Love Romantic Proposal messages

Love Romantic Proposal messages

Love is a special thing that binds people together. It brings two worlds in unison that gives rise to a new generation. Thus, it is important to let this special person in your life about how much you value them; so that you can ask them to be yours permanently!


Here are 80 proposal messages for your loved one:



  • Till this day used to dream of being with you forever. Today is special, for this dream becomes a reality. From now on I only ask you one thing: will you make my dream a reality by wearing this ring?


  • I may sound crazy and naive when I say this but in all my flaws and misgivings I want you to stay with me always. I want to know if you will be by my side in this crazy journey forever?


  • Whenever I see you I get this heart-stopping, world-changing, breath-stopping feeling. And now I want this feeling forever as it keeps me alive. Thus, I need you from this moment on and till my last. Will you marry me?


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  • Today I want to start a journey. A journey with someone special. A journey with someone like you. And I aim to stop only when we reach our graves. Are you ready for the long haul? If yes, lend me your hand so I can slip this ring onto you.


  • We have been inseparable since the day we met. Might as well settle it for once and for all. Will you marry me so that we can establish our sweet union and start a new legacy?


  • As this sun sets, I want to tell you that a chapter in our lives is coming to an end; for a new one will begin. We end this day as temporary lovers and begin it with labels of husband and wife. Will you marry me?


  • When I look back, all my life I’ve been chasing the wrong people. Things never seemed to work out. But it looks like I’ve found someone who will stay forever. And that person is you. Will you marry me?


  • You came into my life, sweeping me off my feet with your charm and wit. And you stayed in it with your love and loyalty. I think this is a sign for me to be with you forever. Will you marry me?


  • I feel like a fool for being so blind to all that love you gave me all these years. But now that I’ve realised what you’ve done for me I can never fail to acknowledge you. Will you marry me?


  • Today the stars are in line for a surprise. A surprise that will be marked in our lifetime of love. That’s because today I ask you if I can make you mine?


  • You remember how I always told you about how I wanted a lavish wedding that looked like it was straight from the fairy tale. So today I’m asking you, will you be the princess to this prince and realise his dream?


  • Ever since my eyes caught sight of you, I have never been able to get you out of my head. I wish you get out of my head - and stay in my life instead! Will you marry me?


  • Love gets its name from the existence of you. And love is my life and so are you. Will you marry me?


  • Thank you for holding my hand and leading me to this beautiful place in life. I know you never want to let go; and I don’t want to let go of you too. So will you marry me?


Romantic Proposal Messages


  • This is the last straw. I will take a step further with you only on one condition; if you agree to wear this band of gold with a diamond crown on your finger. Yes, I’m asking you will you marry me?


  • You walked through hell with me; now I ask you if you will walk around the fire, that seals the bonds of marriage. Will you marry me?


  • We’ve been meeting in clandestine and I think now is the correct time to let this world know about us as we proclaim this love. Will you marry me?


  • Let’s let the wind of life, further burn the passionate fire of our love. May the flames never turn to ashes. And the only way we can ensure this, is if you agree to marry me...


  • The next man in your life would be the luckiest one. For he is the one who gets to call you his wife. And I always wanted to be a lucky man! So ... will you marry me?


  • Slipping through the pages of life, the ink spilt left a story that etched a case of love that will stay forever. I want you to be the lead in this story along with me. Will you marry me?


  • One day I want to recite wedding vows with someone. But I will be needing someone who is ready to walk down the aisle with me. What say, care to join me as we walk together?


  • Let’s go pick a gown for you. There’s a big occasion coming up and you are invited to it. Not as a guest... but as my bride. Will you marry me?


  • Life has many ups and downs and the waves are always crashing not matter what the day is. But there is a certain person in my life who has been an anchor on my ship, holding me in place and making sure I never drift away. Thank you for being in my life and will you marry me?


  • Let’s celebrate this 7-year anniversary differently. I say, I give you a ring and you become my wife and this is how we choose to live from now on? Sounds like a good plan to me!


  • You have been like the northern star in my life. A constant form of reassurance that looked after me whenever I felt lost. Now I wish to start a universe with you, that twinkles with the power of our love. Will you marry me?


Love Proposal Messages for Her or him


  • The power of youth, exudes from us. We must mark this beautiful achievement in such a way that it lasts forever. Just like the love that we have for each other. So.. will you marry me?


