What is Love? Know Everything About It

We always ask ourselves what is love? Let’s see what actually the love is.

In today’s time, Love is a term. We use every day but, in most of the cases though we don’t really understand its true meaning. For all those who think love happens at first sight – “There is lust at first sight”.

You cannot love anyone just by looking at them for the first time. But people tend to misinterpret love with infatuation or lust. Love is a very sacred feeling. Though it is very subjective and everyone has their own meaning of love. We all feel it but we don’t always have the words to express it. Some say it is a feeling which can make one do anything while others say it is a sudden urge to see someone despite knowing that it is not possible. Just because they want to give their feeling a name they call it love which is really sad.

Every author, novelist or poet has written on love as per their perceptions. But what exactly is love? You might not know a person but for the first time when you meet them, you just click and you have a very different kind of feeling for them. This is love. The feeling of love is altogether a very different experience. It is present in all forms and in every kind of relation. But every form of love is different. The feelings are mutual but different. This is not something which can be explained but can only be experienced. What you feel for your mother is completely different from what you feel for your boyfriend but both feelings are out of love.

‘God is love’- Bible. Whatever God does is out of love. God has his own plans which no one knows about. All that we have to do is to trust him. Everything that happens in our life is planned and every relationship we have, whether with a friend or with an enemy, it has love. Without love, there is no life. It is because of love that we all bond together as one and as long as God is present, Love is present.

What is Love?

The Bible says there are 4 types of love that we experience in our life.

Storge love

Storge love

This type of love is family love. The first love mentioned in the Bible is not romantic love, but parental love. This is the love which we have in our hearts right from the time of birth. Right from the start of life a child experiences love. The baby starts to love his/her mother so much that if the baby doesn’t see his mother, it cries. The baby does not know anything about that woman, not even the fact that she is his mother. The love which a mother can give to her child is the purest form of love, it is selfless. A family is the very first space for a child to understand the meaning and importance of relations.

It is the first step towards the depth of life. The child is taught how to behave with elders and younger ones. These are the qualities which only the parents can teach their children. This forms the basis of the lifelong relationships that the child is going to make. And a child can only understand the language of love. So the relationships a family has effect the child’s growth a lot. Bible clearly says that it is the foremost love you will face and for the entire life if someone can love you unconditionally is family. The blood relations are said to be the purest relations of all.

Eros love

eros love

This is the erotic love between men and women which is a sensual love. It is acceptable if practiced after the marriage. But when it is practiced before the marriage it is considered to be a sin. Although nowadays people don’t consider it as a sin, the Bible stands strictly against such type of relationships before the marriage. Love is never wrong and no one denies it. But the sensual act of love should only be pursued after the marriage. Age, race, color never matters in love. Every religion considers love as a very pure feeling but only if attained within the confined boundaries. Everyone experiences Eros love in life and it is as important as marriage. Marriage should be the next step after love.

Philia Love

Philia Love

Jesus told his disciples, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you”. Philia love is the love that should be between every human being. Not because they have a blood relation but for the sake of humanity. These are the feelings we should have for each other without any reason. Bible teaches and asks us to keep the feelings of love for one another which will help us to exist in this society as a big family. So if we want to exist in this world this feeling of love should always be there. The feeling of sacrifice is always admired and appreciated. God is love and God only expects love from humans and that should probably be our main purpose of life. For a soldier only love for his country matters. But what is a country? Country for him is a place where not only his family but the family of his family lives. A soldier will thus never step back from protecting them. That is the spirit we want as God’s children and that is what we should do. This world expects love from everyone and in return wants to give even more and more love.



Agape Love

Agape Love

Agape love is the most supreme love of all and is an attribute of God and does not come naturally to humans. Jesus sacrificed his life for the people who were sinners. The love of God for all his people was proved that day. Jesus said, “forgive them for they know not what they do”. God loves his children and time to time he has been proving it. Many writers have mentioned Agape love as the reciprocal- the love of humans for God. It is a divine form of love which expects nothing in return. Humans cannot see God but the divine feeling of love connects their soul to God. This is the feeling which can connect us directly to God. In the situations we feel alone God is always there with us, watching us and blessing us. Just love God and time will change itself.

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