99 Self Care Activities You Need To Adopt In Your Life

Self Care Activities

Self-care refers to the practice of taking care of one’s own health. It is the process performed by an individual themselves in order to maintain social, mental, physical, emotional well-being and to reduce anger, depression, Tensions, etc.  It helps us to achieve our desired goal and brings good fortune and luck in life. Self-care also helps in improving the relationship with oneself and others. For example: If a person is tired of his daily schedule and he unable to get time for himself and his family, at one point in time he will have the feeling of being Frustrated with his life and work so now what he should do ?? wondering? well if he practices some self-care activities then he will be able to relax his mind and body and the level of frustration will remove. There are like Thousand of self-care activities which exist such as Meditation, Exercise, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Time Management, Stress level Activities, Watching Movies or Listening to music, Getting involved in own hobbies, etc. These Activities not only helps in relaxing the mind and body but also improves a person’s physical, social, mental and emotional structure.


Benefits of Self Care: There are Namely 5 Benefits of Self Care   

Self Care Activities


  1. Healthy Relationships with oneself and others: Healthy relationships are a very important part of life. Self-care practice helps in maintaining these relationships for instance: if a person devotes time for his family and friends His Relationships become stronger day by day.
  2. Positivity: As one good quote says positive mind leads to positive life and we all dream of this life only right! If one stays positive throughout his life he will be able to achieve his desired goal. Positivity enhances a person’s life effectively.
  3. Productivity and Motivation: It becomes very important to take out time for ourselves from our daily busy schedule and involve in some productive activities. This will not only relax our mind and body but at the same time provide Inner satisfaction and Self Esteem. Motivation is a word that drives you to achieve your purpose. self-care practices help in achieving those goals.
  4. Higher Engagement Levels: Self-care activities help in getting connected with the world around us and reaching a large number of audiences. We tend to make many new good friends with whom we can share our emotions, feelings, and happiness.
  1. Fight Fatigue and illness: Illness causes many problems for people and affects one’s life effectively. In order to cure illness these self-care practices play a very important role in our life. Self-care activities not only fight fatigue and illness but also relax a person’s mind and body.

Types of Self Care Practices


1.Emotional Self-care: Emotions are the feelings that every Individual has. It is the stage in which a person is in a state of happy, sad, angry mode. we should be able to control our emotions in a healthy way. The more strongly u will be able to manage your feelings the stronger you will become in life. One must need to become gentle and must have enough patience to handle and control what goes wrong and make it right.

2. Physical Self Care: Physical Self Care defines our physical abilities and power to deal with day to day circumstances of life. When a person is physically fit and strong he can perform a lot of activities. Physically fit Individual is free from all kinds of diseases.  It is of utmost necessary to take care of mind and body by Daily Practising Physical Exercise, Healthy Eating, Meditation, and Yoga.


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3.Social Self Care: Are you an introvert, extrovert or both or nothing? How you are as a person ? are you socially good to deal with each and every Individual? Do you enjoy the company of others ? or you enjoy your company? well these are some questions that come in our mind when we think of social self-care. Social self-care is not just socially connected with the people around the world but how you are connected with yourself, Your family, friends, and relatives. It is important to take out some time for the people who love us and whom we love it is rightly said happiness doubles when we are connected with the people around us who give us positive vibes.

4. Spiritual Self Care: Are you a spiritual person? Do you have Faith in God? Do you go to the temple or any spiritual place to worship God? well these are some questions that come in every person’s mind when we think of Spiritual Self Care. It is not only getting connected with the supreme power but having and showing deep love and faith in God. Worshiping the almighty provide us peace and serenity.

5. Mental Self Care: Mind is a place where we store everything but at the same time we forget that it often gets distracted due to a lot of things that take place in our life. We tend to do a lot of physical exercises to stay fit and Healthy but this only provides relaxation to our body, not our mind. Mental Self-care is associated with how much you take care of your mental health. Mind can only get relax by doing meditation, Yoga, watching soft and motivational Movies and listening to peaceful music.

6. Practical Self Care: Practical Self Care is associated with our Practical Life. We must involve ourselves in practical activities like buying food from outside, grocery or any activity which gives us the feeling of happiness and pleasure.


