120 Deep Questions That Make You Think About Life and Existence

questions that make you think

Are you someone who stays up till 3 am thinking what possibly nobody around you would be wondering that late, but is something so mind-boggling and isn’t letting you sleep. You have just come looking for it in the right place. From the time of the French revolution, what Voltaire said hasn’t changed a little, “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

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120 questions that make you think


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1.What if you love someone doesn't love u back?
2.What is the age you find yourself settled in life?
3.Does the luck factor actually count?
4.Are failures important for success?
5.How to not get affected by other's actions?
6.Can you cry while swimming?
7.Is crying an emotion of the weak?
8.If you got to choose one between money or mind. What will you?
9.Can one never be selfish?
10.Is reincarnation true?
11.How what we watch effects are psychology?
12.How does it feel to be a superstar?
13.Can you make others happy, compromising your happiness?
14.How does reading more makes one wiser?
15.How can you know someone in and out?
16.How does it feel to be laughed at?
17.What are ear buds for if doctors don't recommend it's use?
18.What is the right age of being independent?
19.What is more important presentation or preparation?
20.Is good education enough to get you a stable life?
21.Do morals matter in real life?
22.What is the rat-race for earning money for?
23.Does a parallel universe exist?
24. How can you define your priorities in life?
25. Why do we find it hard to trust people?
26. Is being emotional a weakness or a strength?
27. Whom should we give more importance to Friends or Family?
28. What if you remain introvert throughout life?
29.What are the qualities that helps you stand out from others?
30. Is being hyper active a good trait?
31. Is being beautiful a disadvantage as you don't get to know what a person loves you for?
32. What if people could only speak nothing but the truth?
33. Can money buy you happiness?

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34. How do you know if someone is cheating on you?
35. What would be that one last wish you do make?
36. What is better solo travel or a group outing?
37. What does being beautiful actually mean?
38. Can you be happy and sad about the same thing?
39. What will be your dream visit place if you end up with a jackpot?
40. Can long distance relationships work?
41. What are the three things you would wish to do before you die?
42. How to not be a football of other person's opinion?
43. Is Dreaming big right or one should have realistic goals?

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44. What is something that you would never do to the person you love?
45. Is making memories more important than capturing moments?
46. Can someone be the source of your happiness?
47. Why does the food that tastes the best counts the maximum calories?
48. What is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you?
49. What is the biggest lesson for you this year?
50. Does being close to someone actually mean you know them well?
51. Do instant connections exist?
52. Is internet making you dumb?
53. Do you feel insecured with little things?
54. What decides your creativity level?
55. Do you find it difficult to sleep?
56. Is anxiety normal?
57. How to make the best use of your potential?
58. Is it right to make your passion your profession?
59. What is the last thing you would come to home after a tiring day?
60. Is being possessive necessary?
61. How important is it to fight the odds of life?
62. Which is more strong emotion love or hate?
63. Is materialism important to live?
64. What is that one thing you would not share with anyone?
65. Do sun signs actually define your personality?
66. Does your mind ever come to rest?
67. How can one stop over thinking?
68. Should one ever compromise on his or her respect?
69. Can you hate someone you loved?
70. Why do we make judgements about people?
71. Should you trust your instinct?
72. How can one know the thin line between reacting and over reacting?
73. What is the influence of social media on our day to day life?
74. Why are girls associated with the colour pink?
75. Why do people play the blame-game?
76. What makes you like someone?
77. How is life treating you?
78. Do we need to keep exploring or should settle down at certain point?
79. How would you react if someone broke your heart?
80. Why do you make someone regret?
81. How will you determine your self-worth?
82. What is superior law or justice?
83. What kind of living will you simple or glamorous?
84. What does it take to be the best?
85. What's more important to be real or to be perfect?

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86. How do you get over a break up?
87. How to become an organized person?
88. What is the evil seed in you?
89. How well you forgive people?
90. If you got a chance to meet a celebrity who would you?
91. What is a good day according to you?
92. How is making friends so easy for some people?
93. What are the things you bond on with people?
94. What is a popular trend that you find stupid?
95. Why are some people so adaptive in nature?
96. What makes you a cold person?
97. What will be the first thing you would do if you found your dream celebrity crossing road?
98. What will you do with all your money if you know you would die tomorrow?
99. What makes you look fresh?
100. How many chances you would give to a person who has hurt you?
101. What is the advice you would give the 6 year old you?
102. What is your kind of holiday?
103. Why do most people don't like clearing their misunderstandings?
104. Do you often postpone things?
105. Will you be available for someone who wasn't their for you when you needed them?
106. Does your ego really matter?

107. How can you stop yourself from falling apart?
108. Do you keep yourself over occupied just to feel okay?
109. How to not give much attention to what other's say about you?
110. Why do you feel loved by someone at once and the next moment they start ignoring you?
111. How will you respond to a call from the person you don't like?
112. What is the instinct that helps you know what is right or wrong?
113. Do you feel that something that is happening to you has already happened?
114. Why are humans so moody?
115. What if you lost all your memory someday?
116. What is something you would do if you had a chance to reverse things in life?
117. How to make a big life-changing decision?
118. How does it feel to loose someone you love the most?
119. Why do we hold on to grudges?
120. What is your happiness quotient?



The more you think the more you start having a different perspective on things and situations around you. No matter how hard you try your brain will keep putting you to questions and all you can do is to keep finding your own answers and trigger your imagination.


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