TamilRockers Website : Download Free HD Movies Online


TamilRockers (TR) is one among the foremost asked for a “black market” means of a free movie downloading website. This website is an Indian torrent tracker that focuses on high-quality versions of movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English (also their dubbed versions) and many other languages. The Indian authorities keep trying to block the website but they keep evading blockage by changing their domain name extensions each time. 

In the year 2011, this website was created by the members of the TamilRockers community. Initially, it was a recording network website. Later on, after a month, this website was transformed into an open-for-public film download and online streaming website. They earn lots of money by uploading pirated movies and driving viewers to their ad monetized pages illegally.

The admins of this website modify and update their domain extension and IP address once each month in order to avoid the anti-piracy cell and enable their visitors to watch and download pirated movies online from their website, hence, overcoming all the blockages/obstructions made by the Indian Government


Why TamilRockers website is illegal in India?


It had been found by the MPA (Motion Pictures Association) that online piracy for movie content is very significant in India. In another report by Ernst and Young in the year 2008, it had been found that the Indian film industry lost USD 959 (Rs. 4,411 crores) million and 5,71,896 jobs due to piracy. This proves that the online movie piracy behemoth TamilRockers is one of the nation’s biggest blows to the movie industry.

Imagine yourself as a filmmaker. You make a film down to your last dime. How would you feel when someone tries to steal that?

 That is why; these types of websites are a threat to the filmmakers and the film industry as a whole. We should not use such websites to download movies keeping in mind the welfare of filmmakers and also the laws in India against online piracy which can lead to serious punishments.


How did the TamilRockers website work?


TamilRockers website enables its users to look for and download pirated content with the help of magnetic links and sharing of torrent files between computers (peers) connected through a network. This website can be simply accessed with the assistance of VPN and proxy servers anytime.

This website makes cash from downloading and from pop-up advertisements. They earn $7,000 to $18,000 approximately in just one month. There are around 8,50,000 searches in TamilRockers every day and during the weekend after new movie releases, it reaches around 40,00,000 easily. So, whenever someone downloads a movie from TamilRockers, they get paid for each download.

After every month the TamilRockers change their domain name to avoid being caught by the anti-piracy cell and run smoothly.

There are a number of such websites that are banned by the Indian government with the help of anti-piracy cell in order to eliminate this illegal way of downloading movies. These websites are-

  1. TamilRockers
  2. SouthFreak.site
  3. Domovies.eu
  4. Tamilgun
  5. Seploan.site


What is the reason behind piracy being so rampant in India?


The reason why piracy is so rampant in India is low-income levels, high ticket prices, cheap net infrastructure. Another major reason is the release of films in countries like the UAE prior to India. All these reasons lead to content piracy.



Laws against film piracy in India to control downloading website like TamilRockers


The Copyright Act, 1957 is applicable throughout India, and also protects movies made abroad. 


In the year 2012, the Central Government added two digital rights management provisions (DRM). The main objective of this amendment was to curb digital piracy and to facilitate the membership of India in the WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) and the WIPO Performers and Phonograms Treaty (WCTT). These amendments were incorporated in the Copyright Act as Section 65A and 65B.

Section 65A protects the technological protection measures (TPM) used by copyright holders to protect their work from being pirated.


Section 65B makes the removal of rights management information without authorization a criminal offense. Any person who sells, distributes, imports, broadcasts or communicate to the public, copies of any work or performance without authority, knowing that the rights management information has been removed or altered without authority is punishable under this section.

In February 2019, the cabinet approved the Information and Broadcasting ministry’s proposal to introduce the Cinematograph Amendment Bill, 2019, and amend the Cinematograph Act, 1952. This bill aims to tackle the camcording and duplication of films.

The government also tries to block such websites like TamilRockers from time to time but the admins of these websites somehow run their page by using different domain extensions which they renew almost every month.


Why you should not download movies from TamilRockers? 


TamilRockers is an illegal and pirated movie download website and as mentioned above, downloading pirated movies from such websites is a criminal offense in India and if a person goes against these laws, then some serious actions can be taken against him/her. A person can even go to jail or be fined for downloading a movie illegally for a term which may extend to 3 years or with fine which may extend to 10 lakh rupees or with both.

If you are found downloading movies illegally and the police locate your IP address then according to the law, the police are not required to give you any prior notice or any warning before it registers a complaint or takes action against you. Any high hierarchical law officer or even a sub-inspector has the power to seize all unauthorized copies of a proprietary work and therefore the things which are wont to build these copies. Also, the computer or any other devices in which the infringing copy is located are being seized by the police. The police officer is not required to show any warrant or permission from the court to seize the articles which were used to commit the infringement. Therefore, it is well within reason to not use such illegal websites.


List of Films leaked by TamilRockers 


  1. Super 30 - Bollywood Full Movie
  2. Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2
  3. Raatchasi
  4. Article 15 -  Bollywood Movie
  5. Kabir Singh - Bollywood Movie
  6. The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir
  7. Sindhubaadh
  8. Spider-Man: Far From Home  - Hollywood Full Movie
  9. Oh Baby full movie
  10. Toy Story 4
  11. Annabelle Comes Home
  12. Avengers: Endgame
  13. Thumbaa
  14. Men in Black International
  15. The Secret Life Of Pets 2


Best legal movies downloading websites online


All websites are not the same. There are some websites which legally broadcast the movies or videos, and are also safe to download movies from. These type of websites rightfully buy the movies from their owners in order to stream them online. Such legal websites to download or stream movies online are-


Netflix  -  Netflix is a very popular thing nowadays which requires a paid subscription to watch and download contents online. Every other person is seeking to arrange its subscription. It is an online streaming service that allows its users to watch a wide range of contents including TV shows, movies, anime, etc. It is very easy to download or watch movies online on Netflix. You just have to create an account on Netflix, pay according to your requirements and you are good to go!


Amazon Prime - Amazon Prime is an online community created by Amazon. The paid membership of Amazon Prime allows its users to watch and download thousands of movies, TV shows and lots more.


YouTube Movies - YouTube movies is also another rentals and purchase service option available to watch and download movies online. This was created by the popular video streaming channel YouTube. Any YouTube user can easily rent or buy any movie (in SD or HD) and watch it anytime, anywhere via YouTube movies.


Hulu - Hulu is also one of the best options available to watch and download movies and TV shows online. It is more focused on TV shows rather than movies. It has a very addictive TV shows. Hulu also requires a paid subscription.


Hotstar - Hotstar is one of the most popular online live streaming platform which streams Indian daily soaps and movies in almost 17 languages. Hotstar Premium allows its users to watch and download movies, TV shows and also enables to watch a live cricket match and TV shows. Hotstar premium requires a paid subscription.


In the end, I would like to request all of you to not use websites like TamilRockers, considering what they do to the filmmakers and to the Indian film industry. If you actually wish to watch a movie, either pay money for it and go watch in the theatre or a multiplex or simply wait for the right time and watch it once the movie is available and accessible on legal platforms to stream or download.