Make Your Long Distance Relationship Worthwhile with These 5 Easy Tips

Unlike a normal relationship, Long distance love is way more challenging. It is risky but LDRs have its own charm. Love is a wonderful feeling which requires true compassion and a right attitude of honesty and what better way can prove this right than a Long distance relationship. Days of no physical contact, times of judgemental attitude and thousands of negative thoughts which time and again make you question if it’s working out. Well, you won’t know the perks of it unless you have been into one. No judgments passed, but couples who are in a long-distance affair, are big time risk- takers.

People get double thoughts on falling in for a long distance love. It is not easy at all, but with the right amount of understanding and a 100% honesty, it will do the trick. One thing that I can say, how LDRs grows on you, is the genuine feeling of want and the passion to come together after days of separation. Imagine the amazing physical intimacy that one looks forward to for once they meet. The best part of LDR is that you never take your partner for granted and the love just grows stronger to show on the day you meet after a good gap. But, this feeling requires a good amount of work into it. Some are involved willingly while some are compelled to be in a long-distance affair.

Here, are some ultimate tips to grow your love in a long distance relationship.


Communication is The Key but Not Always.

communication in relationship

LDRs requires good communication but, giving a little space to each other will keep the trust aspect at the right place. “Talking daily is absolutely fine, but sometimes both of you can be busy”, says Matea G, who lives in China and her partner is in Croatia. Having a time schedule for facetime and imposing it strictly can become a burden. A little air in the relationship will let both the partners enjoy their life and love.


Make Your Meetings Special

2. Make Your Meetings Special

Long distance affair does not involve frequent visits but whenever it does make it as if it is the end of the world. Cancel your meetings and girl night outs, and make it worthwhile for your partner. Spice it up with great surprises and make love, at its best. You partner should look forward to every meeting and does not give any signs of reluctance.



Share Every Smallest of Feelings

long distance relationship - share love

Not everything needs to be shared. A good personal space needs to be there for the relationship to work. But, sharing tiny incidences of your day like what you had for breakfast or what funny thing you saw today, keeps your partner more involved with you. Make your partner feel as if you are together with him every time. The truth is, it is the small things that matter most in life.


Rethink If Required rethink for your long term relationship

The ultimate goal of any relationship is to make each other happy and feel the bliss of life. “Long distance relationships increases the anxiety levels”, says Robin. Doubt and anxiety are the by-products of LDRs. Couples need to look out for that. Set your priorities right and keep the expectations minimal. Any sign of gloom in the relationship should be handled just right and never fear to rethink on the relationship if things are not going fine. It is good for both of you. Ultimately, it is your happiness that is most important.


Share Your Feelings Openly

share your feeling-long distance relationship

Everyone likes to be pampered and cared for. “When you share your tiniest feelings like I miss you, I wish you here etc., it gives much importance to your partner”, says Matea. The best trick to any relationship is communication. If you want it to work, feel the feelings and never stop sharing them. It might not always be easy but you can do it.