Why We Need To Be Thankful in Life?

While we crib about a lot of things in life there is a lot that we should be thankful for. We tend to ignore a lot of things while we are all running to grab other things. We forget the simple fact that while we don’t value what we have, there are a lot of people who actually realise the value these things hold. Let’s have a look at these and cherish the beauty that they hold:-


39 things you need to be thankful for today.

thankful for


For having enough time to spend with family and friends.

It’s a true blessing to have people around you with whom you can spend time the way you want. Out of the 24 hours that you have, you have the liberty to spend as much time as you wish to, with the people who matter. It’s rightly been said, “it’s not the length of time but the depth of it.”


For having a lovely wife or girlfriend.

There can be no bigger joy than the one of having a person who knows you in and out, someone who is as precious as your own life. There is no greater gift than the gift of true love.


For having a nature of forgiveness.

It takes a great deal of courage to make mistakes and a greater deal of heart to forgive someone for the mistakes that they have made. There is no greater man than the one who has the heart to forgive and forget.


For having good health.

Having sound health is as important as being physically able. You should feel truly blessed for having a good and strong immune system.


For having good wealth.

Though money cannot buy you happiness but it surely can buy you a lot. If you are good at making money you should feel happy about having at least one less thing to worry about.


For having mindful thinking ability.

Having the ability to distinguish between what’s right and what’s not is something that should be cherished enough. Not everyone is capable enough to have this ability, at times.

You should really be thankful for having a sane and sound mind.


For having pets.

If you could be half a person that a dog is,

You’d be twice the human you are.


For having a peace of mind

Having a sound and enriching environment around you that keeps sane through the hardships of life. Always feel happy for having peace around you.


For having a kindness nature.

Be the kindest version of yourself even when you don’t feel like. For there are people who will need you and in turn, you’ll need people too.


For having new opportunities.

You should really be thankful for having a life that throws various opportunities towards you. For you have a lot to learn and a journey that awaits you.


For having good food to eat.

Having healthy and hygienic food to eat is something that you should feel blessed about. Not everyone gets to have even 2 square meals, at times. You should value the fact that you have a table covered with food.


For having the festival yearly to celebrate.

Though you should not reason to celebrate and should treat life as an occasion itself; it’s still a privilege to have festivals that bring joy to you.


For having movies to entertain.

Movies act as the best source of entertainment. You have all genres of movies just a click away.


For having amazing books to read.

Reading is the best habit a person could develop and have the ability to read is another blessing. There are libraries stacked with books that await your arrival. There are books that are waiting for you to open and read them.


For having a beautiful surrounding to be a part of.

Such a curse is forever beauty,

When it surrounds us every day,

We whine that we can’t see the forest,

For the trees are in the way.


For people to share your grief with.

Sorrows and grief are a part of life, but, having someone to share your pain with is what makes this journey more endearing.


For having people around you to keep you warm on frosty days.

There are good days and then there are bad days but, what makes it all so bearable is having people to turn your frostbitten heart to water.


For being physically able.

If you are physically able and don’t have any physical disability, you should consider it to be a blessing. Everyone is not fortunate enough to even have something so ordinary in their lives, at times.


For having dreams that are bigger than some galaxies.

Having been blessed to have the ability to dream and to be able to make those dreams come true is what makes the journey of life so amazingly adventurous. You have one life and can be whatever you want to be.



For having a green field to walk in on, barefoot.

Have you ever tried walking barefoot on the grass? If not, do it once and you’ll know what exactly this is all about. It’s sheer pleasure!


For having a beautiful moon to look at on the darkest nights.

Stare at the moon once and you’ll know why are so many verses dedicated to it. It’s a constant reminder of the fact that every beautiful thing has scars and a beautiful life will always be marked with obstacles.


For having a sky full of stars.

Sit outside on a breezy night, under a sky full of stars and you’ll know why are stars call wish granting factories. This is something that naturally fills up your soul.


For having libraries full of unread and untouched books.

The smell of books that makes reading it more refreshing.

There are stories that you haven’t read;,

and there are tears that you haven’t shed,

and all the books that you haven’t read;

And all these amazing books you haven’t read.


For having the ability to love.

You are blessed for having the ability to love and feel all these emotions while you live. Feelings and emotions are as important as oxygen to humans.


For having rainfalls to enjoy.

Raindrops falling on withered leaves may not make them come alive but they surely can replenish your soul. Get drenched in rain more often and you’ll realise that it brings you a lot of joy.


For having those rare chances of spotting rainbows.

Be thankful for having the opportunity to spot beautiful rainbows. Rainbows are proof that endings could be beautiful.


For having people around you who could make you laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine but having people around you to make you laugh is what makes it more enjoyable. It’s not only about the jokes but the people who are there to share them.


For having dogs as the most loyal companions around you.

Humans are truly blessed to have dogs as their companions. You can never get more loyal pets around you and who needs more than an extra ounce of loyalty?


For having the best-animated movies that’d leave you teary-eyed.

Animated movies not only keep the inner kid in you happy it lets you feel emotions that you haven’t felt in a while. They teach you things that are bigger and larger than life.


For having amazing music you could tap your feet on.

When music hits you,

You feel no pain.


For having the chance to visit rock concerts.

Have you ever been to a rock concert?

It will take you to the stars and back. The adrenaline rush will make you go gaga!


For having a life that you can make as big as you want.

You have the ability to choose the kind of life you want and you have the ability to make it as big and as bright as you want!


For having the chance to choose the roads you’d want to travel on.

Never be afraid to choose a road that has been less traveled by, it’ll make all the difference in the end.


For having someone’s shoulders’ you could weep on.

Having friends and family to comfort you in the times of your weakest being is a blessing in disguise. Never be afraid to do the same for someone else.


For having oceans you could swim in.

There are waters that you haven’t set your foot in. Be brave enough to soar across all the oceans that you can.


For being born in a year that’s free of war.

War and guns make life miserable. We are truly blessed to have been born in a time where we don’t have to see such a scenario. Peace is all that’s going to ensure that we truly live and not merely exist.


For having the best companion with yourself all the time, you.

You are going to spend most of your time with your own self. Be the best version of yourself, be your best companion. Grow, heal and conquer!


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