Thai herbs for better health

Isn’t it intriguing?; the herbs that are used to enhance thai dishes’ aroma and savour can serve as natural benefactors for better health. It’s effective usage varies from internal to external nutritioning. From curing mental wellbeing (depression, headaches, stress etc) to physical health (rashes, burns etc), thai herbs are the saviours. 

These are not reserved to just culinary pursuit but also utilised extensively for popular Thai massages and as quick home remedies.

Albeit there are loads of Thai herbs from which an individual can extract abundant benefits, however, we have tried to keep our list concise. 


  • Lemongrass (takrai/ ta khrai)- From curing dandruff and proliferating hair-growth, lemongrass heals cold, headaches, coughs and seldom mild asthma. 


  • Sweet Basil (horapa/ horapha) and Holy Basil (Ka phrao/ kaprao) - Both these are the ingredients for curry and relishing Thai cuisines but they also proffer cure for bloating (during menstruation), constipation, indigestion, preserves oral hygiene, relief from respiratory ailments, heart diseases and lung disorders. 


  • Galanga (kha) - This herb has evolved its taste from lemon-like to a tang of pepper and is still a distant relative of ginger.  It aids in preventing joint pains, cardiovascular problems and many discomforts that arise due to stomach aches and sore throats etc. 


  • Finger root (krachai)- It’s used for treating a wide range of ailments: muscle ache, rheumatism, peptic ulcer, leukemia, gastrointestinal disorder, dermatitis, diarrhea and diuretic. It’s uprooted to produce a tonic that has amusing healing effects. 


  • Ginger (khing)- While ginger may taste a bit odd at first, it sooner or later proves its advantageous traits. It helps in healing the hitches in gastritis, diabetes, colic, heart conditions  and prominently reduces the perils of high blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases. Although it renders legion internal healing, it’s often recommended for boosting the metabolism and helping in weight loss. 


  •  Pepper (phrik thai) - A herb that spices up the food, is exceptionally nutritious. It provides calcium, phosphorus, beta carotene and vitamin C; hence with nourishment of bones and teeth, it acts as an antioxidant and immunes you against osteoporosis. It also serves as a component in treatment of cancer patients. 


  • Shallot (hom daeng) - shallots help to lower the cholesterol levels; a burgeoning problem nowadays. 

It fends against certain kinds of cancer and provides antiviral- antibacterial-anti-fungal protection, lowers blood pressure, pacifies and soothes nerves, boosts blood circulation and improves digestion. 


There are legion thai herbs that obviate certain health problems. They all work as natural anti-oxidants against acute and critical health diseases and issues. These plants have been utilised for centuries and are continued in place of allopathic medicines and drugs in contemporary times. These herbs are natural healers and are globally preferred for absolving human anxieties while also improving their countenance and visage. Their consumption is fostered more in remote or sequestered places wherein the medication for man’s illness still depends on nature and its produce.