Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez : Early life, First Crime, Nightstalker, Wife, and Death

Richard Ramirez

Ricardo Richard Munoz Ramirez was a convicted serial killer, rapist and a thief. He was born in the year 1960, on the 9th of Feb in the state of Texas. He was one of the most dangerous killers to have ever been known. He shook entire America with the blatancy of his gruesome crimes. He committed a total of thirteen murders, eleven sexual assaults, fourteen robberies and five attempts of murder. After escaping from many crimes, he was finally taken under arrest on the 30th of august, in 1985.

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Early life of Richard Ramirez

Early life of Richard Ramirez

Richard grew among four siblings and was the youngest out of the five. His father Julian, migrated to El Paso, Texas from Mexico where he served as a policeman in Juarez. There’s not much information about his mother but it was reported several times that she was abused by Julian. At the time when Julian was working in a rail department, Santa Fe Railroad, he was described as abusive and it was also stated by his colleagues and other peers that he had a temper and would often burst out in anger, eventually getting violent and physically abusing his wife. Due to this turmoiled environment at home, Richard preferred sleeping at cemeteries. He even started smoking pot at ten years of age.

Richard was also growing up under the influence of his extremely violent cousin, Mike, an army veteran.

Being raised under an extremely aggressive father and a vicious and frenzied cousin, he was bound to inherit the traits and normalize this violent behavior.

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Baleful Influences


It was around the year 1972 when Richard was 12 that he became audience to his cousin Mike’s brutish capers.

Miguel Ramirez, nicknamed as Mike was retired green combat who participated in the Vietnam war, where he came across many rough and barbaric situations. What was abnormal is that he was mostly found boasting and bragging about those situations and it could be inferred that he wasn’t put in situations like those but rather willingly jumped to do so, adhering to his violent personality. He shared many stories and pictures of him exploiting his victims and other Vietnamese people with Richard. Even Richard didn’t resent hearing them and viewing the polaroids. One of the pictures was that of a lady whose head was severed. It was these stories with gory details that brought together Richard and mike. Mike loved telling stories and Richard enjoyed listening to those. During these bonding sessions, mike passed on his lineage of killing and stealing to his now best bud Richard.

Mike, under a fit of rage shot his wife in 1973, which deeply impacted Richard. It was after this, that Richard moved in with his sister. But something wasn’t right here either. It was his sister’s better half, Roberto who often took Richard along with him and engaged in voyeurism. Apart from this, Richard also got into drugs and developed an interest in Satan.

He soon became a thief and was arrested for the illegal possession of marijuana.

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Richard First Crime


Richard’s first crimes were that of stealing. His first major crime was an attempt to rape at the workplace. It was in 1982. He picked up a job at an inn and tried to rape one of the occupants. Luckily her husband came right in time and beat Richard black and blue. Richard could’ve been put in jail for this but the victim refused to testify against him and dropped charges. He later dropped out of school and shifted to California when he turned 22.


Theft Involvement

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Richards first ever crimes started with stealing, during the time he left school and started working at the Inn, he went on stealing from guests while they used to be fast asleep using hi staff keys. He learned the trips the tricks of robbery from his cousin mike. He started with minor shoplifting and progressed to bigger houses and big scale theft. He even got arrested several times but the matter was never taken to the court.


Genesis of the sociopath

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Richard had difficult times growing up, under so many bad influences one is bound to go off track. Gore became normal for him, he started developing weird sexual fantasies and got involved with drugs. He managed to procure many weapons too, using which he mutilated his victims.

Richard first-ever, sociopathic crime was carried out on a nine-year-old girl. It was in the year 1984. On the day of 10th April, in San Francisco, he raped Mei Leung who was only nine. He beat assaulted her and stabbed her to death. It didn’t end here, he even tied her body up to a pipe and left her dead body hanging there. This was the first crime that got noted down.

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Birth of the Nightstalker: A timeline of crimes

Richard Ramirez - Nightstalker

Richard committed a series of crimes. His whole spree of killings and assaults was barbaric and horrifying. This 6’1 foot tall killer didn’t even care about the age of his victims, be it nine or seventy-nine. His next claimed victim was Jennie Vincow, aged 79 at the time of the killing. He barged into her house and stabbed her mercilessly in the neck, nearly beheading her.

Next year, in March he set eyes on his next prey. A 22-year-old Maria, who he shot with a bullet, aiming right at her face outside her apartment. Hearing the gun, her roommate tried to hide but couldn’t be saved as Richard soon got to her and shot her as well. He didn’t stop there, in another hour itself he shot another girl. Victoria, who was 30 was dragged out of her car by Richard and shot twice. She was taken to a hospital but unluckily she couldn’t survive and died the moment she entered the hospital. Richard flew from the scene soon after shooting her but this time people caught his sight and now based on their description the media got a heads up on Richard’s looks and he got to be known as ‘the walk-in killer’ with curly hair, scary teeth, and wide-opened eyes.

The next incident occurred in 1985, march. This time the target was Vincent Charles of Whittier. Richard rubbed his house earlier a year before. This time he shot him and then tied up his wife in order to get to the valuables, during which she managed to relieve herself from the bondage but this only angered Richard and he ended up shooting her thrice and then stabbing her. What he did later with her body was beyond bone-chilling. Carving her eyes out first, he then stored them in a jewelry box ad took it, maybe keeping it as a souvenir.

In the same year in May, he attacked Bill Doi and his disabled wife, later raping her and leaving Bill unconscious.

On May 29th, he aimed at two aged ladies, Mabel and Florence. He tied each one up in their kitchen and gave electric shocks to Mabel. He raped Florence and drew a pentagram on her thighs using her red lipstick. He left the place, the bodies of both the sisters were found unconscious and babel couldn’t survive this horror.

