Soulmate – Is It Real or Fictitious? 4 Best Ways To Find out The Perfect One


A soulmate is one who transcends your soul to a higher level of awakening of deeper dimensions and helps you unveiling your best version. The term ‘Soulmate’ was for the first time used in English romantic literature in a letter written in 1822 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It is a generic term for a romantic life partner, close friends, or close family members.


The concept of Soulmate can be related to the analogy explained:



Let you be one of the plucked string where every string emits a particular frequency or vibration. These frequencies blend to produce a piece of music. Sometimes, the combination is extremely discordant and grating(when we meet people with whom we don’t get along with). With others, it's harmonious and pleasing(people who are of our kind, the ones we love). The ones who resonate at a close frequency with yours is your Soulmate. They generate harmonious feelings deep within. The high resonating vibrations they possess endows a spiritual illumination.


They are a manifestation of patterns that blends well - an energy which is inherent everywhere in the universe. Soulmates are single soul dwelling in two bodies. Such a bond can barely be summed up into words.


The Soulmate concept -Is it Real Or Fictitious?

Soulmate concept -Is it Real Or Fictitious


  • In the theory of Plato's Symposium, Greek Playwright Aristophanes says that initially humans were outfitted with two faces, four hands, and four legs. They were monstrosities moving very fast and performing cartwheels. Eventually, humans threatened to scale the heavens and attack the gods. As a punishment to humanity for their pride, Zeus split them into halves. Each half was left with a desperate yearning to find the other half of themselves- Soulmate.


  • In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is portrayed as half man and half woman- Ardhnarishwar Shiva. Thus, both the energies of the masculine and the feminine rests in one combined ray rather than being two different entity. Soulmates, or precisely what is known as 'twin flames” are feminine and masculine counterpart energy of the same source and frequency. Through their powerful magnetic connection, they reunite and be together throughout their entire soul life journey.


  • Chinese mythology believes in the concept of the Red Thread of Fate. It suggests that Gods tied an invisible red thread around the ankles of a man and a woman who were destined to meet. The red string can get tangled up, contracted or stretched, but it can never break. Thus, every soul has a counter soul with an unseen magical connection between them.


How do you find your Soulmate?


The most asked question is "Where can one find their Soulmate"? Many people in search of their elusive Mr. Right or Miss Right go searching everywhere in the world. They visit social events, bars, dance floors, churches/temples, join various clubs in the hope that their long-awaited Soulmate will show up. But, the outward physical search and beating the bush is useless. The answer to your ‘where to find' is deep within you. Thus a wiser question is - "How do you find your Soulmate?"

Here are 4 best ways to find out the perfect one.



Discover yourself

Discover yourself -soulmate

One must accept the fact that the outer search is worthless without self-awareness. When you align with your true self and ponder and search for what exactly you yearn for, then is the natural arousing of magnetic force or an attractive pull towards your Soulmate. Discovering your soul and experiencing your feelings deep within makes you reorganize and create a new 'outward' space where now you can recognize, instead of seeking one.  


Be the ‘real you’


Your Soulmate is looking for the real authentic Soul Signals, a unique and special vibe which originates from the Soul and connects with the Soul. Unfortunately, people are covered with layers of 'not really you' energy. The false mask blocks your soul signals in reaching out to your Soulmate. Your true love expressed by the heart fails to reach the receiver. So, by discovering yourself, be the unique you and let your soul shine bright. Then, your Soulmate finds you mirroring those same soul qualities.


Filter your beliefs


There are various types of thoughts that find their ways and linger in everyone's mind. Sadly, people download everything in their minds without filtering, thus letting the negative beliefs attack it. These thoughts could arise due to your experiences of a failed relationship in the past or you thinking of your unworthiness to be happy. Your beliefs hinder yourself to recognize your perfect one. You must be positive and ready to emit and receive the Soul Signals.



Give time to Personal Growth


One must be confident and self- dependent. People who seek a Soulmates as a solution to their everyday problems end up in finding the wrong person. The primary reason is that the problem at hand drives you to look for the wrong qualities in a partner. Thus, it prevents you from meeting a Soulmate in your life. So one must give proper time to personal growth and stop a relation which works on conditional love.


