Thank You Messages For a Teacher | Thank You Note For Teacher

A good teacher is our role-model, inspiration, and guide. The teachings and lessons taught by a teacher are priceless and are cherished by a student for a lifetime.

Good teachers are very important in a person's life, they help us in always doing the right thing, and at times when we get stuck in a problem and lose all hope, they become our guiding light.

Teachers give us valuable lessons and teach us wisdom. They inculcate in us all the good values and become the reason behind our success.

So, express your gratitude and love towards your teacher by sending them a beautiful, heart-touching message.


Thank You Messages For Teacher 


  • Thank you teacher for filling me with knowledge and confidence.
    Thank you teacher for teaching me values like hard work and discipline.
    You have seen me broken, and you helped me heal.
    You saw me flagging and filled me with zest and zeal.
    Thank you teacher for everything.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thanks for helping me learn the concepts of chemistry, biology, and physics.
    Thanks for helping me solve the problems of mathematics.
    Thanks for helping me believe that I can pass every test in life with hard work, determination, and practice.


  • Thank you teacher for always giving me the best advice.
    Thank you for all the guidance and for sharing with me your words of wisdom.
    I owe you everything teacher, your teachings have always helped me in life.

Thank You Messages For a Teacher

  • Dear teacher,
    You are my favorite therapist, guide, and magician.
    You knew all my flaws and always helped me in overcoming them like a good friend.
    I was never afraid of you, so I could always be true to you and there was never a need to pretend. Thank you for helping me solve all my problems and for teaching me how to solve them on my own.


  • During my board exams, you were equally anxious and worried for me.
    You prayed for my success just the way my family did.
    Whenever I felt low and afraid, in your advice and blessings I found my solace.
    Thank you for everything, teacher. You are the reason for my success.


  • Thank you teacher for understanding your students so well,
    Thank you for never announcing our marks loudly and for always giving us the mark-sheet individually. Thank you for always personally telling us about our mistakes and faults, and for never abashing us in front of the entire class.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thank you for always making us feel worthy and deserving of success. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams and helping me throughout the process.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thank you for always teaching me to never give up on my dreams,
    Thank you for always supporting me like a team.
    You taught me the importance of education, from you I have learnt the art of making wise decisions. I will always cherish your invaluable teachings and lessons.


  • Thank you teacher for never comparing a student with another, and for teaching us that every student is blessed with a unique talent. Thank you for making us realise our own potential. It is because of you that your students never envied each other and always helped each other grow and succeed.


  •  Thank you teacher for not only just preparing me for the tests conducted by the school, but also preparing me to bravely pass all the tests of life. You taught me a lot of things but the ones that I will never forget are - to be always strong during the hard times and take responsibility in life. Thank you for such great learnings.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thanks for not allowing me to come inside at times when I was late for the class.
    You taught me discipline and this value has always helped me in life.


  • Thank you teacher for pointing out my mistakes, for telling me how to correct all my wrongs and faults. It is because of you that I could become a better version of myself, because if my wrongs would not have been attended to, I would still have been carrying them around.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thanks for always being my helpline number. Whenever I got stuck in any problem and needed you, you were always just a phone call away. Your advice and words of wisdom have always solved all my problems and made my life better in a million ways.


  • Thank you teacher for teaching me how to meet deadlines, and, no matter what, to always complete the assigned work on time. You taught us discipline and these values taught by you will help us for a lifetime.

Thank You Note For Teacher

  • Dear teacher,
    Thanks for always making your every student feel equally important and for never differentiating between any of them. You loved all your students just the same and that is why all your students respect and love you.


  • Thank you teacher for helping me come out of my comfort zone. Thank you for teaching me how to be brave, and confidently own the stage. Thank you for teaching us to stand up for what is right and for preparing us for life.


  • From helping us learn the subjects to pass the exam, to help us make the best decisions in the exams of life. Thank you teacher for always standing by our side.


  • Thank you teacher for helping me with all the problems. Thank you for all the love and care, thanks for being the person with whom all my worries I could share. Thanks for always patiently listening to all that I said like a true friend. Thanks for giving me the best advice and support at times when I needed them.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thank you for always being fair and impartial. Thanks for teaching us punctuality and discipline. The qualities taught by you will surely help your students till the end.


  • Thank you teacher for teaching me the importance of coming out of my comfort zone and never letting go of any opportunity that knocks at my door.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thanks for teaching me how to always look for the good in everything. To always believe in me and fear nothing.


