazed to locate some unseen places.

Tip: Mark destinations you find most impressive.


22. Learn about the latest technology that has been recently introduced.

For all those tech-savvies there, keep yourself updated with the latest technology and know what's new around the world.


23. Visit your old grandparents or parents and spend quality time with them. 

Visiting your grandparents is a beautiful way to revive your childhood memories. Get deep into nostalgia and make your grandparents happy.


24. Create a memo or calendar mentioning everyone's birthdays and anniversaries. 

Not all of us are good at remembering dates, a memo is an amazing way to get updated with it.

Tip: Save the dates so you don't get another close friend upset because of your busy schedule.


25. Read any interesting books or comics that you've been looking forward to.

Reading books is a productive way to engage oneself when bored. Get hold of your favorite books that you always wanted to read.


26. Surf something interesting that could do to intimidate and impress your partner in bed. 

Internet is the biggest knowledge hub. Search for some interesting ways to indulge your partner with, something new and something surprising.


27. Try to make an impressive change in your bedroom using posters, lights, plants or whatever decor you find positive.

Positive your bedroom with feng shui or Vaastushastra. A good change will boost your mood up and kill your time in a positive way.

Tip: Salt lamps or wind chimes whatever decor puts you in the right mood.


28. Plan and pull a prank on your girlfriend /boyfriend.

Best way to engage a bored mind is by joking around. Plan a prank for your friend and have a good laugh.


29. Learn some interesting DIY's and create something exceptional.

If you're creative it would be easy for you and if you're not, it wouldn't be that difficult either. Internet has amazing DIY's to engage you with and awesome ways to recycle the waste of your home.


30. Arrange an outdoor game or pool activity. 

All your friends and neighbors, get them together for an outdoor game or pool party. That will be a good day spent.

Tip: Keep some towels handy and continue serving refreshments.


31. Try some refreshing activities like yoga or meditation.

When you are bored, you start getting unwanted thoughts and negative moods. Meditation and Yoga are good ways to drive away that negative energy, engaging your time in a fruitful way.


32. Get some sleep.

Sleep is the best way to have your boredom fixed. Sleeping will also cure your tiredness and relieve your senses.

Tip: Switch off your phone.


33. Check out the latest trends and bring a change in your style.

Give your wardrobe a promotion. Fill it up with the latest trends and be in style every day.

Tip: Those cute bands everyone is wearing around, time to get yourself one too.


34. Go out on a bicycle ride or simply take a walk. 

Riding a bicycle or walking is not just engaging but also great for your health.


35. Try some fun activities like ice skating, roller coaster, horse riding, etc for the thrill. 

All the thrill-seekers out there try something different which you have never taken up before. Engage your adrenaline in this awesome way.


36. Play your favorite video game

You are never too old to play video games. Dust out that PlayStation or simply download your favorite video game on your phone and play your heart out.


37. Make yourself a family collage or a family tree

You will be amazed to know how big your family is. Collect as many pictures as you can, of your huge family and make a beautiful family tree for your hallway or living room decor.



38. Go on a restaurant hunt and rate them

If you are a foodie and love to try out new cuisines, hunt down bizarre restaurants in your city and visit them. You can also give in reviews and ratings about it.


39. Exercise

A pastime with healthy results. Surf some awesome exercise videos on YouTube and work out.


40. Clean up and organize your email account

Clean up your email by deleting junk mails and other unnecessary mails.


41. Watch old videos and ads

Watching old ads and videos is a lot of fun. Scroll for those forgotten ads on YouTube and get nostalgic.


42. Play crossword or sudoku

Best way to engage your time in a more useful yet fun way is by playing mind games. You can catch hold of crossword that is published daily in newspapers or even get a handy book from your local bookshop for Sudoku.


43. Start a blog

A free mind has all ideas pouring in. It is best to use your views and ideas through a blog where the world can know about them. Start your own blog and share your ideas with people.


44. Update yourself with current news and events

Get hold of today's newspaper or simply download a news app and be informed about the new happenings in politics, finance, crime or the Hollywood.


45. Make lists for the whole year

You can start with the shopping list for today and go till making lists for your birthday or friend's wedding or holiday.

Tip: Make sure the list is elaborate.


46. Visit the library

When was the last time you visited the library? You can visit the nearest library and know about the new authors, their books and even the bestsellers. Become a member and issue the books that you wanted to read for a long time.


