Questions For Couples To Know Both Partner’s Each Other

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if the spark and the fun in your relationship never die? That you both are the same fun and outgoing person as you were when you just started dating. And then in the midst of it all, you just never want the time to end, to freeze in that one frame when you're with your significant other, laughing and admiring each other.

This seems unlikely and fantasy, but many of us try to turn this fantasy into reality and hence the humankind has invented: GAME NIGHT. This oftentimes include various games such as Monopoly, Game of life, UNO and everyone's favorite, would you rather and 21 questions.

So Fear not, we've got tons of questions and tips to help you get your game night going, and turn that beautiful fantasy into a glowing reality. Some of the questions are serious, some are weird and some are just too funny but they all are the perfect amount to add fun and laughs to your love life. No matter how long you've been together, with this set of lists, you would definitely see a new side of your partner.


Questions for couples

Questions for couples

Every now and then we feel as if we are losing the connection with our partner and so we try every possible way to remove that distance. The answer to this problem is to simply ask and communicate in various ways. The following are questions that can help you reconnect with your partner.


1. What is your favorite memory of our relationship?

2. Have you felt as if we are starting to lose the connection?

3. Which meal would you like me to cook for you for the rest of our lives?

4. When you think of the future, what do you see?

5. Have you ever had a fear of losing?

6. What is the one thing you would like to change in our relationship?

7. When we first met, what were your first thought about me?

8. If you could give up one thing for me what would it be?

9. When did you know that you love me?

10. Have you thought about having kids?

11. Do I make you feel as important as I did at the beginning of the relationship?

12. Do you like going out with me?

13. Have you ever been ashamed to be seen with me in public?

14. Would you introduce me to your parents?

15. Do you have a fantasy breakup scene?

16. Do you think it’s healthy for two people to be friends after breaking up?

17. When is the angriest you’ve been when you’re with me?

18. Do I bring out the best or the worst in you?

19. Do your friends like me?

20. If we were not dating, would we be friends?

21. According to you which the most disturbing thing I have done?

22. What is the one thing you did that made your parents cry out of pride and happiness?

23. As a kid, were you the popular one?

24. What is the one thing that you feared as a kid and still has a fear for?

25. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

26. Which is your favorite date of ours?

27. Do you bottle up your feelings?

28. Do you feel that some girls give more priority to their friends more than their boyfriends?

29. Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?

30. What is the one thing that holds you back from falling in love?

31. Do you think it's easy being the jealous kind?

32. What songs do you mainly listen to while dealing with a breakup?

33. Is the double date necessary?

34. What is more important loyalty or love?

35. If could ask me anything about my past life that you didn’t ask before, what would it be?


Deep questions for couples

Deep questions for couples

At the beginning of every relationship, you have this urge to get to know your partner better. To know about his past, his secrets, his talents and all of the little details in his life. We have this need to know his deeper side and hence raises the question mark, how to do to that.

Here I have a list of deep questions that you can ask each other while on your date night:


1. If you could have one of you ex on a dinner date with us, who would it be and why?


2. Are you afraid of committing your life to one person?


3. What kind of girl do you see yourself marrying?


4. What is more important to you, your love life or your family?


5. Would you leave me if your ex comes back?


6. If you could change one thing about your childhood what would it be?


7. What does responsibility towards your family mean to you?


8. Do you think you can raise a family?


9. Are you willing to make sacrifices for your partner? To what extent?


10. Do you think of yourself as a coward or courageous when it comes to standing up for your partner against your family?


11. Would you marry a girl/boy against your parent's will?


12. How do you feel about your relationship with your siblings?


13. Do you think it’s important for your partner’s siblings to like you?


14. Out of all of your friends, whose death would be too depressing for you?


15. What do you think is a serious matter that every couple should discuss in their relationship?


16. Do you think it’s okay to be with someone even if you don’t trust them?


17. What is a trust for you?


18. Does your friend’s opinion matter when you’re in love?


19. Do you think jealousy is an ugly emotion and it’s totally unnecessary for your partner to get jealous?


20. What’s one thing you can’t stand while you’re in a relationship?


21. Would you forgive your partner if they lied to you to prevent you from hurting?


22. How many chances does a person deserve after breaking your trust?


23. Are we really similar or really different from each other?


24. Is it okay for couples to not have the same interest?


25. If you could write a novel including all of your ex’s, who would be the antagonist and who would be the protagonist?


26. Do you expect too much or too little from your partner?


27. Do you believe that we met for a reason?


28. If could date on of you ex again, who would it be and why?


29. Do you think the number of exes matters while you’re in a relationship?


30. Would you judge your partner on the basis of something they did in high school?


31. Are you willing to accept me with all of my flaws or would you like to change something?


32. What do you do when things get out of control in your life?


33. Do you solve your problems on your own or do you talk about it to someone?


34. Have you ever regret dating someone, if yes then why?


35. Would you date someone who earns more than you?

Random questions for couples

Random questions for couples

What’s more fun than being completely comfortable and random at the same time. Random questions are so fun because it lets you catch your partner completely off guard. Use these sets of random questions to add fun and jostle into your conversations.


