What is Spirit Animals? How Spirit Animals Works in Your Life

spirit animals

It is fascinating to believe that the world is interweaved in spiritual strings that not only hold people together but other living beings too. Our every action, behaviour, and thought can be linked to animals, and that’s a fact! Left you pondering? Yes, it is true according to some of the cultures and many other people who have started relating themselves to it. Ever wondered, that your thoughts could be similar to an animal which has a close resemblance to you.

Native Americans held strong belief in soul animals. Since earlier times they carry a tradition of clinging every man to a particular animal which has the strongest resemblance to the former. Very often they suffixed names of animals with their names. Soul animals have been considered to be giving immense guidance and motivation to people’s lives, for the ones who believe in them.

This tribal tradition has influenced many modern shamans and other spiritual experts to rebuild people’s lives. It is worth mentioning that the concept of spirit aka power animals is a Neo- shamanic (New age shamanism) practice. Many modern shamans have channeled themselves towards a foolproof understanding of this age-old custom. According to Michael Harner, a philanthropist, “Power animals are like familiar spirits of occults which aid in their metaphysical work”. But one needs to be watchful in using soul animals as their guide, for any spiritual activity will get positive as well as negative aspects with them. Although, it can work wonders for those who are on a life quest and can unify their mind, body, and soul rightfully.

How to connect to your spirit animal?

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So how would you know your animal? Be cautioned here, because you cannot choose a spirit animal as the animal chooses you. Your actions, behavioural traits, and personality are the determinants of your guiding animal. So, if you are really serious about knowing your animal, it is very necessary to:

Be aware of your surroundings and have a keen eye on what’s going on around you.

Look for signs that tell you about your spirit animal connection. You might be having frequent encounters with a crow or a certain affection to a rabbit.

Mind, body, and soul needs to go in a unified direction

These dynamics can be achieved by,


spirit animal meditation


Meditation is an ultimate road to understanding the inner self. A focused and centered mind will give a deep insight into your connections with the right soul. Sit in a relaxed position in an undisturbed place with all the focus on your energy, which will guide you to the right spirit. Meditation is not an easy practice. It requires tremendous concentration. Don’t withdraw after a few “tries” and keep going.



Dream spirit animals


When a man is in distress and craves for spiritual help, the mind and soul starts working for the options. Sometimes, repeated dreams of a particular animal will answer your spirit animal. But one needs to believe the signs and accept as it comes to you. An injured animal or a weak one should not be related to oneself instead look for the strong traits it has.


External Help

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Many shamans and spiritual gurus have given a lot of research in this area. Tarot card readers, astrologers, and gurus are highly capable of guiding you. Shamans are believed to directly communicate with the souls which assist them to educate people about their soul animals.

There is a huge list of animals that can influence a person’s life. The moment you know your spirit animal, it starts creating a realm of protection around you. The extraordinary feeling that’s goes around your mind, body, and soul is mysterious yet overwhelming. It speaks to you and you should try to relate to these animals rather than find negative of the animal.



Some common animals that have the strongest traits are:


Strength and Power: the Lion

spirit lion animal


The lion symbolizes strength and control. It feels great to have power and control over something. If the lion is your spirit animal it basically tells you that power is your determinant and that’s how you will do good in life, but self-control is also important. Lions cannot control their power and anger which goes well with them but can pose a danger to humanity as their trait.

Dominance, challenger and eyeing of weak spots are the qualities of the lion.

Joy and Happiness: The Dolphin

dolphin spirit animal


Aren’t dolphins just adorable creatures? Their fun-loving and joyous nature are the traits for which they are known. The person whose guidance is a dolphin should take the help of spreading happiness as their strength. Not everybody can do that. Challenges become easier with an attitude of friendliness.

Affection, joy and playful are the behaviors that define a dolphin.

Magic and Mystery: The Crow

crow spirit animal


The crow is the most common animal which you can come across to. But, it is very important to get the cue. Crows are related to the mystery of the universe. All life’s magic is symbolized by a crow. The person is very much involved with mystery and has a clear picture of the mysteries that revolve around life and creation. A crow also gets the traits of a trickster. So one needs to watch out, as the negative traits of spirit animals can hamper the development.

Witty, magic and mischief are the qualities of the crow.

Change and Spiritual: The Snake

snake spirit animal


The snake has a very mythical and spiritual importance. Almost every culture of the world has highlighted the value of the snake as a spiritual force. A snake signifies a change in life. The person who has a snake as their guide are very spiritual and sees a solution to every problem with a spiritual connection.

Focus, change, destruction, and spirituality are the guiding traits of a snake.

Rebirth and lightness: The Butterfly

Every time you fail, the butterfly tells you to transform. A rebirth and transformation is the ultimate goal of life. A butterfly represents the different colors of life which need to be experimented with by every human through transformation. And every slightest rebirth should be done gracefully and without any stress. That’s the essence of life.
Rebirth, playfulness, and sensitivity are the traits of a butterfly.