Romantic Rejection: How to Face, Tackle and Conquer It!

Romantic Rejection

True love does not happen to anybody easily, it takes a lot of work, (especially, emotional work) and requires an investment of time and effort, it is difficult to make sure that the other person feels the same amount of love back, only to then find your love is rejected. It is true; most people have faced rejection in their lifetime. Love may be beautiful but it surely is devastating when it doesn’t triumph.

Over time, love develops to be stronger and stronger, and fantasies around a future together grow. But, when your love is rejected, the mountainous and disheartening pain does make you indisposed. It’s normal to feel sad in such a situation but it is important to rebuild yourself for good.

We face very many rejections in our lifetime. Rejection may be from one’s boss, from one’s career, from one’s parents, all those actors in your life, but rejection in love feels too catastrophic. It’s responsible for the collapse of your mental psyche, seeming like a falling pyramid made of cards. But, like any other problem, romantic rejection can be conquered with just a little bit of effort.


Stop Blaming Yourself Or Your Love Interest


That”s the least you could do. Blaming oneself or blaming the other person wouldn’t really make a positive difference to your attempt of getting over them or putting this episode behind yourself. It is not your or even their fault that you faced rejection. It is said famously that if you love somebody don't expect them to love you back. It is once or twice in thousands (draw a more realistic comparative) that your love will be acknowledged and reiterated that same way as you want. On the other hand, don't blame the other person or talk ill about them. There is no point harboring negativity about someone who was perhaps looking out for themselves.

Love happens, so give time to overcome yourself, it might happen again.


World Has Not Come To An End, You Will Find Love Again


It is highly possible, that your rejected pursuit wouldn’t have lead to your one true love and there is a possibility for you to find love again, maybe the ‘forever’ kind, this time. It’s a big world and maybe somewhere, someone is waiting for you, okay that was maybe a tad bit too dramatic! Pacify yourself, because life is not over yet. Love will become a recurring theme in your life and grieving over one failed attempt is a waste of life’s wonderful opportunities.
The common thought of many who have failed in love is that One must love oneself before loving someone else”.


Love Yourself


Pamper yourself! Go shopping or watch your favorite movie alone. Dust yourself off, gear up and face the world with a smile. Love yourself because it is the real love which will remain with you, and keep you strong. Many times, people harm themselves or mentally exert themselves completely over a failed love. Caring for oneself will give strength and confidence to triumph over any negative thoughts which you may have as a consequence of your rejection.
If possible take elderly suggestions, it won’t hurt.


Take Experienced Help


You will find many people who have experienced attempts of a failed romantic endeavor. A good talk with such a close friend will be of immense help. It feels great knowing you’re not alone when somebody narrates their side of the story and says in the end, “it happens!” Life has to go on, flowers will continue to bloom, the sun will continue to shine, and hearts will continue to beat. So go on and get on with your life!

Don’t ever take rejection to your heart and treat it just as another part of your life.


Never, Ever Take It Personally


A failed love does give a lot of heartache and grief, but never get personal and find immense faults in yourself or feel that there is a reconcilable problem in you. Treat yourself as a normal person who just fell in love. Contrarily, don’t take it your ego as well and in a reactionary manner do something which you may regret later. It is better to give negatives in your life a positive angle and treat your lows as motivation to become a better person and an even better lover.


Give Time


Rejection feels soul-wrenching and tormenting. But, time heals everything. It may take weeks or months but eventually, it will no longer act as a drain to your well being. Days of feeling morose and un-enthusiastic can make one feel pathetic about oneself, so it is wiser to give enough time and patience to yourself so that with time you can grow out of this. And, once you reach your previous salubrious state, life would go back to being normal and you will be ready to date again.


Face, Control And Learn


One thing that you should realize is that rejection isn’t targeted and has not happened solely to you. So, learn to face it gracefully. Once you face it, you will know how to control your emotions and behavior so that you get back on the wagon sooner. Self-control and introspection will direct you to know what went wrong and will give you a will to learn head-on to from your next failure.