11 Things You Don’t Know About Sake Dean Mahomed

Sake Dean Mahomed -biography


  • Sake Dean MAHOMED was a famous non-European immigrant in West known for his various works which are not only important but also recognized. An entrepreneur and a surgeon, he was the person who introduced Indian Cuisine and the concept of shampooing to Europe.

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  • Does it not rattle our minds that anyone could have ‘NEEDED’ to introduced something as basic as shampooing which is a part of our daily hygiene now, as an art? But it did happen and moreover it was introduced as a medical concept which makes it all the more interesting for us to know about the person who did this.


  • The name Sake Dean Mahomed is pronounced differently in different parts of the word due to a different origin.

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  • EARLY LIFE – The man also known as Dean Mahomet was born in May of 1759 in Patna, Bihar, India. He belonged to a Bengali Muslim family. After joining the Bengal Presidency in British India, he claimed to belong to a family of Nawabs in Bengal. His father died when he was 10 years old leaving him in the care of a British captain, Mr. Baker, where Mahomet grew up to serve in the British Indian Army and also fought against Marathas.

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  • START OF THE BUSINESS – Mahomed moved to London in 1810 where he opened the first Indian restaurant ‘The Hindoostane Café’ in London. His restaurant introduced the various dishes to the people of London and of course, earned the best curry appreciation. However, the restaurant had to be shut down due to the financial crisis.
  • Before he opened the restaurant he used to work in a public steam bathhouse in London where he introduced the concept of ‘shampooing’ or ‘The Indian Massage’. After he moved to Brighton in 1814 he opened his own bath and massage parlor ‘The Indian Medicated Vapor Bath’ where he claimed that his massage healed many diseases such as Rheumatism when it could not be cured by any other medicine.

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  • His business was successful and he was appointed as a surgeon to both King George IV and William IV. Thus, he got the title of ‘Dr. Brighton’. He also later confessed that it was not easy to establish the concept of shampooing because people do not readily accept something that is new and it also does not satisfy them completely.


  • All of this shows the taste of an eclectic lifestyle that Mahomet had. He was also the first Indian to publish a book in English named ‘The Travels of Dean Mahomet’. And to think about how few people know about this person!

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  • FAMILY – Dean Mahomed is known to have married his classmate in a local English language school ‘Jane Daly’ whom he met when he moved to England with Captain Baker’s family. Since it was illegal at the time for a protestant to marry a non-protestant, they eloped to another town to get married. He had a daughter Amelia and a son Frederick who was the proprietor of the bathhouse.

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  • DEATH – Mahomet died in February 1851, Brighton. He slowly lost recognition and was noted later by the poet and scholar Alamgir Hashmi. A green plaque in the name of ‘The Hindoostanee Café’ was also unveiled in Westminster on 29 September 2005.

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  • On January 15, 2019, Google noted him with a creative doodle on its main page. So, the next time we are shampooing or getting a nice comfy ‘CHAMPI/CHAMPOOI’ let’s just take a fleeting moment to remember this amazing person that was Sake Dean Mahomed-THE SHAMPOO EXPERT.

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