Stan Lee- Lifestyle, Marriage, Death, & The Journey From Office Boy to a Multimedia Corporation

Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber), a man with a young heart and creative mind was an idol of the whole comic world. He was eminent for his incredible artistry of writing, painting and for the creation of such engrossing characters. Stan Lee was appraised to be the heart of the Marvel world. He was the one who originated the Hulk, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Daredevil, Fantastic Four and many others. As he was the one who intensifies the bond of reality and fantasy with his cerebral ideas. He truly proved his own statement “We are going to try to present a voice that somebody will listen to. The voice is needed, we hope it will be ours”. And now the whole world is fascinated by that voice- those characters, those stories rule over the hearts of the young generation. His recent works also include Captain Marvel (2019) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).


Stan Lee Biography



Early and personal life



The artistic personality took birth on December 28th of 1922, in Manhattan of New York. Those days were of the great depression and became an influential factor for the genesis of the personality of future heart conqueror. He was from a family of immigrant Jews. In his family, there were four members. Father Jack Lieber, found a job as a cutter, mother Celia and his younger brother Larry. His family faced a lot of financial difficulties to make ends meet. During his high school days, he tried to help his family by doing some small jobs of writing, selling newspapers and delivering lunch. As a child he loves cinema and reading even he considered the book stand presented by his mother as his best present. He mentioned books like Hardy Boys, Tarzan, and Sherlock Holmes as his favorite ones and he was madly in love with films of Errol Flynn. He used to admire the creations like King Kong, Frankenstein and more like that. He used to tell stories to himself with a lot of fighting scenes that later can be considered as initial attempts of developing such interesting characters. Most of the time he was participating in writing quiz and competitions and once entered in a competition sponsored by New York Herald Tribune and won the prize. Then the sponsors offered him to write professionally.


A ‘playwright’ in Army

Stan lee- A ‘playwright’ in Army


In October 1942 Lee was sent to the US army, and those were the days of Second World War, and where he repaired communication equipment like telegraph poles. Later Stan got shifted to the training division, where he wrote a manual for military newspapers and served in communication troops. He was also known as ‘playwright’ for his writing works. Then Stan returned to previous editorial work at Timely comics.


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Stan lee - wife - marriage


Stan’s cousin once introduced him to the model and actress Joan Clayton Boocock and at his first sight, he became mad about her and soon convinced her to marry. On December 5th of 1947, Lee married Joan and she gave him a first child a daughter J.C in 1950 and second daughter, Jan died and lived for only three days.



From an office boy to a multimedia corporation



Then in 1939, Lee managed to get a job of a clerk at comics section of Martin Goodman’s publishing house. At that time he was hardly aware of the comic section and his duties were that of an office boy i.e. to fill the inkwells and proofreading. By the 1960s comic section was being handled by Kirby and Joe Simon. And after a year, when he was 19 he turned out to be the youngest editor in the entire comic industry. Stan’s first debut, Captain America published in 1941 with his adopted pseudonym Stan Lee. In 1961 the Marvel series came with advent rise of fantastic four. Which was the co-creation with artist Jack Kirby. The Fantastic Four series was not only a group of characters but it has defined storyline standards and it had central characters including Inhumans and The Black Panther. With the succeeding popularity of fantastic four Lee came up with another marvel sparks including Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, X-Men, and Daredevil. They unify the characters they had created and reanimated other characters from Sub-Mariner and Captain America into the squad of Avengers.

With the arrival of John Romita Sr. in 1966 as Lee’s collaborator, gave the audience another marvel spark as The Amazing Spider-Man. Their stories are not just a blend of thrill and adventure but also the glances of social issues, student activism, and issues related to different spheres of life. This concept actually built a strong connection between Marvel characters and audience which led Marvel to the great heights.


