Thank You Messages for Gifts | Thank You Messages For Gifts Received

The human mind works differently! On any auspicious day or for any special celebration, people love to revel in joy along with others, as a community. Right off the bat, the mind gets preoccupied with one question- what present/gift to get him/her to commemorate their joyous day? People come up with plenty of ideas for gifts- from something as basic and clichéd like flowers or chocolates to customized and personalized care packages; from a store-bought card to a carefully handmade card; trip tickets, to movie tickets, to subscriptions for their favourite mobile apps; and so many more that I can’t even think of. But do you know what remains common during this exchange? The moment after you’ve gifted something, that moment when you’re supposed to thank the person who might or might not have taken pains but did show up with a gift! Now, I do not mean to demean anyone, who cannot afford to gift stuff due to various personal reasons- just being there for your special someone is a gift in itself.

Since childhood, we’ve been imparted with the wonderful attitude of gratitude. Being thankful is not a show of mere decency; it is expressive of how you feel about the fact that someone took precious time out of their lives, to go out of their way and buy you something amazing- in hopes that it’d make you smile. Being thankful doesn’t just make you happy and good to someone; rather it proves that you’re appreciative of the other person’s efforts. It makes them happy, and there’s nothing more important than making others smile!

A personalized handwritten card or text, that rightfully displays your positivity after receiving a gift (expensive or not, thoughtful or not), is an absolute ‘must.’ And here are some messages that could come to your rescue and make this exchange even easier!


Thank You Messages For Gifts


  • I am humbled by this wonderful gesture of yours. Thanks a ton!


  • The fact that you took time out of your busy lives to get us something, we really appreciate it.


  • We never asked for a present on this special day of ours, but what you gave us, really did touch our hearts!


  • Thank you for making me feel like a valuable presence in your life!


  • Thought matters, not the price- and this wonderful gift of yours is a testament to it. Thank you!

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  • I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for this amazing gift!


  • You know me better than anyone else, and this present is the best I could ever get. Thank you.


  • I never expected a gift, but thank you anyway!


  • Oh my god, you got me this? I am thrilled, thank you so much.


  • I know you couldn’t be with us today, but I appreciate the fact that you took such a huge step to send this gift over at such short notice of this party. Thank you!


  • I’ve forever appreciated all your efforts and this is just a thank you message to let you know that, in writing!

thank you messages for gifts from friends

  • My favourite person, getting me my favourite thing, on the milestone day in my life, what more could I have asked for? Thank you!

Heartfelt Thank You Messages For Gifts


  • What I really wanted for you to be “present” with me for my big day. Out of the blues, you got me another one? I can’t thank you enough.


  • This was my first-midnight birthday celebration, and this huge gift of yours, it’s absolutely breath-taking. Thanks, love!


  • You remembered what I told you years ago, something that I really wanted, and you got it for me, without giving the slightest hint. Thank you so much.


  • This thank you note is just a small gesture to show how much I love and adore you for getting me what I could’ve never imagined to get myself. Thank you!


  • The size or cost of your gift never mattered to me. Just the fact that you thought of getting one for me, means the world!

Heartfelt Thank You Messages For Gifts

  • After all that we’ve been through, you still remembered to get me such a wonderful present. Thanks, love!


  • You, my friend, have given me the best gift I’ve ever received in my entire life. I have no words to express what I feel right now. All I can say is a simple thank you!


  • I’ve rehearsed this very moment of thanking you, hundreds of times in front of a mirror. But today, I’m writing you this message to show you ‘in writing’, that you mean the world to me, and the gift that you got has my heart.


  • My heart is moved by this initiative of yours to get me a gift. I can’t thank you enough.

Thank You Messages Gifts

  • You’ve been my go-to person, ever since I’ve known you. I know you might be upset after seeing all those big, posh gifts by those people in the party. But I wanna remind you, that yours was the only one that touched my heart, my soul. Thank you!


  • I’m so moved by this incredible gesture of yours, of bringing me this on my special day. Thank you!


  • You never say, but your actions speak way louder. Thank you so much for the gift and I want you to know that I love you!

Funny Thank You Messages For Gifts



  • Thank you for the gift, but I hope you’re not expecting a return gift instead?


  • Did you ask for a return gift? Just a moment, let me put a bow on my head and stand next to you.


  • I honestly never imagined that you’d go to the extents of gifting my something. I was prepared to whoop your ass the second you’d say, “Oh, why do you need a present? You have me!”


  • I’m so glad I never opened up the gifts in front of the room full of people. I knew it’d have to be something embarrassing, coming from you. Anyway, thanks, man!
  • You’re one of the nicest people, but just wait for your birthday and I shall have my revenge for this pathetic present of yours.


  • Such a beautiful present, ah, I’m touched. I didn’t tell you where I was touched though. Haha, thank you so much!


  • It’s funny how close we were before you gifted me this. Regardless, thank you!


  • Your gift is representative of how you were at school- always punished to stand outside the class. Well, it was outstanding, thank you so much!


