8 Strong Important Reasons Why Being Selfish Is Not Bad For You

Man is selfish, period. Selfishness is not a virtue that is extolled. Everyone is selfish to a certain extent, and it’s challenging to find people who are selfless.

But then, is it so wrong to be selfish? Often the word is used in a wrong context. But being selfish isn’t that bad, it’s impossible to survive in this world without being selfish. There is a no of reasons why it’s good to be selfish.


Selfishness or in other words self-love is essential to existence. Self-love, meaning you are in a constant state of depression, depression is, of course, something not favorable, a condition we would wish upon ourselves. There is a saying “you can’t make anyone happy if you are unhappy,” so please be selfish and be happy.


If we were not selfish we would probably die of starvation, it’s the craving for food, which makes us live on and sustains ourselves. Food not only in its primary sense, but we all also crave for different kinds of delicacies. Food that satisfies our taste buds, hot chocolate fudge is not essential for survival; however, it’s something that titillates our senses and helps make this life living a little more.


Clothes, is a basic need, but for most of us clothes translate into an expression of our personality, we buy clothes not only to cover ourselves but also to adorn ourselves. If we were not sufficiently selfish, we would probably never go shopping and buy clothes for ourselves. Agreed, shopping is not a virtue, but anything in moderation is good, right. Little retail therapy never hurt anyone.

A house

A primary facility to stay in, to protect us from bad weather and a zillion other things. If we were not selfish enough, we would probably be sitting under a tree counting stars and not work towards earning and building a house for ourselves.

Emotional well-being (love)

Everyone is selfish people say. The truth is everyone wants love to some extent. Everyone likes to feel important. Yes, self-love is essential, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we are necessary for somebody as well. It’s not as if we would die because of lack it, but some amount of love from others is essential for emotional well- being, call it selfishness if you would like to.


The essential respect for yourself is imperative. If you don’t respect yourself, who else would? Also, if you cannot respect yourself, how would you recognize anyone else? It becomes essential to respect yourself before anyone else does, another act of selfishness?


You need to be selfish to compete in this cut-throat competitive world. Today we see that everyone is running in this rat race. To excel in your career, people often pull other people down. No one is selfless in the career arena; if you are, you might like to make a career out it, i.e. philanthropy.


As children, we are inherently selfish, we cry for anything that we require. A child screaming for anything is an act of selfishness, if the child were not to complain, he would probably die of hunger and other millions of things.

So, you might ask a question, is man selfless anywhere? Yes, probably as a mother or a father we are not so selfish. The family is an example of selflessness. Parents are the epitome of selflessness. A selflessness not seen anywhere.

Selfishness is essential to preserve life, heard of “survival of the fittest,” survival as the word signifies, being selfish.