Friendship Day Quotes 2020 – Send Best Wishes, Status To Your Friends

Friendship Day Quotes 2020

Our relationships are preconceived and predestined and one of the most valuable ones amongst those is Friendship. Friendships happen beyond the mere worldly parameter of blood, it's a bind between two hearts. Friends are an integral part of all our lives. Even in this tough period, all we look for is a true friend. With a genuine friend, one can get rid of all the problems that he has. It is a friendship that keeps us going and helps us to add a little bit of pixie dust in our regular mundane lives.

As we have always known, a friend in need is a friend need; the ones who hold on to us even during our trial periods they are the most precious ones. Those who have our back all the time irrespective of asking from us anything in return are the ones we befriend and live for.

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship, where we can gladly discuss any issues without any hindrances. You feel special with a FRIEND. A friend is a one who guides you, correct you, care for you, fight for you, and loves you besides your any sort of mood at the moment and even knows the best methods to fix your mood.

Friendship Day is a day on which friends reunite, relive old moments and cherish the moments to come. This is a day when friends meet up, party together and hang out to live the day to its fullest.

Life is happening and lively because of our loved ones with us. And this happiness overflows when you have your friends along with you to share your best moments.

Without them, the world seems so empty at times and that is exactly the kind of bond we want to present to you via our quotes. Re-live and rejuvenate your friendships with these quotes:


Best Friendship Day Quotes


1. True friends act like alarm clocks in our lives; whenever we take the wrong path, they start alarming us and keep on snoozing until we walk out of that path.


2. Friends are our chosen families - a bond that can't be explained in terms of a few bodily fluids.


3. A friend is someone who accepts you for being what you're and also laughs at you for the kind of foolishness you do.


4. A Friend is someone in whom you can confide your darkest and the lamest deeds at the same time.


5. Childhood friendships are really priceless because you make them at your innocent best phase.


6. Holding on to your old friends is the only way to hold on to the time that you've left behind.


7. Friendship works beyond all forms of barriers- be it physical or conjured up.


8. A friend is a home- a place where you can not only reside but also belong.


9. School friends are like those magazines that you loved reading in your childhood - you don't see them all the time now, but if you do spot them you can never have enough of them.


10. A Friendship made over a cup of coffee or a familiar taste in music can never go wrong.


11. Friendship is to lean on and rely on.


12. Only a true friend can be a true companion.


13. A best friend is like the cherry on top of a cake, it won't matter much if there's none but it's like the quintessential touch that makes it look perfect.