  • Thank you teacher, for making learning fun and life so much better.



Thank You Messages For Teachers From Parents


  • We find it difficult sometimes to even handle a single child, but you take care of so many children at the same time. Thank you teacher for taking good care of our children and raising them so well.


  • Teachers are the parents to their students, they might not have given them life but surely teach them how to survive. Thanks for everything.


  • Wonderful teachers like you deserve all the praise and appreciation.
    Thanks for teaching our children good sense and wisdom.

Thank You Messages For Teachers From Parents

  • You take care of our children like your own. Thank you teacher for helping us raise our children the best way, it would have been so difficult a task if we had to do it alone.


  • Good teachers like you are the guiding light in a student’s life. Sometimes, even we parents fail to understand them, and it is your advice that helps them during those times.


  • Thank you teacher for inculcating in our children the good values, and for filling them with knowledge and wisdom. We might have brought them into the world, but it is you who teach them to live in it the best way.


  • All teachers can tell their students what to learn, but good teachers like you teach them how to learn. Thanks for making our children wonderful learners and preparing them for life.


  • Dear teacher,
    Our children spend equal if not more time being at school, tuition, and colleges. We can’t keep a check on them when they are far away. It is your presence that assures us parents that our children are in good hands and are being taken care of. Thanks for that.


  • When my child seems happy while telling me the new things that he learned in school, I am assured that he is in good hands. It is because of good teachers like you. Thank you for all the good work that you do.


  • Dear teacher,
    My child is always all praises for you. She deeply loves and respects you. When my child tells me that she wants to be a great teacher like you, I believe that you are really a wonderful teacher. Stay the same, always.


  • Thank you teacher for inculcating in my child all the good values, and I believe that with our wisdom, love, and care combined we can make him a wonderful person and can prepare him well for life.

Thank You Messages Teachers

  • I would like to express my gratitude towards you teacher. Thank you for taking so much pain and caring for my child like your own. Your wisdom and teachings have made my child better and wiser.


  • Dear teacher,
    Thank you for always keeping a check on my child when he is in school, away from my reach. Thank you for encouraging him to do good things, and for scolding him whenever he does anything wrong. Thank you teacher, for always being there for my child, at times when I cannot be.


  • Dear teacher,
    Being a parent myself, I know that looking after children is not easy. But, you do it so well. Thank you for taking good care of my child.


  • Thank you teacher for the great work you have done to my child. You have filled her with confidence and now she does not shy away and is always ready to make use of every opportunity. Thank you for always encouraging her and for being a wonderful guide.


  • Dear teacher,
    I see my child happy while reading, learning and doing school work, and I am satisfied that learning is not a compulsion but rather fun for her. And, all the credit goes to you. Keep doing the good work. Kudos to you!


  • Dear teacher,
    The way you have helped my child in not only just performing well in class, but also in making him believe that learning can be fun is praiseworthy. You are a wonderful teacher and deserve all the appreciation and respect.


  • Thank you for your guidance, thanks for helping my child solve all her problems. Teachers like you are a blessing for their students.


  • Dear teacher,
    I don’t know how you manage to take care of every child. How you give each child equal love, care and undivided attention and love. I just know that you are the best and deserve a lot of respect.


  • Dear teacher,
    It feels so good to see my child not being afraid of the exams. She tells me that she remembers all the lessons you taught by heart and enjoys your subject a lot. I guess this is exactly how learning should be, and only good teachers like you can make it possible.


  • Thank you teacher for being such a wonderful mentor and guide to my child. Thank you for always solving all her doubts and being just a phone call away whenever she needs your help.


  • Dear teacher,
    My child respects you a lot. She always praises you and gets super happy whenever you give her a good remark. She always strives hard to make you proud. Teachers like you are an inspiration to so many students and help them in becoming the best version of themselves.


  • Education is the greatest blessing, and every day you bless a lot of lives with this gift of knowledge and wisdom. Dear teacher, keep doing the good work. Kudos to you!


  • Sometimes, it gets a little difficult for even us to understand our child, but teacher, you understand so many children- their problems, doubts, and hesitation at the same time. You surely are a magician. Keep making your student’s lives wonderful with your magic.


  • Everyday class lectures, endless doubt sessions, preparing assignments, checking class tests; this list is endless. But still, you manage it so well. Kudos to you teacher! Thank you for taking care of our children.