  • I might not have been the best host the other day, Nah, I was. But I want to thank you with all my heart for the present you sent over.


  • Yours was the best gift, out of the whole lot, thank you. Psst, don’t tell!


  • The gathering yesterday was mind-numbing and dreary, but the only fun part was opening up your present. Thank you!

Funny Thank You Messages Gifts

  • You’ve made me happier than ever before because this gift of yours is the best I could ever ask for! (Just kidding, be ready for some ass-kicking tomorrow)


Thank You Messages For Gifts Received


  • With all my heart, I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful gift you sent over the other day.


  • Thank you for being a family to me and for bringing me such a wonderful present.


  • I am extremely delighted to send you over this little thank you message wherein I would like to state how lucky I am to have received such a joyous present from you.


  • Such a wonderful occasion, your presence with this wonderful gift- nothing could have made this day any better.


  • The second I unwrapped your gift, I couldn’t help but feel like the most blessed host. Thank you so much!


  • I want to appreciate all your efforts in trying to select the perfect present for me and gracing all of us with your presence.


  • Your level of sophistication and creativity in selecting presents will forever remain unmatched. Thank you!


  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this sincere souvenir.


  • God bless you for having blessed me with your whole-hearted gift. Thank you.


  • I’m not writing this for the sake of it; no matter how formal our relation is, I really want to thank you for your brilliant gift!


  • This time, it was not just logic that made you purchase this present for me, I know there was some emotional accent attached to it. I won’t tell, and for this, I’m forever grateful.

Thank You Messages For Gifts Received

  • For this show of affection in the form of a gift, I shall forever remain indebted to you. Thank you!


Short Thank You Notes For Gifts


  • I know I’m a hard nut to crack, and ever so rare there happens to be a situation that makes me all mushy and gushy with my feelings. And this moment right here, after seeing your gift, has to be that very moment. Thanks a bunch!


  • The best way I could express myself is by writing to you. So here I am, sitting with a pen and a sheet of paper, thinking about how to pour my heart out, but I can’t. I simply want to thank you for all your efforts, I could not be happier!


  • The gift you got me, ah, you couldn’t have been more thoughtful. I really appreciate it.


  • Now I know that this world does have a person who knows me better than me, and that’s you. Thanks, love!


  • Gifting is never an obligation, but it’s a necessity when it comes to a person like you. Just like always, you got me the best present this year as well. Thank you so much!


  • A hundred times thank you, and a million times more for all your efforts!


  • Somebody is going to get a big surprise next year, thank you, dear!


  • Gift giving was never your forte, but you’ve truly surpassed the last year’s “you.” Thank a ton buddy!


  • I had a whole rush of feelings while opening up your present because I knew it’d somehow make me well up. And you know what, it did! I can’t believe you membered to get this for me. Thank you!


  • It’s never mandatory for people to gift others on any special occasion, and I know how much you hate this ceremonial “exchange.” But you did get me something, for which I’m very thankful.


  • It’s tough to simply note down how meaningful that one gift of yours was, and it certainly did elevate our relationship to a whole another level. Thank you!


  • This gift has certainly left an indelible mark on my memory, forever! Now I know how special and important I am to you. Merci!


Eloquent Thank You Messages For Gifts


  • This is no mere obligation, but I am truly overjoyed by this gift as your token of love and respect. Thank you!


  • This nuanced selection of gift kit has completely left me in awe. I appreciate this, man!


  • You undoubtedly manage to escalate up your gift-giving skills every passing celebration. I’d ask you to stop, but every time I’m occupied in the prediction part of it. Thank you!


  • You’ve never failed to verbally address how significant I am in your life, and now you’ve managed to show how much you care with all these presents. Thank you, bub!


  • You’ve successfully accomplished in destroying all my assumptions of you being a terrible friend. Thanks for showing how much I mean to you via this lovely present.


  • I never cared about the price, for me, the thought mattered way more. And I value you for the same!


  • I genuinely acknowledge all the trouble and pain you’ve been through just to get this present that I’ve wanted ever since I was a kid. You’re the best!


  • I always looked for a friend in you, but this present helped me sense that now, you’re family. Thank you, buddy!


  • There has been a considerable ingenuity in all the gifts that you’ve given to me over the years, and I thank you for this from the core of my heart!


  • Your present was exquisite and truly priceless, thank you so much!


  • After all our setbacks, this is the one day that we thoroughly connected over the silliest gift that you got me. And I’m forever thankful for that!


  • I may not be pronounced in writing thank you notes or smart in picking out perfect gifts, but I want to thank you for the one that you gave me. And always remember, I’m sticking by your side. You aren’t getting rid of me that easy!



These were a few customized or personalized thank you messages that could go, with any gift that you receive. Just keep in mind that the key ingredients here would be- heartfelt gratitude, handwritten note, and genuine appreciation and acceptance of whatever the gift is, big or small, concrete or abstract!