99 Self Care Practice to Increase  your Self Love 


  1. Try a New Recipe: if u love Cooking try your hand on any new recipe  
  2. Take a Long Bath: one should properly have a good and long bath  
  3. Write : if u love writing  Involve yourself writing anything, jot down your ideas and thoughts or simply write a diary entry daily before sleep.
  4. Explore your Creativity: Indulge yourself in some creative work like join some painting, clay or art classes.
  5. Go to The Movies: watch any movie of your interest 
  6. Drink Water: Drinking 8-10 Glass of water daily hydrates our mind and body.
  7. Meditate: one should daily do meditation for relaxing  mind and body
  8. Go For A Walk: Start a Morning Jog or Do Evening Walk
  9. Sleep: one should take proper rest, have a good and tight sleep daily
  10. Read A book: reading is a good art, read any book of your Interest 
  11. Have a Spa Day: go to a salon and take a good spa to relax
  12. Buy Something New: Buy Anything which u want and u love like clothes, accessories, jewelry, do online shopping
  13. Stretch: do some physical  exercise 
  14. Listen to Music:   listen to some good and refreshing music daily before going for work
  15. Do some Yoga: Yoga nourishes our mind and body, one should practice Yoga.
  16. Go on Self Date: Plan a Date for Yourself 
  17. Explore Your City: take a tour of your city and explore some amazing places
  18. Visit a Café: plan a visit to café any weekend with your friends
  19. Walk-in a Park and Absorb Nature: explore the beautiful nature around you 
  20. Apply a Face mask: Do CTM Daily or apply any face Mask
  21. Write a biography of Yourself: involve your Time in writing cool things about Yourself
  22. Watch News: Listen to some good News
  23. Check Your Email Inbox: Clear all the Spams and Junk Files from The Inbox
  24. Do Window Shopping: if you love Shopping  do window Shopping 
  25. Call a Friend: if u feel bored at home call a friend and chat
  26. Make a Friend Online: try and make some good and New Friends Online
  27. Write a Biography of Yourself: write some good, Cool and Interesting things about Yourself
  28. Make A Bucket List: make a list of all the important kinds of stuff to purchase
  29. Plan Your Week Ahead: make a list of all to do Activities for the coming week
  30. Do Nothing: simply do nothing and just relax your Mind and Body
  31. Talk To Yourself: have a conversation with yourself first 
  32. Change your Food Menu /Routine: if you are bored with the same food daily change your food Menu 
  33. Try on Makeup: try your hand on different and new Cosmetics 
  34. Call your Family: call your family and plan the weekend with them
  35. make  a list of activities you want to achieve
  36. Notice the Three New Things about your Surrounding: watch birds flying in the sky, adore nature and feel the fresh air
  37. Do a photoshoot: get some good pictures clicked 
  38. Do Your Laundry: sometimes we should  do our own laundry and iron the clothes
  39. Watch the sunrise and sunset: morning sunrise and sunset refreshes our mind and body
  40. Visit a Museum and see the art:   Go to any Museum and See the art of the artist
  41. Go Through Old Family Albums: take  out Some time from your busy schedule and look at your old and cute pictures 
  42. Organize Your Room: Organise Your Room neatly and Systematically 
  43. Do Some Volunteer Work: involve yourself in some  Social Activity
  44. Say Hi to Elderly people on the streets: respect and say Hi To elder people who you see on the streets
  45. Watch some interesting and motivational Ted Talks
  46. Watch some Good Documentary
  47. Write a letter to your Younger Self: write a letter to your younger siblings
  48. Make a Vision Board: vision identifies our goals and aims make a good vision Board
  49. Set New Priorities: Set some New Priorities and achieve them
  50. Go For a Mini Retreat: go for a Mini Date with your Near and Dear Ones
  51. Talk to Yourself: talking with oneself relaxes mind and body
  52. Meal Preparation: prepare any meal of your  Choice
  53. Buy some good books and  make a reading list
  54. Cry if u feel Little Bad about the situation that happened
  55. Write a Short Story and let your imagination explore some good ideas
  56. Try to make a list of some Good Habits
  57. Make a Strangers Day: meet some new people  and chat with Them
  58. Watch some good View from your Terrace
  59. Make a good Video  of Yourself and upload it
  60. Paint your Nails: do some nail art on your nails
  61. Make  a Business Plan  and achieve your purpose 
  62. Do a Puzzle: spend your time with kids and solve the puzzle
  63. Feed birds in the park and explore the nature
  64. Apply for Different jobs and send the application
  65. Jot down Your Finances and calculate your earnings
  66. join some self-defense class 
  67. Learn some new Musical Instrument
  68. Build your stamina by joining some physical fitness and Zumba classes
  69. Enjoy some good episodes on Netflix
  70. Plan national and international trip with friends and family
  71. Decorate the house with some great artefacts
  72. Join grooming classes to build personality
  73. Learn a new Foreign language to build confidence 
  74. Go for a long drive with your near and dear ones
  75. Enjoy free time chatting with friends, social media, etc
  76. Go to Temple and worship God daily
  77. Become a social activist and work for your society
  78. Party with your friends on weekends
  79. Celebrate birthdays and anniversary with your family and friends
  80. Help poor and needy when u see them begging
  81. Respect your parents and touch there feet daily and take blessings
  82. Invite Friends and close relatives for Lunch and Dinner on weekends
  83. Listen to some interesting stories from your elders 
  84. Join Swimming class to build stamina
  85. Go on a skincare Spurge 
  86. Jot down your new plans and work for coming weeks
  87. Adopt some good habits and do them daily
  88. Arrange your Cupboards and throw used  products 
  89. Remove all the expired items from your kitchen and room
  90. Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Clean your home daily 
  91. Become a Freelancer and do amazing work
  92. Watch some comedy movies or shows to relax the mind 
  93. Read some interesting novels or comic books
  94. Plant a tree  in your home
  95. Make a vegetable garden in your home and grow vegetables
  96. Plan Reunion with your old Friends 
  97. If u love baking: try on hand on some good baking dishes
  98. Listen to some good spiritual Music 
  99. Catch up with someone you have not met for a long time


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