100+ New and Interesting Questions To Ask Your Crush

Questions To Ask Your Crush

'Crush' is a verb with one syllable. The verb itself signifies a 'special person' in one's life. We all have a crush at one or the other point of life and even if not Crush, we all feel or have felt attracted towards a person. It can be a classmate, friend or a celebrity too.

It feels very special to us. Although, it’s humorous to say but we feel as if we can fulfill all his/her needs and we are the perfect match to the soul, we both complete each other and will keep him/her happy for a lifetime. On the one hand, we are dying to talk to the person but, on the other hand, it becomes very difficult for us to utter even a word in front of the person whom we had crush upon.

It makes us see only the positive things in our crush, we completely deny the fact that there is any defect/fault/bad habit in our crush. This is because the person is our choice and we don’t want anybody else to question/doubt us or our choice.

Do you also feel uncomfortable/difficult/anxious/confuse whenever you talk to your crush or the person who attracts you the most? Not to worry, this is the humanistic nature which we all have felt on some of the other point.

To make you more comfortable while talking to your crush we bring you 100+ plus questions that you can ask to your crush while having a conversation.

This will help you to know the person better. You will get to know what kind of a person s/he actually is. These question will you to have a healthy conversation and a healthy relation ahead!


Best Questions To Ask Your Crush

Best Questions To Ask Your Crush


Do you have any regrets?

Do you believe in destiny?

Which language are you most comfortable in while talking?

What kind of people do you like to surround yourself?

What do you think you are best at?

Do you love and respect your elders irrespective of their age and relation to you?

What do you do when you feel lonely?

What was my first impression on you?

Which was your saddest day ever?

Do you love talking to people?

Do you have the feeling of superiority?

Have you ever dominated somebody? If yes, under what circumstances?

If you got a chance to work for social change then will you work for the money or family/love/friends which is more important according to you to keep an individual satisfied?

Who is your favourite comedian?

Have you ever had a crush on somebody?

Are you a Multi-tasking person?

Are you confident about yourself?

Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Are you an optimistic person?

Are you health conscious?

How do you show/express your creativity?

Who is a literate and educated person according to you?

Are you punctual?

How do you like to present yourself?

Have you felt a conflict situation and how did you tackle it?

Have you ever done your personality test?


Cute Questions To Ask Your Crush


Which is the most cutest quality I have you think?

Which is the most cutest memory of your childhood you want to relive?

What activities/facial expressions make you think that the person is cute?

Do you love to mingle up with kids?

Which all things make you more alive?

Do you like to behave like a child?

If you had a wish, what would it be?

Who's smile is your favourite?

How would you make me smile?

Which is the cutest animal to you?

Which is the most cutest quality you think, you have?

Do you love watching friction series?

Which is the cutest activity you think you have done in your teenager age?

Do you like playing with animals?



Deep Questions To Ask Your Crush


What’s your philosophy in life?

What would you chose, loyalty or karma( moral obligations and duties)?

Is there an absolute truth or do you think that the existence of truth is subjective?

What is your idea of modernization?

What are your views on Feminism?

What would you do if you'll become omnipotent?

What would you be reborn as and why?

Which fictional character you would become if you get a chance to be?

How you want your spouse to be?

How do you frame your life ahead?

If you got a power to create happiest moments in your life, what would they be?

Is there anything like good or bad, right or wrong?

What are your views on the importance of Self-confidence in one’s life?

How will you define yourself in terms of Brands? (which brand do you think suits you better)

How do you define today’s lifestyle?

What is your definition of a good person?

What are moral values according to you?

Everybody has their own experiences in life so, what life has taught you, would you like to share?


Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush


What would be your ideal date?

Do you prefer forehead kisses? What does it signify to you?

If I give you a chance, which romantic song will you recommend to me?

If you got a chance to impress somebody, which song will you sing to impress the person?

Do you prefer long rides at twilight with romantic shades of sunlight?

Do you ever have kisses or hugs before?

If I ask you to suggest me a love story which book will you recommend to me?

Do you love the smell of rain?

Which season is the most romantic one according to you?

Do you still believe in writing love letters?

What is your definition of love?

Do you love dancing in the rain?


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Which place will you choose for make-out with your favourite person?

Do you prefer hugs or kisses?

Do you love cuddling?

Do you love giving long and warm hugs from behind?

Do you ever have kisses or hugs before?

If I ask you to suggest me a love story which book will you recommend to me?

which season do you love the most and why?

If you got a chance to choose a partner, whom will you choose?

According to you who will be a perfect match for you?


Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush on Text


What do you prefer to love or flirting?

Which song’s lyrics do you think suits you better?

Which drink do you prefer the most?

Who is your favourite Romantic poet?

What are your hobbies?

Which color do you think is the luckiest one to you?

Do you wake up early or you are a night owl?

Are you a patriotic person?

Are you a hardworking person?

Do you believe in friendship?

Vocal conversation or texting, which one you are most comfortable in?

Are you single?

If you don’t mind could we please become friends?

Which language do you feel most comfortable in?

Are you emotional or a strict kind of person?

Which profession are you in?

How many members do you have in your family?

What are you fond of?

How many kids do you prefer to have in the future?

Do you believe in relationships?

Are you very much active on social net working sites?

Which game will you prefer to play with me?

Would like to spend a day with me?

Have you ever broken any of the rules which you shouldn’t have?

Which mischievous activity you have committed recently?

Do you like to visit your native place frequently?


Questions To Ask Your Crush To Know Her


Do you love animals?

How will you make your parents feel proud of you?

Do you love to travel alone or with family or with friends?

Do you love reading?

How do you like to present yourself?

Do you love to spend time with your grandparents?

Which type of movies do you prefer?

Do you like to keep long nails?


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Which is your dream place to visit and why?

Do you like to tie up your hairs or you prefer keeping them loose?

Do you easily get influence from people?

Which festival do you like and why?

Which kind of dress do you like to wear?

Do you like long hairs or short hairs and Why?

What do you do to keep yourself healthy?

How do like to spend your free time?

Are you interest in dramatics?

Have you ever dressed up in a getup of a boy(tomboy) and did you like that? What was your experience?

Are you strongly in favor with Feminism?

Do you love to wear makeup or you prefer to keep it as simple as that?

Who is an ideal partner for you?

Do you eat fruits and salads to keep yourself healthy?

Are you a foodie?

Questions To Ask Your Crush To Know Him


Would you like your spouse wearing traditional dresses and accessories?

What kind of surprises would you like to give to your spouse?

Do you love bike riding or car riding?

Do you like to dress up in a formal pant-shirt?

How you make yourself chill?

Do you love helping people?

What is the most challenging task life make your face?

Do you prefer long rides at twilight with romantic shades of sunlight?

Which brand clothes/phones do you prefer to wear?

Do you easily get influence from people?

What kind of personality do you want to adapt?

Which dish/food item you think defines you the best?

Are you into any of the sports?

How do you treat females in your home?

Do you believe in stereotypes?

Which is your favorite sweet dish?

Which color bike/car is your favourite?

Do you have a very bad habit of laughing at bad situations?

To what extent have memes affect your life?

Which culture is your favourite?

Do you like to involve yourself in campaigns/social movements?

Who is an ideal girl for you?




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