1. If you could have someone’s attention for a whole week who would it be and why?


2. What is the most stupid thing you have said on your first date?


3. If you could date one person out of your male/female friends who would it be?


4. If you be Beyonce's baby, what would you name yourself?


5. If you had to pee really badly and only the ladies/gents room was available would you go or would you pee at the spot?


6. If you could it one good food and one disgusting food for the rest of your life, what would they be?


7. Would you rather have no sense of smell or no sense of humor?


8. If you could see one celebs post on your Instagram for 4 days who would it be and why?


9. Would you rather sleep with a thousand pillows or sleep with no pillows at all?


10. What part of your body has the most amount of moisture?


11. How would you fit an elephant in the fridge that already has a giraffe in it?


12. What is the most recent prank you pulled on someone?


13. Would you take a dump in public if it was really urgent?


14. What is the grossest thing you’ve done to your siblings?


15. If you could be one social media app which would you be and why?


16. If you had to buy a chain of the worst restaurant which one would it be?


17. What is the most random thing you have in your car?


18. What useless information do you know?


19. Would you rather go hairless or have hair in the places where it shouldn’t grow?


20. Would you rather look like avocado or feel like an avocado?


21. What is the last thing in your bucket list?


22. Which is the most boring movie you have ever seen?


23. Would you rather have the abilities of a car or the abilities of a bat?


24. What one activity are you scared of doing?


25. Tell me about your worst birthday story?


26. Have you received any bad presents? What was it?


27. What makes someone stupid?


28. What are you freakishly good at?


29. Have you ever broke something and have it immediately replaced?


30. What do you think about reptiles?


31. Would you rather be excited or be steady in your life?


32. What is your favorite brand in cars?


33. Would you rather drive a sports car with no passenger seats or drive an old rustic minivan?


34. How would you describe your taste in music?


35. Would you rather be electrocuted or executed?


Anniversary questions for couples

Anniversary questions for couples

Anniversary dates mainly involve movies and dinner, the traditional and there is nothing wrong with that. But also there is no harm in switching things up by adding a little trivia regarding the time you have spent with each other. Here is a list of questions that could make your anniversary date interesting and funky.


1. If you could use one adjective to describe our journey so far, what would you use?


2. Have you thought about planning our future?


3. What was the most lovable moment in the last year?


4. Name one thing that I do that you think is adorable?


5. Hypothetically, if we were to have kids, how many you want and have you thought of names?


6. What would say is one of our cutest memories?


7. What was your reaction when you first saw me?


8. Do you see me walking down the aisle while you wait for me at the altar?


9. Would you cry on our wedding day?


10. What is the one thing you learned last year?


11. When was the last time that you think we deeply connected?


12. What are the things that you think I should do more?


13. Do you think we matured since the time we started dating?


14. Has our relationship grown outdated and boring?


15. If we have to spend our lives together, where should we spend it?


16. Do you compare our relationship with that of others?


17. Do you think our relationship resembles your parents’?


18. What is your favorite non-sex activity that we do together?


19. Are there any moments that made you reconsider our relationship?


20. What kind of impact does your parent’s relationship have on you?


21. Which of my personality traits would you like to have?


22. Which would you like the most, vacation on a beach or vacation at a hill station?


23. If you had a million dollars and you had to split it with 3 people who would they be?


24. Have you ever felt as if I was unfaithful to you?


25. Which of my friends do you like to hang out with?


26. If I were to die, would you marry my sister/brother in order to take care of our children?


27. Would you choose as a godfather and godmother of our children?


28. As a teenager, were you rebellious or obedient?


29. Do you think I am the one for you?


30. Do you have a fantasy proposal?


31. What is the best way to propose your partner?


32. What is the new thing that you would like us to try?


33. When was a time where we didn’t handle the situation properly?


34. If you could relive one day of the last year, what would it be?


35. Do you think we have grown as a couple?


Dinner questions for couples

Dinner questions for couples

Do you feel as if your dinner is getting boring? There are no conversations, just eating in awkward silence. Well cut that silence off with some of these dinner questions and make the dinner alive and fun.


