15 Ways To Achieve Actual Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals

What is the term, Relationship Goals?

What is the term, Relationship Goals

I’m sure everyone has come across this term more than once in their lives. There are multiple accounts on Instagram bearing this name and they post all kinds of pictures of couples from across the globe who pose in the most adorable poses and make us go “Aww! This is totally relationship goals!”Besides Instagram, there are thousands of videos on Youtube as well where we get to see stuff like couples holding hands and walking into the sunset, a guy proposing a girl in the middle of a football match, guys almost on the verge of tears on seeing their girlfriends dressing up for prom, guys braiding their girlfriends’ hair, watching Netflix shows together and what not. And it's not unusual that those kinds of videos raises expectations and makes us want a relationship as glam as those. But why exactly are the couples in these videos so appealing? Why do we crave for that glam factor so much? 

Is that what we call relationship goals? 


Relationship Goals in Today’s World 

Relationship Goals in Today’s World 

Well, these videos and posts about being with the perfect guy or girl have certainly affected the youth today. Teenagers come to know the concept of being in a relationship way before then they are supposed to. And in maximum cases, it’s all about chocolates, flowers and presents nowadays. Boyfriends or girlfriends who organize those extravagant gifts and arrange a whole lot of flowers or an extra large teddy bear for their partner on their birthday or Valentine’s day are considered “cool”. 

It’s about arranging the perfect dates, dressing up, clicking pictures on Snapchat, posting cute pictures on Instagram to show off your personal life and of course a whole lot of physical intimacy as well. 

When you’re a teenager, your body undergoes a lot of change and the hormones go a little haywire as well. And naturally, you have needs too. But when only physical intimacy becomes the primary need in a relationship, it isn’t healthy. 

Sadly, today’s generation is basically based on competition. There’s competition in every field. Be it in studies, workplaces or even in a relationship, there is constant need to show others that you are better. And in a relationship, this can be one of the causes for things to go wrong among many others. 


Toxic Relationships and Their Effects

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Irrespective of the duration or intensity of a relationship, being in one affects you in some way or the other. Why do we come in a relationship with a person in the first place? It’s because we like the company of that person more as compared to others. But when a relationship starts, certain boundaries are formed and sometimes, the two people involved can’t compromise with each other. And it’s a whole other story when ego, jealousy, doubt comes into the picture. 

It’s not uncommon to see a couple fighting over some girl who was maybe talking to the guy or vice versa, Or a couple fighting over a decision made without the consent of the other person, or over making plans with their friends without asking each other, and the list is endless. 

To be honest, I have even seen girls crying and shouting at their partner because he was sleeping and didn’t pick up the phone. 

   Whatever the reason may be and irrespective of whether it's significant or insignificant, it somehow affects our mental state. We feel sad, or helpless or angry or betrayed or lonely or however, our mind works at that time. It causes distraction and no matter how much we pretend we are fine, we aren’t. We aren’t able to set our mind on what we are doing and if you’re a student, that refers to a waste of time especially if exams are going on. 

   And the worst case is breakups. Nowadays breaking off a relationship with someone seems much easier than building one. People fall out of love like they are discarding clothes. Then again, this is not applicable to every person who’s in a relationship. But in many cases, people behave like it’s the end of everything. They go into some self-pity mode and lose their confidence and in this process of “moving on” everything in their life gets hampered. 



15 Ways to Achieve Actual Relationship Goals


  1. Communication is always the key. Instead of sulking and over thinking about something, it is always better to confront your partner about what’s on your mind and if something is bothering you. 


  1. Have proper conversations about different topics before dating. You want to know the opinion and the mindset of your partner before getting into a relationship. Cause let’s be practical here, “Opposites attract” is not always valid. 


  1. Always give space to your partner. Personal space is very important in a relationship. Binding your partner to yourself all the time will suffocate them at some point in time. 


  1. Help each other grow and become the best version of themselves. Before being a girlfriend or a boyfriend, be their best friend first. Talk to them and be there for them. People crave for emotional support at times.
  2. Don’t make them feel bad about the decisions they make, even if sometimes you don’t agree to it. Making them feel guilty about something they wanted to do, will always make them regret it.


  1. Everyone has their own priorities and goals. Imagine how amazing it would be if both of you help each other work for your goals and achieve them together. 


  1. Learn to adapt according to certain situations. It's okay if sometimes he/she cancels some plan you made together to attend to some emergency situation which came up. Things always might not turn out the way you want them to. Don’t make them feel bad about it. 


  1. Don’t let jealousy and insecurity creep into your relationship. Your partner loves you for who you are and will continue doing so. Instead of listening to a third person and making any judgment about any case, hear what your partner has to say about it. 


  1. Loyalty and trust are another two important factors in a relationship. No matter who your partner hangs out with or goes out with if you’re with the right person, they won’t cheat on you. 


  1. In a relationship, both the people involved are supposed to be equal. And there should be mutual respect for each other. There is no point in staying in a relationship where you aren’t treated the right way. Know your worth as an individual.


  1. Learn about time management. Your relationship is definitely a priority but does not forget that there are other relationships which have to be maintained as well. Hang out with your friends too just like you used to do when you were single. 


  1. Nowadays almost every single person is employed in a 9 to 5 job where you don’t get time to talk to each other, even about your day to day happenings. Make sure to take out some time to interact with your partner on a regular basis. Talk about stuff.


  1. Recreate the little moments you and your partner shared in between your busy schedule. Take out time for your hobbies and fun activities both of you used to indulge in. 


  1. Make them feel special; not by showering them with expensive gifts but actually making them feel how important they are to you. It’s the little things that should matter, not the materialistic stuff.


  1. The primary word in a relationship is support and there needs to an ample amount of it in order to make a relationship successful. Support your partner in any way possible. Be there for them during their roughest times and be there to celebrate their good days with them. You’re a team and a team can’t win without the support and hard work of both the players. 


No relationship is all rainbows and butterflies. But with the right person beside you, you can get through everything. There are no particular relationship goals as such but why not create actual goals which help to bring out the best in both of you and make your bond stronger than ever? Be unique, be together, make your own goals and slay. 



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