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From the late 1930s to early 1950s the golden era of comics begun, when Marvel comics had Captain America and Captain Marvel and on the other side DC had Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. As the prosperity of marvel was increasing in 1972 Lee became an editorial director and publisher of the group. Ruling the comic world Lee had also attended certain comic book conventions, sermonizing at colleges and engaged in panel discussions. He always tried to bring up the different sorts of stories in the comic world. Then in 1981 he reallocated to California and step forward toward the Marvel TVs and Multimedia Corporation as an executive producer.


When Stan was an ambassador for Marvel comics, he was also involved in various multimedia projects and produced blockbusters like Iron Man, X- Men, The Avengers and Thor.


In 1980s Stan was appointed as the creative director of an animation studio bought by Marvel Comics publishing house. Comics entered a phase of animated series. Lee conquered the internet by launching a multimedia campaign with online comics and creating StanLee.net. In the 1990s Lee quitted his regular tasks at Marvel and become Chairman Emeritus.


Lee along with his other media work, wrote a certain number of books including various comic books as well as books on his own life. He also operated his own editorial page “Stan’s Soapbox” to express various social justice issues to the readers. In 1974 he published “Origins of Marvel Comics”. In 2002 Stan published an autobiographical book titled “Excelsior! The amazing life of Stan Lee” and in 2003 another work includes “Stan Lee the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book”. This legendary hero was awarded various awards and medals. In November 2008, US president awarded Stan Lieber the highest award in the field of the Humanities in the US, the National Medal in Arts and the National Humanitarian Medal.


With the increasing idolization of the blockbusters, Stan Lee fell in love to appear on screens in a cameo. He can be noticed in several parts of X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and other films based on Marvel Comics. Stan Lee also hosted a Stan Lee’s Superhumans television series presented from 5th August 2010 to 17th September 2014 on the channel named History.


In the way of exploration Comic Icon, Stan Lee explored a new kid’s universe. In October 2011, Lee announced he would partner with 1821 Comics on a multimedia imprint for children in which he started imprints for ages 1-10 that aims to both education and entertainment.


In 2016 Lee made known his award-winning digital distinct novel titled as “Stan Lee’s God Woke at Comic-Con International”.


Things make him different from other writers

Stan Lee biography


  • “Excelsior” has been Lee’s motto for a long as he actually was. The most impactful part of Lee’s characters is that he always invented all of the characters by backing a channel for the readers to come and live each and every moment of character’s life in any of the story. Involving the characters’ great powers along with their flaws, weaknesses and personal issues to which readers can relate with. It leads to developing relation of interest and curiosity with the Marvel audience.


  • Dynamicity of Lee’s writing always differentiates him from other writers. Lee always tried to bring a new spice in every new character in every new story.


  • He considered characterization as a crucial part to bring up the real characters from the writer’s fantasy. As there is also a logic behind the powers held by Lee’s characters.


  • Stan Lee considered himself as a person who wrote a story that can interest him. As he stated that he doesn’t want to impose the stories that even to him are not interesting. He did not write to please others but he gave his best out of his mind and transform as a spark that passed through the audience mind.


  • Another important thing that he added up was understanding. All the words should be clear and understandable. He wrote simple enough for somebody young and intelligent enough for somebody old.


Last Years and Death


In recent years, Stan suffered from persistent pneumonia. He also had vision problems. In 2012 Lee encountered an operation and had a pacemaker installed. In April at Silicon Valley Comic Con his health worsened so much that during an autograph session the writer has forgotten how to spell his name. Another adverse incident occurs in the life of the legendary man in October 2017, when one of his partner, Jerry Olivares persuaded a nurse to take a certain amount of blood from him under the disguise of a test in order to introduce a collection of blood pens instead of ink. And he was also suspected of stealing 30,000 dollars from Lee’s account. On the 6th of July, 2017 his wife left him and died at the age of 95. Stan died in 2018 on 12th of November, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, California. The great artist is dead but the sparks that he left will keep on illuminating the hearts whenever his name comes.


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