  • Persistence and resistance has brought me in front of a woman like you. Life has been harsh but your presence has been my salvation. And I wish to never lose you. Will you marry me?


  • Love is a gift from the divine. And you are the angel that entered my life as thus beautiful surprise. I am blessed to have someone life you. Will you marry me?


  • Today I want to give you something that will permanently seal our bonds together; and thus bond will not break even after the end of this mortal life. Thus, I wish to give you this ring, that will mark our immortal love. Will you marry me?


  • Sometimes I feel like something is missing between the two of us. How about we tie the knot and start a family so this loneliness goes away? So... will you marry me?


  • The unison sign, signifies an entity that brings together two incomplete beings. Today I want to tell you, I feel complete only when I’m with you. So let’s form a unison of our own. Will you marry me?


  • Love is for eternity. But if you leave, how am I to love? Because I want that eternal love that they talk about in movies, I ask of you a huge favour; will you marry me?


  • This desire that I would not want to see perish, is the desire of wanting a life with you. Yes, you already are a huge part of it but I want you to be my life from here on. Will you marry me?


  • When I was struggling and grasping for something to save myself you entered my life, like a with the promise of love. And to return this favour I want to ask you, will you be my wife?


Romantic Proposal Text Messages


  • Sometimes I wish, the little kids and families that I see, were mine. But you see, I am missing a wife... you think you want to grant this wish and maybe ... marry me?


  • I always dreaded growing old. How can someone live that long? But then I look at you and realise I can live forever if I have someone like you in my life. And today I ask you; will you grow old with me and will you marry me?


  • If I ask of you a favour that lasts a lifetime, it would be you being my other half, for as long as time exists. And with that I would want to know... will you marry me?


  • I choose you to be my lover. Not only today, but also tomorrow and years after that. All my choices will only lead to you because loving you is the only thing I do. Will you marry me?


  • I’ve been alone in this journey for so long. My heart has been in a glass cage, visible to others but always out of reach. But you shattered this invisible wall and walked out with my heart and kept it safe. And thus, now that my heart is safe, I can finally live. And I can’t afford to lose you. Will you marry me?


  • Romeo and Juliet never had their happy ending. But we are in a way like them; we share the passionate love and are ready to die for each other. Thus, I want to ask you, will you be the Juliet to this Romeo?


  • The day we met, my life stopped in its tracks for I knew I’d met someone special. Someone of love to spend the rest of my life with. And today I ask this special someone, that I met on the first of college, to be my wife...


  • I believe that true love isn’t about grand gestures and public validation. Instead it is about the little things such as the flaws of a person, their laugh and even their eyes. Today I want to ask someone who shares these beliefs with me... if he would like to marry me?


  • Today we sit on top of this hill, counting stars... but one day I want to sit next to you and count the wrinkles on our face as we laugh! But for that you will have to stick with me for a long time .... will you marry me?


  • In life many Things aren’t guaranteed. But there is one thing that I can say that will always stay constant and that is my love for you. I will never leave you and always be there for you no matter what. And so I want to ask you will you start this journey with me that proclaims us as a husband and wife?


  • Today I was thinking about the rest of my life. And there is one thing that I am very sure of and that one thing is the woman standing in front of me. Because she is the rest of my life. Because she is my life. Will you marry me?


  • Every day I wake up to your beautiful face. I see you not only in my dreams but also in my future. And so I ask of you, will you finally get out of my dreams and come in my arms instead and walk into the future as my wife?


  • Ladies and gentlemen I have an announcement to make. This magnetic force of a person is someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life. He attracts all the happiness that I could ever get and he is the magnet and I am the metal that always finds my way to him. Will you marry me?


  • Oh look something has fallen down! Let me just pick it up. Look it’s a diamond ring... show your hand let me see if it fits you perfectly.... Well it fits perfectly so how about keeping this ring on... forever?


  • The day you left for the airport I realise that life has no meaning if you were not in it. And so I have decided that if I want to live I will only live if you are a part of my life. You give my life meaning and without you everything is meaningless and I cease to exist. Thus, will you marry me?


  • I love dancing in the rain with you or having pillow fights in the middle of the night. I love getting lost on strange paths and I love the way you reassure me when I cry. I want to do this and so many other things but only and only with you. And so I want to ask you will you marry me?


  • I was wounded and you were the healer. My scars from this life were stitched up by your love. Thus, your love is like an antidote that keeps me alive. Will you marry me?


