These 4 Passionate Teenage Inventors Changing The World Future

teenage inventor changing the world Rifath Shaarook, India

What were you up to, at 15? Probably nothing that great to remember. But some teenage minds have already made their mark through their breakthrough endeavors. These teenage kids have already geared up to save the planet with their meritorious inventions. What do you normally expect from a teenager? A rebel of their homes, a homecoming queen or a classic dude of his grade. Rather than having a time of their own, these young brains have moved out to create a history.

Many teenagers to even 4th graders are out there experimenting their brainwork to a range of fields from all around the globe. From young musicians to sportspersons; from actors to young scientists. Historically speaking, there have always been many who showed prodigious ability since their childhood. Alexander Pope, Pablo Picasso, Bobby Fisher and not to forget, the father of classical music, who himself was a teenage child, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Here are some ultimate teenage researchers who have moved their way with the sheer passion and shining hard work. Keep your jaws dropped for these 4 real talents, out there to make you jealous.

1. Keiana Cave, New Orleans

In 2010, the Gulf of Mexico saw the event of the Deepwater Horizon accident, creating 4.8 million barrels of the oil spill in the waters, which held a great ecological importance.

The repercussions saw many dolphins dying at an alarming rate and some disturbing sights of deformed sea creatures like shrimps with missing eyes and fishes oozing out sores and lesions. Cave saw the urgent need of understanding the cause of such a mishap. Cave was just 15 at the time when she gathered her attention to uncovering the truth. With her research work she concluded that when UV rays fall over the soil bed of the ocean, certain chemical reactions take place leading to the emission of poisonous carcinogenic chemicals.

She submitted two papers and two patents regarding her amazing discovery. Since then, her start-up Mare has been working towards creating ways to stop the damage. Hail to the saviour!!

2. Rifath Shaarook, India

India has been a hub of many talents since time immemorial. Life has not been easy for this budding space scientist, Shaarook since his father died. He loved gazing at the sky through his telescope since childhood with his father, latter was a local professor and scientist. Walking in his father’s footsteps, Sharook directed himself towards his passion for space research. At the early teenage age, He joined the Space Kidz India, the organisation which harnesses young kids who are passionate about science and technology.

He and his team geared up to the invention of the smallest and lightest satellite in the world. Under the expert guidance of Space Kidz director, they were successful in inventing the Kalama.

This little devil weighs just 64grams and is made of 3D printed plastic webbed with carbon fibres. It has an immense capacity to measure temperature, magnetism, altitude and other space mechanisms. Not only that, it also has a small computer that has the ability to turn on all the sensors and data storage.

Now the task was to get KalamSat into the orbit. Lightweight machines are very useful as it costs comparatively less, around $10000. Once in the orbit, it successfully collects 12 minutes of data before it falls back to the earth.

Heads up guys, on 22nd June 2017, KalamSat was successfully launched at NASA Wallops Island facility, Virginia, quite interestingly from the same spot where Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, famous rocket scientist and former President of India once visited. Great going Shaarook!!

3. Hannah Herbst, Florida

Some teenagers are so dedicated to their lives that they work highly towards making the world a better place to live in. One such passionate mind is Hannah Herbst, who got motivated to invent an alternative source of electricity for a pen friend from Ethiopia. More than a billion people in the world do not have access to proper electricity until today. Hannah came up with the idea of Beacon (Bringing electricity access to countries through Ocean Energy) when still realised that her Ethiopian friend couldn’t light a bulb in her house.

The technology worked towards getting electricity directly through the ocean. It was modeled with a hollow plastic tube, with a propeller at one end and hydroelectric generator on the other. The tidal wave, when rotates the propeller, converts into direct energy by the generator.

She tested the machine with a 3D model that she made and found out that the electrical energy that is generated could charge 3 car batteries in an hour. She also proposed that it could be used to treat water for purification and blood centrifuges at hospitals.

The invention won her the Discovery Education 3M young Challenge in 2015. Hannah is currently pursuing her computer engineering degree. Indeed, she has a long way to go.

4. Julian Rios Cantu, Mexico

Recent findings reveal that more than 38% of men and women have the risk of developing cancer at some point in their lives and breast cancer incorporates approximately 12%. Julian saw the horrors of breast cancer when his mother was diagnosed with it. She lost her breasts as it proved quite fatal. Julian drove towards early detection of breast cancer among other cancer patients. He, together with his 3 friends founded Higia Technologies Company which is developing a wearable bra that can easily detect any signs of cancer.

It is called the EVA bra that has sensors which can detect the change in temperature and elasticity. Easily attached to a normal bra, this needs to be worn for an hour per week to show results. The results are then directly prompted in the company’s App and are calculated for the relative risk of developing the disease.

Julian’s invention won the Global student entrepreneur Awards. The production is still underway as it needs clinical clearance. Similar inventions haven’t given any reliable accuracy in the past but if the project is successful it can save a lot of lives in the coming eras.  All the best for the remarkable work!!