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Richard literally didn’t take any gaps. One by one he went after people, killing them and raping them.

The very next day he reached Burbank and robbed a 45-year-old carol’s house. He tied up carol and her son while aiming a gun at them. He later sexually assaulted her and warned her to keep her eyes away from while he assaults her or he would gouge her eyes out. After fulfilling his motive he tied both of them together in handcuffs.

Soon in July, he sneaked into a 75-year-old woman’s house and thrashed her with a lamp, taking away her consciousness and then stabbed her to death. After three days he reached the Sierra Madre and bludgeoned Whitney, 16 years old. Just when he tried strangling her with a telephone cord, the cord had a sparkling making him stop and wonder. During this break, he sensed her breathing and fled the place believing that Christ wanted to save her. When Whitney was taken to the hospital, she was in severe conditions and it was found out that she was brutally hit on the head as around 478 stiches were put to stitch the lacerations on her scalp.

On 7th July itself, he first killed Joyce, a 61-year-old by continuously punching her in the head and then entered Sophie Dickman’s house, raped her and stole her valuables.

Soon on the 20th of July, he made a purchase and added a new weapon to his collections. All the shooting he did was using handguns, he had many; .22, .25 and more, now he bought a machete. The same day he reached to the Khovananth family and killed Chainagong khovananth on the spot. He then turned to the wife and raped her. After this, he tied up their son, who was only 8 at that time. Not only this, he then dragged the wife around and her reveal where they hid their expensive stuff. From Joyce’s killing onwards he started making everyone swear on Satan when he looked for valuables. Even with the khovananth family, he made the wife swear on Satan that she has revealed everything Richard could steal.

On 6th of august, he shot a couple but luckily they survived and this got classified as an attempt to murder.

Only after a day, he went on to his next prey. Elyas and Sakina. He killed Elyas on the spot and brutally raped sakina. He made sakina swear on Satan that she wouldn’t scream while the assault. The noises woke up Sakina’s three-year-old son who Richard tied up and went on raping Sakina in front of him. After Richard went away she freed her son and made him go to the neighbors and call for help.

At this time, Richard had become a well-established killer, so much so that he had to leave the place. He then reached San Francisco bay and soon after the shot and raped a husband and wife respectively. He even drew a pentagram on the bedroom wall. It was this crime of his that helped the police find out his show size but since he followed the news he got to know of this revelation and he changes his show size.

He reached LA back and reached his next prey’s house, James Romero but luckily he was chased away as James’s son was awake and on hearing the voices of someone outside his house made him wake his parents up. He rushed outside and noted Richard’s car’s number and contacted the police. This, however, didn’t stop him as he straight away went to another house, where he shot Bill Carns thrice which shook Bill’s fiancé Erikson. He told her to tell everyone that ‘The Night Stalker’ was here. He then raped her brutally and stole from her and even forced her to state that she loved The Satan. She later untied herself and managed to get help and save her fiancé.

After this, the police confirmed it was Ramirez who was the night stalker and went on killing people. His face and identity were out and the police led out a warning that now everyone will know him and he won’t have a place to hide. This was on the 24th of august and Ramirez was arrested on the 30th of august, 1985, after Erikson helped in giving descriptions and the police found out the last stolen car of Richard’s.



Richard - Conviction

Richard’s last crime left a lot of traces of his. His face got recognized, the picture got released. He was known all statewide now. His last crime was on august 24 in 1985 and he was taken under custody 30th. He went on a bus ride to meet his brother but couldn’t so he returned back. While returning, he walked past many people who knew he was after catching his very first sight, even police. He came across some Mexican women who were speaking of him in their language, this made him worry and he flew away. He tried breaking into cars but was recognized by a group of people, who overpowered him and held him tight until they handed him over to the police.

Richard first went on trial on 22nd July, 1988 where he started praising Satan. He lifted up his arms, on which a pentagram was drawn and he started hailing the name of Satan. His next session was in August where it was rumored that he has snuggled a gun and is planning to shoot a prosecutor.

Later something unusual happened, on his third trial on August 14th, one of the jurors failed to reach the court. She couldn’t come because she was shot dead a day before. It became the talk of the town and Richard miraculously killed her but it was her ex-boyfriend who killed her. It was finally on 20th September 1989 when Ramirez was finally convicted of all his crimes and was sentenced to death at California gas chambers.

He even made appeals but they were denied and he was even denied a rehearing.


Love Interest


Ramirez was married to a girl named DorrinLioy. It was when he was in prison. Lioy was a prison mate. He proposed to her in 1988 and they married each other in 1996. They were so much in love with each other that Lioy claimed she would commit suicide when Richard will be executed but they separated before his execution as it took a long time, Richard ended up dying due to medical conditions.




Richard was sentenced to death. He waited too long for it, approximately 23 years or more. He was convicted for all of his reported crimes. 13 murders, 5 attempts to murder, 11 sexual assaults and thefts. But he ultimately died waiting for his sentence, as he was having complications secondary to B-cell lymphoma. He died on June 7, in 2013 in Greenbrae, at Marin General Hospital. He was also suffering from Hepatitis C infection.


Influences in the showbiz


Richard’s crimes have been very intimidating and beastly. He was a psychopath and it was proved too in Hare’s psychopathy checklist. Although he leaned towards sociopathy. he was antisocial and even a little narcissistic.

His crimes created history and are always recalled when talks are about criminal minds and major crimes that crossed all limits.

Such people always tent to influence showbiz, so did Richard Ramirez.  Movies, documentaries and tv shows, all have been made on him. The night stalker released in 2016 and was a story of his life. He also made to the American horror stories and had a Tv movie made on him named manhunt.


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