Random Questions To Ask – Best Questions List

The most powerful way to get to know someone better is by asking questions and as you know how difficult are the human interactions sometimes. So, whenever you are in the middle of some boring conversation with a guy or girl or your boyfriend, just take a look at these questions and make your conversation interesting and funny. Lighten up the mood and break the ice, we got you covered! Build your relationship much stronger by asking these questions.

Discover the wild side of the other person. Use them wisely because this handy bucket of questions we got you is your secret weapon to socialize in this complicated world. Whatever is the situation, you would never like to be in a boring chitchat so…hey people, feel free to use this unique list and then BOOM! You are all set for a delightful conversation.

random questions to-ask

Random Questions To Ask

Start your conversation with some funny random questions, make it more interesting and ice breaking. Now take a look at these 30 random questions;

  1. What was the last dirtiest question you googled?
  2. Which body part of yours, you don’t like?
  3. Do you prefer reading a novel or watching a movie about that novel?
  4. If you could trade lives with a person, who would it be?
  5. If you could make one person invisible, who would it be?
  6. If you could gift a diamond to a person, who would it be?
  7. Do you ever get homesick for a person? If yes, who?
  8. Last time you laughed so much that you started crying? Reason?
  9. Which dead person you would like to talk for once if you get a chance?
  10. If you get a chance to be a part of an animated movie, which one it would be?
  11. What do want your last words should be?
  12. In your old age, who do you want to be your best friend?
  13. If you get an option to choose between your best friend and girlfriend, you would it be?
  14. What is the funniest username you’ve ever seen on the social media?
  15. Best lesson your ex-best friend taught you?
  16. Which video game do you like the most?
  17. Which one movie changed your life?
  18. Which is the lamest joke you’ve ever heard in your group?
  19. If you get a chance to give yourself a nickname, what would it be?
  20. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done in your childhood?
  21. Describe yourself in one word as a movie title.
  22. Ever had a crush on a school teacher? if yes, who?
  23. Which song do you like to sing while taking a shower?
  24. Have you ever cheated your best friend?
  25. What according to you is the concept ‘life after death’?
  26. Do you know someone in your group who's laugh is funnier than the joke?
  27. Do you think you are photogenic?
  28. Worst situation ever thought but never happened?
  29. What is the most embarrassing moment of your childhood?
  30. Do you ever feel guilty when you kill an insect?


Random Questions To Ask a Guy

  1. Which personality trait of yours would you like to recommend me?
  2. Which cartoon character you want to be a part of your real life?
  3. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 1 being straight, 10 being gay and 5 being bisexual
  4. Do you take bath daily?
  5. What fashion piece would you select for a girl?
  6. If there’s a fire in your house, who would you save, girlfriend or money?
  7. What’s your reaction to an annoying kid?
  8. What’s your reaction to a girl if she says that she doesn’t like the movie, which you liked the most?
  9. If you get an option who would you choose, friends or girlfriend/
  10. Who do you want to be dead and why?
  11. Do you have any dark fantasies?
  12. What’s your type in a girl, funny or childish?
  13. Which body part of yours is your favorite?
  14. If you get stuck in an elevator with me, what will you do for passing the time?
  15. Which one movie can you watch for your whole life?
  16. Do you judge people by the way they dress up?
  17. What do you want to experience for once and last in your life?
  18. What will you do if secretly develop a crush on your best friend’s girl?
  19. Do still have any childhood toy?
  20. How many phones have you lost till now?
  21. Do you like being male?
  22. If you ever get an option to be a girl for a day, who would you date?
  23. If you were a gay, who would you date?
  24. Name the countries you want to travel to?
  25. Do you like reading poems?
  26. Do you relate lyrics of a song to yourself? If yes, to what extent?
  27. What would be your reaction if your crush turns out to be in your relationship?
  28. According to you, which two colors would make the best shade?
  29. Do you think you are a daydreamer?
  30.  Do u think that your best friend should change in himself?

Random Questions To Ask a Girl 

  1. Which tv series is your favorite?
  2. Have you ever cheated on somebody?
  3. Which skincare product do you prefer the most?
  4. What’s your dream destination wedding?
  5. What do mostly prefer wearing at a party? Short dresses or long dresses?
  6. What do prefer more, long hair or short hair?
  7. Do you ever have a crush on two men at the same time?
  8. What do you prefer more? Pencil heels or platform heels?
  9. What turns you on the most in a man?
  10. If you were a lesbian, who would be your partner?
  11. Would you ever choose love over your career?
  12. Your best childhood lesson that your parents taught you?
  13. One thing that you learnt from your past relationships?
  14. Do you prefer a beard or clean shaved?
  15. Which form of dance is your favorite?
  16. Have you ever related yourself to a novel character to yourself?
  17. What will you shop if you get 1 million money?
  18. What would you do if you get to know that your crush has a crush on you?
  19. If get stuck in an elevator with your crush, would you make any move on him?
  20. How many boyfriends do you have till now? And when was your first?
  21. What do you prefer beer or wine?
  22. Name one Disney princess you want to have a life like?
  23. How many times are you asked out?
  24. Which is your secret talent?
  25. What was the worst gift you have ever received from a guy?
  26. If someone calls you by reversing your name, would you like it?
  27. What is the lamest excuse you have ever given to a guy for breaking up?
  28. What is the worst advice someone has ever given you/
  29. Which one word as a label would you like to give to your ex?
  30. Do you relate memes with your life?


Random Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

  1. Have you ever cheated on me in the relationship?
  2. What was the last lie you told me?
  3. Do you like holding hands?
  4. On what kind of adventure would you like to go on with me?
  5. If after 3 years from now, you discover that I’m a lesbian, what would be your reaction?
  6. What are your fantasies about me?
  7. If you could eat only one food for your whole life, what would you like to eat?
  8. What do you prefer more watching with me, horror movies or romantic movies?
  9. Have you ever had a crush on my best friend?
  10. Have you ever had a dream about me, if yes, what was it?
  11. If you get an option to choose between me and money, what would you choose?
  12. Do you like clicking my pictures?
  13. If you are in a situation in which you have to do shopping for my clothes, what would you buy?
  14. Do you like when I play with your hair?
  15. When were you last jealous from somebody?
  16. Do you like my male best friend?
  17. If you are forced to listen to one song only when we go for a long drive, which song it would be?
  18. When was the last time you got irritated from me and why?
  19. Do you know my weight and exact height?
  20. Which qualities of me do you like the most?
  21. If you are a marvel character for a day, which one would it be?
  22. Are you afraid of ghosts?
  23. If you could drink either alcohol or water for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  24. Which insect do you wish you could eat?
  25. If there is one piece of pizza left, would you give it to me?
  26. What do you prefer more love or fling?
  27. What according to you is a perfect lover?
  28. Do you prefer to solve things or leave them the way they are?
  29. Which is the worst pick up line you have ever used on me?
  30. What is the last thing on the earth you would prefer to do to make money?

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