Stop Complaining: 17 Ways To Deal With it


All the life we keep on wasting
Our energy and precious time
It is better to adopt the change
Move ahead in life and stop to complain.


Complaining about the small things that occur in our life is a common problem. Complaining about the food we eat, about the clothes we wear, about the school we study, about the place where we live, about the job we do, about the weather and the list goes on.

The solution lies nowhere and we keep on regretting. But life is never a bed of roses we need to learn acceptance. The root cause of all the problems is we never learn to accept the change around us and are always in a dilemma regarding the facts that are no longer a reality. Moving on in life is very necessary.

We cannot be perfect although but can at least try a few things in life that can help us to improve our habit of complaining.

Some ways to avoid complaining include:-

1. Self-assessment

Stop Complaining-1


It is very important to do self-assessment regarding the decisions you make as they become the cause for complaining. For example at a particular point of time, you get a feeling that you should not go out but instead study and one of your friends comes to you don’t hesitate in saying no as later it will become the reason of your complain list within yourself.


2. Self-confidence

Self-confidence-Stop Complaining


When we are confident regarding the decisions we make and are confident towards all the events that are a part of our day to day life there is less of complaining. We need to have a confident approach.


3. Positive attitude

Positive attitude-stop complaining


Life is an ongoing process we face many challenges every day and it gives us a new problem in one or the other. So start seeing the positivity in every single action you do. It will give you strength and courage to face every situation. Your confidence levels surely rise with the essence of positivity.


4. Some physical activity



After all the stress and tension we face throughout the day it is a must to perform some activity like going for a walk, going for a gym, practicing yoga, playing the sport of your interest. It will boost your confidence level.


5. Acceptance



It is very necessary to learn the art of acceptance. We have to realize the fact that things cannot go according to our wish. Whatever comes we need to accept it whether good or bad. This attitude will make things easier for us and we will also learn of complaining less.


6. Listen to motivational people

Listen to motivational people - stop complaining

Whatever we perceive we tend to become. So we can take out some time from our busy schedule or while we are in a relaxing state or before sleeping we can listen to some motivational video. This will surely help you become confident day by day.


7. Pen down the thoughts that come to your mind



Our thoughts travel faster than speed and so do they flicker. We have no break towards our thought process. So write down the thoughts that come to your mind. It will help you do understand your loopholes and self-improvement will be easier.


8. Volunteer

Volunteer - stop complaining


Whatever events take place in your school, college, office, home at any level you should actively take part. It will help you to gain confidence. Don’t hesitate to take part or put forward your point anywhere it will also add on to your self-confidence.



9. Surround yourself with positive and confident people

Surround yourself with positive and confident people- stop complaining


Your company also matters. The people or friends you have become really important for your behavior and your approach towards life. So when you have confidence, motivating, positive people by your side you can surely become the same.


10. Spend time with nature

Spend time with nature - stop complaining


Whenever you feel under-confident or are stressed in life you should look up to nature. Try going to a park or a garden. The flowers which are bright and colorful will lighten and brighten your mind. You will feel refreshed and also motivated to perform your task with confidence.


11. Moving ahead in life

Moving ahead in life - stop complaining


We need to move on in life with a positive outlook. Past is not in our hands and the future is unpredictable so it is necessary to live in the present with a confident attitude.


12. Focus in life

Focus in life- stop complaining


All the tasks we perform in our day by day life should be with the utmost concentration. We need to keep our mind relaxed and not get affected by an external source. It will surely help us to attain confidence. Whatever situation arises never lose your peace of mind. Adapt yourself to all the situations that arise and lead your life accordingly. The world will become a better place to live in and so will your life.


13. The sense of contentment

The sense of contentment - stop complaining


The more we will run after things that are not really necessary for us the more we will have complaints with our life. So it is better to learn to have contended in life. Value people and relations rather than materialistic things because they are transient but the time spend with your loved ones has no comparison.


14. Patience is the key

Patience is the key - stop complaining


We have to face a lot of challenges and obstacles in life. There can never be a perfect situation, so try and increase your patience level each and every time. It surely will help you in having fewer complaints and more acceptance.


15. Being punctual

Being punctual - stop complaining


Most of the time we do not complete or perform the given task to us at the right time due to which we complain of failure or incomplete results. So it is necessary to do your given piece of work on time as it will give you satisfaction and chance to complaint less.


16. Appreciate yourself

Appreciate yourself - stop complaining


For all the achievements you get always feel good about them reward yourself and motivate yourself. Actually, give your achievements more importance than your failures as they will give you the motivation to improve yourself and complaint less.


17. Refer to the poor and needy

Refer to the poor and needy - stop complaining


Whenever you feel that life has nothing in store for you or your complain about the things that you don’t have to look at the poor and needy who cannot even afford a one-time meal. So next time when you complain about something you will surely realize that life has given you more than you complain about. Stay happy, work hard and learn to be satisfied.


At the end some motivational lines by Manoj Arora.

“With every breath you take, someone just took their last. Stop complaining about life. It has given you much more than what you appreciate.”