80 Questions You Need To Ask Before Marriage

Questions You Need To Ask Before Marriage

Did he/she finally propose!? Did you/he/she finally say yes!? Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations!

You are officially going to be a part of the married generation! It is very exciting, or a nervous period for some, but that’s what articles are for!

I know you will be in the middle of all your wedding preparations, would be running incredibly busy, so, I have listed just to-the-point questions, without any elaborations. I hope this piece would be of any help to you, and if it is, do not forget to tell me!


So here I have listed around 80 questions that will help you not only get to know your partner better but also help kick start your marriage in a way that it will last. Also, you don’t need to use all of them obviously, so skip the headings you have to. With all that said, let’s get right into it!

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Important Things To Know Before Marriage


Kids, when and how many?

Have you ever been cheated on or cheated on somebody?

What can you never give up for this marriage?

What are your expectations from me?

Can you share insecurities with me comfortably?

Do you want me to change something in me?

What can we not do when we have a fight?

Do you like spending time with my family?

Are you okay with a holiday away from each other?

How do we communicate when we need personal space?

Do you like my friend circle?

Would you mind hanging out with my friends for a few hours?

It’s okay if we not talk because of busy schedules?

What are your expectations from us as a couple?

What are the restrictions on dealing with the opposite sex?

How do we discipline our children?

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What if one of our kids is homosexual?

What are your thoughts on homeschooling?

Would you ever be willing to adopt?

Would you go for fertility treatment if we can’t have kids naturally?

What will be the age gap between the kids?

How would we make decisions for the family?

What do you think about birth control?

What do you believe is the role of a wife?

How do we do the household chores?

Who handles the budget?

Do you have any debts?

How do you feel about having family support our finances at some point?

How often would we be traveling?

Would you mind moving if I had to relocate for a job?

Talking About Divorce

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Would you mind going to a marriage counselor?

Do you feel ashamed by going to a counselor?

What are the no-nos when we fight?

What if we fell out of love?

Would you ever consider divorce?

Are we good at communication?

How long do you think our relationship would last?

What do you think is our biggest issue?

Under what circumstances would you consider divorce?

What if one of us ends up cheating on the other?

What if we fight in public?

What is the best way of handling fights?

What can I do to improve this marriage?

If your family doesn’t like me, what would be the implications?

Do we ever get a divorce because of jealousy?

What about a trial period before getting a divorce?

What would happen with our kids after the divorce?

How would you distribute the property after the divorce?

Whose apartment are we going to live in and who moves out?

What if we get tired of each other?


Questions About Family Before Marriage

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What if your family and I have a fight?

Whose side would you take between me and your family?

What do you think about living away from our parents?

How often would your parents visit us?

How often would my parents visit?

What if they invade our private space?

What if we fight in front of them?

What are the circumstances of me being “rude” to your parents?

Work or family?

Family or me?

If your parents become ill, will you take them in?

If my parents become ill, will you take care of them?

What if one of our parents die, how will you handle it?

What do you expect me to do if one of us loses our parents?

What do you think about me and your family being alone?

What do you think about family vacations?

How comfortable are you with my family?

What does your family think about me?

How can I improve my image in front of your family?

What can I do for your family to like me?

Do you think I’m traditional enough?

What would you do for my family to like you?

How do you handle my cousins?

What is your medical family history?

Is there anybody suffering from alcoholism in your family?

How do you think we handle our parents?

Do you think our families like each other?

What issues do you have with my family?

What issues does your family have with me?

Where do you want to live?


I hope this helped you get an idea of what you have to do next. If this helps you in any way, please feel free to contact us. (Also, thanks for reaching the end of the article!)


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