  • Dear teacher,
    We parents can live with peace at our home because you take good care of our children when they are away from us at schools. Thank you teachers for everything that you do. You are a major reason behind the success of our children.


  • You are an inspiration and a role model to my child. She always makes sure that all the work that you assigned to her is done before going to school the next day. She loves your lessons and wants to be like you in every way. You are indeed a wonderful teacher. More respect and power to you!


  • Dear teacher,
    My child has found an excellent mentor and guide in you. At times when I get confused about what would be better for my child, I trust your advice. Teachers like you are no less than a blessing for any student.


  • Thank you teacher, for not only inculcating in my child facts, but also the good values and manners. With parents and teacher’s combined care, love, and wisdom, surely the children can be raised well.


  • Dear teacher,
    You are like a parent to so many children. You help all your students improve and succeed. I, myself being a parent know that it is not easy. Yet, you do it the best way. Surely, good teachers are next to god. They add meaning to a child’s life. Lots of respect and more power to you!


Thank You Messages For Teacher Appreciation


  • Dear teacher,
    You motivated me to write poetry, tell stories, to participate in plays and debates.
    You filled me with confidence and taught me how to own the stage. Thank you for everything always.


  • Thank you teacher for teaching me to be proud of my abilities, to always improve my skills, to never be afraid and always take a stand for my beliefs and opinions. Thank you teacher for making me fearless.


  • Dear teacher, you are my favorite.
    You make me want to work hard to become a better version of myself. Your trust in me keeps me going despite all the hardships. I respect you a lot and will always strive hard to make you proud.


  • The greatest lesson that I learned from you is that ‘in order to survive, one needs to change and adapt with the changing times.’ Dear teacher, this mantra has always helped me succeed in life.


  • Dear teacher,
    Whenever I didn’t perform well despite all the hard work, you seemed more worried than me. You always wished me success and wanted to see me excel. Thanks for your support and endless efforts.


  • You are my confidant, friend, role model and guide. You have always shown me the right path in life. Dear teacher, you might not always be there with me by my side, but I will always keep your teachings in my heart and cherish them for a lifetime.


  • Dear teacher, you are full of knowledge and wisdom. Your teachings are invaluable and your wisdom is priceless.

Thank You Messages For Teacher Appreciation

  • Thank you teacher for always keeping a check on me. Thanks for appreciating all my good work and scolding me for all my wrongdoings. You inspired me to work hard and made me feel worthy.


  • Dear teacher, you are a favorite of all your students. I still don’t understand how you manage everything so wonderfully, and take out time for everyone and everything. Undoubtedly, you are the best.


  • Dear teacher, you always encouraged me to follow my dreams and how to work hard to achieve them all. Thank you teacher for always making me believe that dreams come true and for understanding me so well.


  • None of your students feared you, but all feared doing anything wrong that might hurt you. We always tried to make you proud because you are the best teacher and all your students love you.


  • You taught us great values, inculcated in us good manners. You took great care of your every student and never left even a single child behind. You taught us how to always help each other and work like a team. Thank you for everything.


  • Dear teacher, thank you for teaching me that nothing is impossible and that great things can be achieved only after fighting our fears.


  • Dear teacher, in addition to teaching me the concepts of physics and mathematics, you have given me some invaluable life lessons and learnings. Although, I might forget the former with the passage of time, but the latter, I can never forget and will always treasure it for a lifetime. 


  • Dear teacher, you always come prepared to teach your lesson to the class. No matter what, you are always on time. You fill knowledge and wisdom into so many minds and prepare them for life. Thank you for everything.


  • Teachers like you are a blessing for their students. Your teachings always guide your students at times when they are in a problem and need help. You are an awesome teacher because for you teaching is your passion and not just a profession.


  • Dear teacher, I have never seen you afraid. You are always ready for challenges. You are so wise and brave. You teach us to never lose self-control and to never let challenges and problems scare us. Thank you teacher for giving us strength and for making us warriors.


  • Dear teacher, it amazes me at times to think that how could you know every student you teach. You know all our strengths and weaknesses. You help all your students to improve their abilities and make the best use of their skills. Thank you for everything.


  • Your strictness and punctuality taught me discipline. Your passion and dedication gave me inspiration. Your high spirits and humor taught me how to not be so hard on myself. Dear teacher, I owe you everything. You are the reason behind my success.