47. Visit the museum

The museum has lots of interesting stuff to look at. You may kill your time by visiting one. I am sure you will get to know many facts for the first time.


48. Invent some interesting games

All parties require games to engage and there are times when we run short of ideas while planning a party. Invent some interesting games to play for your house parties or birthday party.


49. Learn "How to's?"

Learn how to fix a radio or how to carve a pumpkin or how to read a map. Lots of things to know about life, you see, because learning never stops.


50. Learn sign-language

Learn the unspoken language, to communicate wherever required.


51. Start amateur photography

Photography is an art for everybody. If you haven't started yet, you can right away start it. Start by taking pictures at a party or a get-together and go upto clicking nature or culture.


52. Go on a road trip

Are you extensively bored? Take a road trip to the nearest destination. You can stick a friend together or even travel alone. Go on a peaceful trip or an adventure, pick yours.


53. Update your resume

In our busy work schedule, we tend to forget small but important things like updating your resume.


54. Donate your old clothes and shoes

Organize your wardrobe and get rid of the old clothes that you no longer wear and shoes, by donating them to orphanages or slums, it will be useful for someone else.


55. Delete unwanted files and photos from phone

Keep your phone in good condition by deleting files and photos that are no longer required. This way you are freeing memory space which ensures the better working of the phone.


56. Paint old pots

If you have a huge collection of earthen pots whether potted plants or decorative pieces then color them and give it a new look.


57. Set up a Rainwater harvesting system at your home

Use your free time to do your part to the environment by setting up a small harvesting system at your home. A great way to collect rainwater and putting it to more usefulness. Lots of DIY's are available on YouTube and other websites to guide for the build-up.


58. Have a long telephonic conversation

Call someone with whom you can talk for hours. Share your day's activities, have a debate or even gossip.


59. Buy groceries

Simply visit the supermarket when you bored and stock up your groceries. Explore new things in the market and try them out.


60. Read magazines

Get hold of a couple of your favorite magazines and get updated. There is a myriad of those ones to choose from right from fashion, sports, health, and home.


61. Improve your word power

Increase your vocabulary and learn new words that you have never come across. Sign up on an online dictionary or surf through the dictionaries you got at home.


62. Make a bucket list

This is one thing that you can certainly do in your free time. Make a bucket list with all the exciting things you wish to do in life.


63. Make homemade chocolates

Who doesn't love chocolates and when it is homemade you gonna love it more. Making chocolates at home is quite easy, simply stock up your moulds, chocolate bars and get going with all kinds of flavors that you want in it.


64. Binge on healthy snacks

Eating is one of the simplest things to do when bored but it is better to binge on healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, Nutri bars, and salads rather unhealthy and processed foods.


65. Make a diet plan

Use your free time to make yourself a daily diet plan for keeping you healthy and active. Put the right amount of nutrition and avoid any unhealthy foods.


66. Plan out a meal for the whole week

The biggest challenge for every homemaker is to decide on "What's cooking!?". Plan it out in advance for the whole week and put it on your kitchen board.


67. Design a wedding dress for yourself

One of the most exciting and beautiful things you can do in your leisure time, design a dress for the wedding. If you already married design a dress to wear at your friend's wedding.


68. Get a tattoo

First, use your time to design a tattoo and then get it from the nearest tattoo artist. You can also consider a temporary one if you can't decide on.


69. Try origami

Origami is the art for everyone. Simply get ideas from online and make pretty stuff from paper.


70. Experiment with recycling clothes

I am sure you have a pile of clothes that you don't wear anymore. Design them in stylish ways like making shorts out of pants or cut short long dresses into a little dress.


71. Learn new ways of gift wrapping

Dig into Pinterest and look for new ideas of gift wrapping. You can use these ideas on birthdays or Christmas.


72. Spring cleaning

Clean up all kinds of mess around the house. Dust the furniture, organize your cabinets and do away with any unwanted things.


73. Paint your wall/Wall art

Wake up that creative side of yours and do a little art on your wall. You can find a number of YouTube tutorials on sponge texture art, block paintings or folk arts.


74. Spend time in the Orphanage

This will be a productive day spent. Gather a couple of biscuits and gifts and spent some time with the children in the Orphanage. A good way to spread some smiles rather a boring day.


75. Do some financial investment

Tie up with a banker and discuss on smart investments for your finances. It is always better to plan your future and invest in the right thing.