How Acting Single Can be Good for Your Relationship?

single in relationship

If you feel commitment means sticking to your partner all the time or making yourself the centre of his universe at all times, you need to give your thoughts a shift.

If you are in love, you need not get consumed by each other entirely!

Maintaining some aspects of singlehood, in a relationship is actually the best approach. The flavor of having independence in a relationship only makes it stronger. That way you don't lose your own identity. You ain't in a desperate mood to clone yourself just to please your partner either.

Your partner would not be under too much pressure to be your everything.

Great Friend

If you have really great friends, social interests to keep you happy, your partner won't feel the pressure to be responsible for everything. Both of you would be happy beings in your own territories and therefore your union would be a joyous affair.

No one individual, neither a partner nor friend, can fulfill all of any ones individual's needs.

Socializing keeps you Rejuvenated.


Relationships can provide a bounty of emotional, practical and financial support. But finding the right mate is no substitute for having friends and other interests. Having a social life outside your relationship keeps you from getting bored. Being out with your friends, enables both of you to have new experiences that broaden interests and perspectives, and pursue passions that otherwise might fall dormant.

If you invest time in your career, you will have more things to discuss.


Different interests or career paths that you're passionate about only gives you more new things to discuss in a relationship. And even if both of you are on the same plane, talking about your personal experiences can provide a better insight in realizing each other's ambitions and workplace hassles.


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Spreading up your life more evenly between your relationship, friends, family, career, hobbies, and so on reduces symptoms of depression and stress. A hobby can help you divert your mind when things don't go well, and there will be a set of dull days no matter how good a relationship is. So when things are fine again, you won't regret your state of wellness.

Spending time without your partner keeps the spark alive


Spending nights on your own helps you retain a healthy bit of mystery in the relationship. Barack Obama said it best in a New Yorker interview about him and Michelle: "It's that tension between familiarity and mystery that makes for something strong, because, even as you build a life of trust and comfort and mutual support, you retain some sense of surprise or wonder about the other person."

Seeking would be a check to know if your partner is controlling.


Asking for alone time will let you know right away if your partner is controlling. If you've made it clear that you need some space to do your own thing sometimes – you can determine the health quotient of your relationship based on your partner's reaction.

Breakup won't kills you.


If you feel you can correlate to each of the above points and yet are not able to move on happily with your relationship, breaking up is not going to kill you.  You won't feel like you have lost a considerable chunk of yourself and you for sure would not land in trauma.

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