Heart Touching Messages For Teachers


  • Dear teacher,
    You taught me that there is no fear which we cannot overcome with determination and persistence. As a child, I overcame my biggest fear and got to believe that dreams do come true after scoring full marks in the maths exam, and it was all because of you. You are the best teacher, thank you.


  • Dear teacher, you made me fall in love with all the subjects you taught. You always filled me with positive energy and good thoughts. You were always there to help me with all my problems, not only just during the school timings but anytime I needed you. Learning seemed easy and fun all because of you.


  • Dear teacher, you have seen me make mistakes, being wrong, fail and fall. Despite that all you have always been patient with me in both my rising and downfall. Thanks for your trust, guidance, and support.


  • Thanks for everything teacher.
    I still don’t know how you always understood me so well, and how you always got to know about the things troubling me even at times when I didn’t tell you about them. Even a single message from you on random days was powerful enough to make me feel well.


  • Dear teacher, you always cared, loved, and treated your students like your own children. You were always available to help us and you were always so easy to talk to, everyone felt so comfortable in sharing their problems and concerns with you. You are the best teacher.


  • Dear teacher, your class was magic. It was only in your class that even the backbenchers didn’t make noise and every student listened to your lessons with open years and a wide smile.


  • I miss having deep, meaningful conversations about life with you. I miss sitting in the class and being taught wonderful lessons by you. Dear teacher, you are the best. I miss the time spent with you.


  • Dear teacher, you are my favorite.
    The thing that differentiates you from other teachers is that you emphasized more on understanding the process to come to a solution for every problem than calculating the exact answer. You don’t want to make your students robots, and treat them as problem-solving geniuses. Thank you for that.


  • Teachers put in so much effort to make their students learn. They answer all our dumb questions and clear all our doubts. They give us the greatest gift of knowledge and raise so many children with equal love and care.


  • Teachers are no less than magicians. They know about the abilities and weaknesses of every student they teach. They know that each student is different, yet all of them deserve to succeed. So, with their love and wisdom, they help all their students become the best version of themselves.


  • Dear teacher, there is wisdom in every word you say. There are passion and determination in every work that you do. You are my role-model, everyday I strive hard to be a little more like you.


  • Dear teacher, I know that I can never fail in life because I have a wonderful teacher like you always by my side.


  • Dear favorite teacher, I still remember the day when you gave me full marks and ‘excellent’ as a remark for one of the answers that I wrote in the exam. The joy which that moment brought me was incomparable and priceless. The moment was special not because I got full marks but because of the pride and love for me that I saw in your eyes. The immense love and care of a teacher is not repayable but students can express their respect towards their teachers through moments like these.


  • Teachers are the ones who fill us with wisdom and knowledge. They help us overcome all our fears and fill us with courage.


  • Dear teacher, I consider it a blessing to be taught by you. Your lessons were amazing, your class was so much fun. Teachers like you are rare. Thank you for all your love and care.


  • An encouraging word from you can make my day, your confidence in me makes all my fears go away. You are an awesome teacher. Just stay the same always.


  • A teacher like you deserves all the respect and appreciation for the great work you do. Your high spirits and dedication to learn new things always inspires us to learn, adapt, and change. You are an awesome teacher. Always stay the same.


  • Dear teacher, all the students you taught return back to you from time to time and express their gratitude towards you. Your teachings always help your students in every aspect of their life. This shows how wonderful a teacher you are, and that your words are to be cherished for a lifetime.


Sweet Messages For Teachers


  • Dear teacher, thanks for always being so wonderful and cool. You taught us to live unapologetically, your company was so much fun and your words were full of wisdom.


  • Thank you teacher for being a wonderful guide and a true friend. You never needed to force us to study what you taught. Your lessons were fun, and we always studied them with great interest. 


  • Students are afraid of many teachers, but love and respect only a few. Dear teacher, you are a great teacher, all your students always loved and respected you.


  • Dear teacher, your dedication for your work and passion for life inspired us. You were always full of energy and positivity, and always inculcated the same values in your students.


  • Dear teacher, you never confined our thoughts, rather you taught us to think outside the box. It is a blessing to be taught by you.


  • When I was busy dealing with the concepts of physics and mathematics, you found out that the child inside me yearned to own the stage and tell stories. How well you understood the whispers of my heart and introduced me to art. Since then, art has saved me in a million ways. Dear teacher, you have saved me in a million ways.


