Key Strategies for a Successful Cisco 200-125 Exam Using Training Courses and Practice Tests

Every year, thousands of new IT professionals graduate and seek their worth in the industry. Because of this, it may not be easy to land a job because of the growing competition in the market. More and more candidates apply for one position, giving employers a hard time choosing the perfect applicant. But if you have something in your profile that will make you standout, then it’s easy for you to secure a job.

But what is this “something”? For skilled IT professionals, this “something” is no other than certifications. Having a certification means that you are more than just ready to take the job. And if you’ve decided to advance your skills in network security, particularly in routers and switches, the best validation you need is CCNA View Here  ENCOR  Routing and Switching via Cisco 200-125 exam.

To assist you, we’ve put together a list of steps that will guide you during the course of your certification path.

Weigh in your technical background


Practical experience is downright the best tool to prepare you for an exam. You can’t just choose a Cisco certification because you want to; your underlying reason must correlate with your educational background as well as work experience. The best candidates for CCNA R&S are network engineers with familiarity in Cisco routers. If possible, get your CCT R&S first so you’ll have a foundation of basic Cisco operating environments and technologies, which are needed for the management and maintenance of a variety of routers and switches.

Design a practical timetable


Cramming is definitely a no-no. Don’t attempt to study everything in just one night or else there’s a big chance of you failing the test. The best way to effectively retain your knowledge is through deliberate incorporation of exam topics. Study the key subject areas one by one. Therefore, it’s important that you have a timetable to follow so you’d easily keep track of your progress. And when creating your plan, be practical.

Have knowledge of the exam layout


Did you know that there are actually two ways to earn your CCNA R&S? The first option is by completing both Cisco exams 100-105 (ICND1) and 200-105 (ICND2). The second option is passing the composite exam, which is Cisco 200-125. This particular exam is made up of 60 to 70 questions in total, with a time limit of 90 minutes. One important thing to take note of is the availability of these exams. Together with other CCNA exams like Data Center, Collaboration, Security, and Collaboration, CCNA R&S will no longer be available starting February 24, 2020. Consequently, you need to make up your mind as soon as possible so that you still have time to plan.

Examine the topics carefully


Since you are getting ready for a composite exam, which is technically a combination of two challenging exams, then you need to prepare strategically. The best way to ensure that you cover everything is to check the detailed list of topics per exam. Through this, you won’t have a hard time studying the small details of the test. Some of the main areas that you need to learn are core network concepts, routing & switching solutions, and infrastructure management & services. And of course, you will also learn how significant internet protocols like IPv4, as well as IPv6 works.

Get help from an instructor


Often than not, instructor-led courses are the standard of studying for a certification exam. It’s because this kind of training allows you to directly interact with industry experts. Through this, you benefit from their extensive knowledge and real-world experiences in a live, classroom setting. And in some cases, these instructors could be part of the team who designed and develop the objectives of the exam, giving you a better understanding of the exam content.

Check out the official training library


If you prefer not to undergo this formal training, the choice is yours! There are other ways to successfully prepare for your Cisco exam, and that includes utilizing various online courses. Study on your own with the help of Cisco Platinum Learning Library that has everything you need for your upcoming 200-125 exam. Take advantage of their all-inclusive courses, practical labs, and other valuable training references so you’ll be highly adept with the required skills.

Diversify your grasp through blogs and forums


Taking a test is not just about mastering the key topics. You also need to be up-to-date with the recent changes involving the certification, as well as the industry in general. You can stay current by reading various Cisco blogs and joining official study sessions.

Take different self-assessment tests


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Good study habits will definitely produce good results. So, follow the key strategies listed above including the use of best practice tests for a fruitful Cisco 200-125 exam, which will reward you with your CCNA R&S endorsement. And once you acquire this certification, you will be surprised with all its outstanding benefits, including skill advancement, employment perks, and salary increment!