1. Start with the classic, how was your day?


2. What are your dreams and plans for us as a couple?


3. Who were your role models while growing up?


4. Are you still scared of something that you did in the past? What was it?


5. Did anything interesting and weird thing happen this week?


6. How is everything at work?


7. What makes you very excited about work?


8. What advice would you go to your 15-year-old self?


9. What traits would you want your kids to pickup?


10. Who has been the kindest and the rudest to you recently?


11. When you imagine yourself getting old, what do you see?


12. Would you rather travel more or work more?


13. Would you rather be an amazing cook or an amazing eater?


14. Would you rather be too romantic or too realist?


15. What’s your ideal way to spend weekends?


16. When do you think you’re the true version of yourself?


17. Are you happy with the people you’re surrounded with?


18. What is the nicest compliment you’ve received today?


19. What do you think after a person dies?


20. Have you read a book this week? Which was it?


21. What petty things you do when you get angry?


22. Do you like the food tonight?


23. Where do you like to eat the most?


24. What has been your screw up this week?


25. What is kind of things you find attractive?


26. Do you think our relationship needs mending?


27. Are you hopeful about our future?


28. Is there anything that has been worrying you?


29. What would be the greatest gift to give someone?


30. Do you work out of passion or out of need?


31. What has been taking too much of your time?


32. How well do you know yourself?’


33. Any words of wisdom you heard this week?


34. Do you get a sudden need to change your life?


35. Do you think about moving to the countryside?


Compatibility questions for couples

Compatibility questions for couples

Are you in a state of dilemma about your partner, wondering are you both good enough for each other, or that are you both compatible or not or do you have a future or not? Well, erase that question because we have questions that will answer your questions. Here are some questions to test your compatibility.


1. What is an action that can never be forgiven?


2. Are you saver or spender?


3. Do you think working late is good for a relationship?


4. What would you consider as infidelity?


5. What do you think is the most annoying thing that couples do on social media?


6. What makes a hot person unattractive?


7. Is it okay with you to travel by bus?


8. What will you never allow someone else to do to you?


9. Do you get angry when people look into your phone while you’re texting?


10. Do you think couples should split the financial responsibilities?


11. What are the relationship goals to you? Do you believe there is such a thing?


12. Do you think it’s necessary for couples to share their social media passwords?


13. Why do you think the relationship ends?


14. Is it okay for people to get bored while they’re in a relationship?


15. What are your thoughts about living relationship?


16. What do you do when you’re having a bad day?


17. Would you rather spend time alone or with your partner?


18. Do you think communication makes a difference?


19. When it comes to love, do you follow your head or your heart?


20. Do you think couples should share everything with each other?


21. Do you believe in love language?


22. Do you like to be prepared or just go with the flow?


23. Movies at a theater or at home?


24. Picnic date or hiking?


25. Do you like to be spontaneous or safe?


26. Are you a morning person or a night owl?


27. What is one thing that you really want to do?


28. Are you a social media addict?


29. Do you think it’s necessary to love yourself before you love someone else?


30. Are you well at handling criticism?


31. Do you prefer expensive gifts or gifts that hold sentimental feelings?


32. Have you struggled with adjusting to full-time work?


33. Does social status matter to you?


34. Do you think a guy and a girl can just be friends?


35. Can you be with someone who doesn’t share the same religious beliefs as you?


Ice breaker questions for couples

Ice breaker questions for couples

Here is the list of our ice breaker questions that can spark a natural conversation. Have a look through and choose the best ones that you think might work with the people you’re talking too.


1. If you want to find out about someone’s hometown, how do you ask?


2. What do you prefer for dessert, ice cream or waffles?


3. What scenes do always makes you cry?


4. Anything interesting going in your life?


5. Have you ever thought about changing your gender?


6. Can you give a presentation without any preparation?


7. What is the most amazing fact you know?


8. If you were to develop an app, what would it be about?


9. Do you play video games more or do you like to listen to music more?


10. Do you like taking up new hobbies?


11. What day is perfect for a brunch?


12. Do you believe in equality or in feminism?


13. What are your thoughts on climate change?


14. If you could start a protest, what would it be for?


15. What are some of your guilty food pleasures?


16. Are you a gym freak?


17. How did you spend your first salary?

18. Do you think Tim Horton’s and Starbucks are overrated?


19. Do you think cooking should be made as an academic subject?


20. Which is the most expensive car you’ve had?


21. How do you generally introduce yourself to a stranger?


22. Tell me 3 of your best pick up lines?


23. Have you ever flirted with someone of the same gender?


24. Do you watch the Olympics or just the opening night?


25. Do you read the newspaper or read news online?


26. What weird quirks did you pick up from your friends?


27. A small group of friends or large groups?

28. What are some of the dumbest idea you’ve had?


29. At what age do you want to retire?


30. Are you a competitive person?


31. What slang would you want to bring back?


32. How well do you know you’re neighbors?


33. Do you take a walk in the morning or in the evening?


34. What would you want to win a Nobel Prize for?


35. What’s your idea of a party?


Whew! That was a long list but we are done. Here you have it all. Some of the great questions to ask your partner, no matter what the occasion, time or place are, with this set of questions, you will always have a great time with your significant other.


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