Sadness: 10 Effective Ways To Vanquishing Sadness

What is sadness? Maybe it is that low, gloomy feeling that one has when things don’t turn out the way they want them to, or the emotional pain that we have related to sorrow, loss, disappointment, dejection, etc. Sadness is something that is beyond our control. It is an indispensable part of human lives. Happiness and sadness are two aspects of life. Without sadness, one cannot appreciate joy and happiness. It is a part and parcel of everyday life. It is a normal human emotion which every human experience on an everyday basis. We tend to feel sad when things go out of control or when we face the slightest form of failure or maybe when we hurt ourselves by burdening ourselves with the baggage of expectations and melancholy.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to overcome the sadness that surrounds us. However, there are a few simple and fruitful ways that can be adopted to overcome it.

Be self-aware 

be aware

It is extremely important for people to be self-aware. If you are self-aware, you will realize your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you channelize your thoughts in a more productive manner and do away with all your sad thoughts. Try to keep at least an hour in a day just for yourself. Do something that you like or self-reflect. This will help you in the longer run. You will start feeling better about yourselves and your surroundings.  



Meditation is a very effective coping mechanism for sadness. It helps to calm down, distance oneself from the world and relax one’s mind. With a regular meditation routine, you can concentrate better on positive thoughts and have a better state of mind. This is a proven technique that helps one achieve peace of mind. People around the world have made meditation a part of their daily regime.

Show gratitude


You must show gratitude for all that you have. The world has a lot to offer. Look around yourself and you will find people who love you and care for you. Life has presented us with lots of wonderful gifts. We face a lot of obstacles and sadness on daily basis but if we care to look around ourselves, we will still be able to find a thousand things to be thankful for. You might be sad due to something, but always be thankful for the wonderful gift called life.

Have the right amount of self-control

self control

It is okay to be sad. Everyone goes through it at times when they are extremely sad. However, it is not okay to let those sad thoughts overpower your brain. It is important to maintain a stable mind. Sometimes, it becomes extremely difficult to do so. Exercising the right amount of self-control so that it maintains a balance between recklessness and freedom is something that can be learnt only with repeated patient measures. This is a very rare virtue and people who are able to master it, have a better control over their life.

Ask for help when required

ask for help

Ask for help. Never shy away from asking for help from your near and dear ones. They will always be there to take care of you and help you overcome your sadness. Sometimes a situation goes beyond our control. It becomes extremely difficult for us to break free from the shackles of sadness and dejection. In such times, we can lean on to our loved ones. They care for us, help us and guide us through hard times.

Treat Yourself

treat yourself

You are special. Don’t let anything or anyone convince you otherwise. Treat yourself to things that you like. It will make you feel better about yourself. Listen to music, go out for a movie, paint or relish a delicious piece of cake. Make yourself feel better. You deserve nothing else but happiness.

Adopt an optimistic attitude towards life

positive attitude in life

Not everything is lost. Till there is life in a body and a will to live, you are not lost. Understand this and adopt an optimistic attitude towards life. Look out for positives in each situation. It might be difficult initially but gradually you will start appreciating the good things in life and have a positive outlook towards every situation.

Embrace the reality

embrance reality

You have to accept the reality even when it is harsh. Running away from the truth or neglecting the situation at hand will not do you any good. It will only serve as a temporary distraction and will just aggravate the situation. Calm yourself down and try to accept whatever has happened. Put honest efforts to move on and get yourself out from the pool of sadness.

Surround yourself with people who care about you

people who care about you

People who care about you will help you overcome sadness. They will help you deal with your circumstances in a better way. Meet them, spend time with them and they will make you feel better. Engage in different activities with them. Share your grief with them.

Engage yourself in new activities

engage yourself in new activities

Learning something new is always fun. Indulge yourself in some activity that you have always wanted to learn. This will help you shift your focus and start afresh. You can also go out and discover new things and places. It will give you a much-needed break from the daily run of life.

It all lies within you. These ideas will work only if you allow them to work. Give yourself the time to heal. Don’t lose hope or rush things up. Always remember that your sadness is not what defines you. Chin up and hop on to the path of newer and wonderful beginnings.