  • Dear teacher, the only thing that motivated me to go to school was the thought of attending your class. You taught us in a way no other teacher could do. I will always cherish and treasure the time spent with you.


  • Dear teacher, you always emphasized more on learning than on getting good marks. You always taught us ways in which we can be useful to the society rather than ways to harm the resources and just make money. Thank you teacher, for making your students good humans above all else.


  • Dear teacher, you always listened to our words like they truly matter, you make us feel loved and appreciated. All this helps us feel confident and worthy. Thank you for everything.


  • You taught me that a teacher is not someone who only helps us in learning the stuff written in books and prepares you to pass the exams, but rather someone who prepares us for life.


  • You taught me how to read and write. It is from you that I learned how to draw, paint, dance and sing. Thank you teacher for making my life amazing.


  • Dear teacher, teaching is not just a job for you, it is your passion. Maybe, that is why you do it so well. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you teacher.


  • You taught me some lessons that I can never forget, you taught me to always strive hard to do my best. You taught me humility and confidence. Thank you teacher, for being a great mentor and a wonderful friend.


  • At times when I felt low, you were always there to make me laugh at your jokes. Thank you teacher for teaching me how to laugh at my problems.


  • Dear teacher, thanks for always being our guiding light, and for helping us come out of the dark. Thank you for blessing us with your wisdom and for making our lives better just like that.


Thank You Teachers Card Messages


  • Dear teacher, you motivated me during the hard times, and congratulated me at times when I performed well. You made me know about my abilities because your job didn't finish the moment the bell rang and the class was over, but rather you were available to help us 24x7.


  • I still remember going to your cabin in between the class breaks to clear my doubts. Dear teacher, despite being busy and tired you never turned me away. Thanks for always clearing all my doubts pertaining to both books and life. I will always treasure the moments spent with you for a lifetime.


  • You taught me how to be useful for society, you taught me how to do good for humanity. Thank you teacher for making your students better and responsible students.


  • Teachers are the people who hold their student’s hands and teach them to read and write. They are the ones who never get tired and stick by your side even if they have to teach you to write an alphabet for an infinite number of times. They are the reason behind our success in life.


  • Students might forget to complete their homework but teachers never come to the class unprepared. They take so much pain and are full of zest and zeal to see their students succeed.


  • Dear teacher, you gave me confidence when I was full of self-doubt. It was you who helped me in overcoming my fear of performing in front of a crowd. You gave me strength and assured me that I can win when I thought myself a failure. Thank you teacher for all the love and care.


  • Many teachers come and go in a student’s life, but there are a few special ones who leave a remarkable mark in their student’s heart and mind. Their teachings continue to inspire their students for a lifetime.


  • Dear teacher, you make learning so much fun. You make your students fall in love with the subjects you teach. You have such power that your students remember and cherish every word that you preach.


  • Dear teacher, I owe you everything.
    You taught me not only how to read and write but rather how to succeed and survive. Being your student is the greatest gift that I have got in life.


  • Dear teacher, you always took care of me like my family did. You wished for my success, made me learn about my flaws, faults, and weaknesses, and helped me in becoming the best version of myself. I owe you all my success.


  • Dear teacher, your passion, dedication, discipline, and high spirits always inspired me to be the best in everything I did.  You never refused to solve any of my doubts, and you were the best in every subject that you taught.


  • The best thing about you dear teacher, is that you are not rigid in your beliefs. Just like us, you, too, are always open to learning and changing. This is what makes you special.


  • Dear teacher, I still remember the day when we had to give our project presentation. It was only because of you that the shy child inside of me could get on the stage and give that presentation in front of the entire class. Your trust in me fills me with immense confidence. Everything seems a lot better because of your presence.


  • Dear favorite teacher,
    There are not many wonderful teachers like you who do meaningful discussions with their students over coffee. Not many teachers who call their students on random days just to ask if they are happy and doing good. It is unfortunate that this world does not have amazing teachers like you. I feel blessed to be your student. Thanks for everything.


  • At the time when everyone was choosing between engineering and medicine. I told you that I wanted to pursue writing and arts. You not only encouraged me, but also helped me in everything. You respected my choices and gave wings to my dreams. I will never forget what you did for me teacher. Thank you for everything.


  • Dear teacher, you made me a better person and made a huge difference in my life. You taught me that rather than learning facts it is more important to get to the core of everything and find out the basic meaning. You taught me to explore beyond the books and learn the true meaning of life. Thank you teacher for teaching me the art of living.