14. A friend in need and in every stupid & lame deed is a friend indeed.


15. A friend is someone who gets your back and also completes you in everything that you lack.


16. Friends can care for you like a mother and scold you like a father, they're no different from family.


17. Friendship comes with zero terms and conditions just loads of love.


18. College is more about the friends that you make there than the semesters.


19. It's never too late to apologize to a friend who has always had your back.


20. The first rule of friendship is, no secrets.


21. A friend is someone who can read your face as well as your heart.


22. Friendship happens when you expect it the least.


23. Love is definitely the most profound feeling on this planet but friendship is surely the first step.


24. Right after her own big day, a girl's biggest fantasy is her best friend's marriage.


25. Boys do not befriend each other, they make brothers.


26. Make your partner your best friend or do the opposite.


27. Mothers are the first friend of every girl.


28. Friends do not lie, they confess and confide.


29. Friendship includes both covering up for each other and as well as correcting the fault.


30. Real friends rejoice in your success instead of being jealous of you.


31. Friends are human diaries which do not have any pages torn.


32. Your partner in crime and making slime is your friend of all time.


33. To have good friends, you have to be one to others first.


34. A good friend is like an inhaler, they give you back your breath when you need it the most.


35. Losing friends is fine but giving out their secrets to others is not.


36. Good Friendship can solve more than half the international issues.


37. Online friends can never be over your school friends.


38. True friends never break promises.


39. The first trip with friends is one of the most cherished memories of every man's life.


40. Broken friendships hurt the most.


41. Only a friend can beautify your life and annoy you at the same time.


42. Friendships come back in a manner that no other relationship can.


43. A friend is someone you rush to first when in trouble.


44. From choosing the right sticker to put on books to sanctioning life partners, best friends are found.


45. Journeys seem shorter and less boring when you have a friend traveling along.


46. Friends love you like a mother and scold you like a father.


47. Life without friends is like a sugar-free ice-cream.


48. No bond can be as warm as that of the college friends squad.


49. Finding a best friend can really get challenging; you do not cross paths with retards who seem familiar every day. When you do, you keep them.


50. Life is like a cake and a best friend is like the cherry on top of it. If it's not there, it won't matter much. But, if it's there, the cake becomes absolutely perfect.


51. Photobombing can be a crime, but not amongst friends.


52. You can forget your college roll number but you can never forget your first friend in college.


53. Friendship weaves tales with human feelings, both common and uncommon.


54. Long-distance friendship is way more difficult than a long-distance relationship.


55. Reunions are the best witnesses to the power of Friendship.


56. A true friend is someone who knows just how you like your drink.


57. People who have similar choices in literature, make the best of friendships.


58. Friendship has the capacity of solving half the problems of this world.


59. A true friend will never come in your way as long as it's the right one.


60. To make friendships is to break walls which chain us and separate us.


61. Someone who laughs at your worst jokes and then slaps you for doing so, is the right friend.


62. Friends boost each other's confidence better than any pep talk advisor.


63. Broken friendships hurt more; more than a failure and even more than heartbreak.


64. Remember that little kid who let you sit beside on your first in school? That's how friendships begin: with zero conditions and a lot of love to give.


65. Be a friend like Krishna was to Arjun instead of being Brutus to Caesar.


66. Friendship is the only key to making this world a happy place.


67. It is those friends who can call up at 3 am that matter.


68. Life is meant for amazing friends and thrilling trips with them.


69. Be a good friend first to have one.


70. Friends are the ones who have your back right after your parents.


71. A friend is your best refuge.


72. Friendship is about staying together, getting stronger and never leaving.


73. Friendship comes with both wilderness and responsibilities along with it.


74. Hard times show us our true supports.


75. Smart people kill their enemies by making friends with them.


76. Good friends value your smile and boost up your courage.


77. Varied political ideologies should never be a bridge between two friends.


78. The most precious possessions are old friends from school.


79. One loyal friend is far better than lakhs of cousins.


80. A true friend molds you for your betterment.


81. Someone who shares their notes with you after you bunking the class is definitely a true friend.


82. Being a good friend is a milestone.


83. Friendships that last a lifetime are the only genuine ones.


84. Friends who stay together in your tough times are the real ones.


85. Friends who are the happiest to see your progress are the best.


86. The wait between the summer vacations and the school re-opening day to see your friend in school is the actual mark of friendship.


87. A chat session with your best friend is the best cure for your messed up mood.


88. A guy's best friend is a girl's most treasured gift to herself.


89. A girl's best friend is a must-have for every guy.


90. Falling for your best friend is the best mistake to commit. None can make a better partner than him or her.


Friendship Day Status


1. Get perfect by respect!!


2. We play dumb but we know exactly what we're doing ?♥️


3. If you had friends like mine, you'd be the luckiest guy in the world!?


4. There is nothing on this Earth ? more to be prized ? than true Friendship ?


5. 1 year passed away! Like a snap! Best time with friends, anytime, anywhere!


6. Happy friendship day!! Choose respect, choose support, choose kindness ???


7. ??Many frds r coming our life......
But one r two frds are very important our life..........??


8. Ego and Pride are poisons for friendship. ?????


9. Friends who slay together stay together ?


10. Friendship is a gift ?. Having one authentic friend is a blessing of a lifetime.

11. Here is to all those fantastic friends ? ? ? that make life so beautiful ?!


12. A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.??