100 Questions to Ask Yourself

Questions to Ask Yourself

We are facing lots of questions from others in our day-to-day life. But these are the questions that you should ask yourself not only to boost your walk of life but also assist you to apprehend more about your personal life that how much you satisfied in your life, how crazily you lead your life and also how you treat yourself and others. 

This article containing a hundred questions to ask yourself. These questions will assist you to know about yourself. 

Let’s answer these questions to know more about you.


Important questions to ask yourself


  1. Am I living or surviving?
  2. Am I satisfied with what I do and with what I have and also taking steps to live a satisfying life?
  3. Am I aware of myself including my frailty?
  4. Do I know the purpose of my life?
  5. Am I on the right path towards my purpose?
  6. Do I believe myself and my intuition?
  7. Do I create/live in the correct environment for myself?
  8. Am I aware of the world?
  9. Is my happiness depends on myself or depends on other people or things?
  10. Am I true to myself?
  11. Am I ready to change my character if my character is phony?
  12. Am I ready to accept the facts that I crave but that doesn't going to happen?
  13. Do I know the true faces of everyone who are all close to me?
  14. Am I ready to express what I feel at any circumstance?
  15. Do I doubt myself for things I do?
  16. Am I doing everything with satisfaction?
  17. Am I learning new things every day?
  18. Do I have difficulty communicating with others?
  19. Am I the over-reactive person?
  20. Am I worrying about my future?
  21. Am I a jealous person?
  22. Am I a short-tempered person?
  23. Am I living for myself or for other's appreciation?
  24. Am I the person who waits for opportunity or who makes an opportunity for themselves?
  25. Do I have a suggestion to overcome my weaknesses?
  26. Am I ready to explore new things or having fear to explore new things?
  27. Do I aware of my obstacles?
  28. Am I expecting quality or quantity?
  29. Am I doing anything from other's compulsion?
  30. Am I ready to quit any bad habit right now if I have?


Questions to ask yourself for growth


  1. Am I self-motivated?
  2. Am I expecting appreciation from others?
  3. Do I easily socialize with people?
  4. Do I appreciate myself for every good thing I do?
  5. Am I tried to bring the best from everything and from everyone I have in my life?
  6. Do I respect and consider other's opinions?
  7. Do I make decisions on my own?
  8. Am I ready to apologize when I do gaffe?
  9. Am I ready to pardon someone if they do gaffe?
  10. Do I believe my genuine idea even others certainly says that it will flop?
  11. Am I overconfident?
  12. Do I make myself to be calm and positive even in difficult situations?
  13. Do I change my attitude and character depends on the situation or being me in all situations?
  14. Do I see everything from different perspectives?
  15. Do I regret my mistakes and take steps to not do that in the upcoming life?
  16. Am I ready to seek help from others?
  17. Do I give importance to the success or for the journey towards success?
  18. Do I have my own path or follow other's paths?
  19. Do I procrastinate everything? 
  20. Do I observe my every day’s improvement by comparing it with the previous day?
  21. Do I feel unfit for my present job?
  22. Am I working hard for success?
  23. How I handle partiality in my day-to-day life? 
  24. Am I giving more preference for what I want rather than what I need?
  25. Am I ready to accept the challenges?


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Health Questions to ask yourself


  1. Do I give care and spending time for myself?
  2. Do I give respect to my emotions?
  3. Do I healthy food? 
  4. Am I comparing myself with others?
  5. Am I diffident?
  6. Am I feeling unsafe?
  7. Do I show kindness towards myself?
  8. Do I take care of both my physical health and mental health?
  9. Do I get enough sleep every day?
  10. Do I have a regular healthy habit?


Good questions to ask yourself daily


  1. Do I have gratitude for everything and for everyone I have today in my life?
  2. Am I living my today’s life enthusiastically?
  3. Did I appreciate at least one person for the good thing he/she does even it's a small thing?
  4. Is my presence makes my surrounding people feel cherished today?
  5. Am I gaining a lesson from everything I go through today?
  6. Am I started my today’s life positively?
  7. Am I feeling guilty for anything today?
  8. How I make others feel today?
  9.  Am I feeling good today?
  10. How many things I passionately did today?

Questions to ask yourself for others


  1. Do I care and spending time with my clan and friends?
  2. Do I pitch-in for the enhancement of the world?
  3. Am I giving respect to other's emotions?
  4. Am I the responsible person towards society?
  5. Am I treating the people like how I want to be treated?
  6. Do I ready to share my things with others?
  7. Am I respecting all of the people equally? 
  8. Am I showing partiality to others?
  9. Do I respect other's achievements and hard work?
  10. Do I give respect to other's passions?
  11. Am I giving love for all living organisms?
  12. Am I true to my clan and friends? 
  13. Is my care towards others is true and it is from my heart? 
  14. Am I an open-minded person?
  15. Am I the judgemental person?
  16. Do I give importance to people or money?
  17. Do I spend money or time on the good cause?
  18. Do I feel better in giving rather than getting?
  19. Do I make decisions for myself that don't affect others?
  20. Am I disloyal to anyone?


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Funny and Crazy questions to ask yourself


  1. Do I have a secret that not even a single person knows about it?
  2. What's the weirdest thing I did in my school days?
  3. Am I having the habit of laughing in an important situation?
  4. What’s my craziest hobby?
  5. What I will change in my life if I have the power to change?



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