How does it feel to be with your Soulmate? - Few Signs of a Soulmate


There are 7 billion people on the planet who could potentially be your other half. So, how to find your perfect one?

Here are a few signs that would help you recognize your Soulmate:



Completeness - signs of soulmate

Your Soulmate is like the final piece of the puzzle that helps you complete yourself. The differences between you complement each other instead of tearing you apart. They make your soul happy. It would be impossible to think of leaving your life without this soul.


Unending Support

Unending Support - signs of soulmate

A hand-held by someone whom you trust, helps you cross the journey of life. You can discover the beauty, the true essence of life, enjoying and cherishing the way marching together. Their unending support in every situation helps you sail through the difficulties of life, making you reach a safe shore.


Tough Conversations go smooth


You open up well expressing yourself comfortably. Sometimes,  conversations are challenging, where expressing concerns and making a decision can lead to an argument. Soulmates, with nonjudgemental understanding and patience, vanish the conflicts in the air. They work it out, making it go perfect and smooth.


Power of Telepathy

Power of Telepathy - signs of soulmate

You will notice your Soulmate completing your unspoken sentences. You will experience a strong intuition between you both and express feelings without any verbal communication. There would be no soul separation nor any mental separation.


Envision similar Goals


Soulmates have shared future vision goals. They have the same fundamental values, imagine the future in the same way, enjoy similar interests and hobbies together. They also are intrigued by other interest.


Connecting the past


You don’t meet anyone by accident. People are meant to cross paths for a reason. You would have unexpected flashbacks with your Soulmate and would cherish the way you met up and came so close. You would also feel that you have known each other for a long time.


Bringing out the best in you


They see your inner potential, which was left unseen by you and push you beyond your comfort zone. Your soulmate helps you in bringing out the best of you.


Together as an identity

Together as an identity - signs of soulmate

Soulmate relationship goes through many ups and down. Still, the bond is unbreakable. They stand as an identity and fight together against all the circumstances of life. This way, they are always together as a team. It always 'Us Vs the Problem' for them.




With a Soulmate, you feel instant comfort and enjoy the silence. You open up your true self. You feel secured being together like a fluffy down blanket protecting you against the cold.


Unspoken acceptance


Soulmates fall in love with each other’s flaws. They would understand your weakness and are ready to accept you the way you are.


A magical bond


The bond which is shared is an everlasting spiritual emotion to a higher level of metaphysical status that no words can encompass. There is unseen palpable chemistry of soul, mind, and body between the two.


Love never dies

Love never dies - signs of soulmate

Soulmates come into your life and touch your hearts, leaving a remarkable mark. Everlasting love is forever fresh and growing. It never dies.


Is Soulmate your life partner?


A soulmate is one with whom you have a deep innate soul connection. Soulmates may come and go as they aren’t meant to stay forever. A life partner is a companion whom you trust and go along with for life-long.

What is the difference between a life partner and a Soulmate? - One is Choice and the other is not.


-  Forced Relationships are the worst part of life. Many times people try to somehow fit in, reshape and remold themselves to adjust, but it doesn't work out. Trying that with a wrong piece doesn't complete the picture. Here and there a brief romance and likeness may ripen, but sooner or later it would turn to ashes. You can not experience a soul- soul connection of a Soulmate, nor will you be happy with your so-called life partner.


-  There is a misconception about the term Soulmate. You would feel comfortable around your Soulmate, but it doesn’t mean your relationship is perfect. People who believe in Soulmates being Perfect are more likely to break up, give up and end up relationships too soon. At times, the road can be tough, and one must keep an attitude of- Better work this out. Everlasting life-long relationships take time, efforts, and one must be ready for the rollercoaster of a lifetime with one person.


Finding a profound connection with your life partner is a wonderful experience. Also, having your Soulmate as a life partner is even more amazing. It’s all in your hands. Just keep discovering your inner soul and follow your heart. Planting positive seeds and nurturing it at the right time, gives blooming fruits, making it an everlasting journey.