  • Life is a series of unbalanced trajectories. But from all those unstable moments, you are the constant that makes me balance out all the wrongs in life. You balance me out and thus, we both can tread together while supporting the other. And so I want to ask if you want to stay in this equilibrium and marry me?


  • Some say life is too monotonous after marriage. But being with you will never not be fun. Yes. I said I want to be with you ... will you marry me?


  • Right now we hold hands and smile as lovers ... but today I want to take this moment and want to hold your hand again... but this time as your husband. So, will you marry me?


  • Today is the day when I make a promise that will last a lifetime. I want to make a promise to keep you happy. A promise to protect you from all harm. A promise to wipe your tears when you don’t when the strength to. And thus, the most important promise; to take on the role of your husband... will you marry me?


  • When people ask my future I will not say anything. Instead I will simply point at you. Yes, because you are my future. Will you marry me?


  • My queen, today I now down to you and kneel on one knee to ask you a question that costs a fortune of love. I want to ask you if you would like to rule our imaginary world with me by your side. My queen, will you marry me?


  • We have love for each other on both sides. Thus love resides within us and we must bring it together to flourish as one. Let’s build a bridge of love that helps to connect these two longing hearts. Will you marry me?


  • I’ve been holding on to you six de the day we met. My eyes locked onto you when you came in through that door and now I want to hold you not only in my eyes but also in my heart ... as my wife! Will you marry me?


  • You are my lover and that itself an honour enough. I am lucky to have run into a beautiful person like you and I wish you could stay forever. Will you say yes if I asked you to be more than my lover...? More than just a lover will you like to be my wife?


  • I want you to be mine; till the stars shine bright, till the sun illuminates the sky, till how deep the oceans run and till the world continues to revolve. I want you to be with me forever. Will you marry me?


  • Five summers ago, we came to this place for a secret getaway from the busy city life. And today I want to stand here again and the only thing that is different is that now I want you to be more than just my boyfriend. I want you to be my husband. Will you marry me?


  • I believe that everyone on this planet is linked to his or her soulmate by an invisible string. And this string keeps getting shorter and shorter until that person is standing right in front of you. This string has connected us and led me to you. Will you marry me?


  • Looking into your eyes, I see in foresight, a depiction of both of us and a dream life that we always spoke about and shared together. I know in my heart; you are the one I want. Let’s make this vision a reality. Will you marry me?


  • They say life is a game and we are the players. I consider myself lucky enough to be a player in life, the same time as you are. And now that we have crossed paths I believe we can now play this game together and win. Let’s form a tag team. Will you marry me?


  • We have already linked our arms together as we walk down this tranquil road. Now let’s link our hearts and walk down an aisle. Will you marry me?


  • Close your eyes for I have a surprise. I gift that’s better than any you’ve received before and a gift that will never fade away. The gift of a diamond ring with a promise to stay by your side. Will you marry me?


  • There is always one thing my mind. And that is you. Today I promise to hold your hand and never let go. This is because I wish to spend eternity with you and to breathe by your side. Will you marry me?


  • Today I stand in front of God and thank him for introducing a gem of a girl like you in my life. You are special in every way possible and today I want to make you even special by asking you one question; will you marry me?


  • Life is beautiful. But you know what would make it even more beautiful? Your permanent presence. I wish I have the chance to be that lucky person who gets to stay by your side through these beautiful moments and share them together. Will you marry me?


  • I remember when I was young, I used to pray day and night for a special someone, and the universe introduced you in my life, that day when we bumped into each other at the library. Now I want you to help me write the story of life. A life that I want to share with you! Would you be my wife?


  • My heart was shattered into a thousand pieces once. You came into my life picked the broken pieces of my heart and put them back together one by one even though it made you bleed. It is for these sacrifices that you make for me that I am super grateful. I want to know if you will marry me?


  • More often than not, I find my mind preoccupied with thoughts of spending the future with you. So what say? Would you wish to tie the knot?


  • Hey, can you just show me your palm? I want to see what the future has in store for you... oh look, this is love line and it says that today you are going to be someone’s wife! And what a coincidence because I happen to have a ring! Will you marry me?


  • Life isn’t perfect and things aren’t always heavenly. There is nothing that can be promised but one thing I can assure you is that I will stay by your side through this journey. Be it hell or heaven I will follow you and love you forever. Will you marry me?


  • Today I want to give you a piece of my heart that is solely yours. I give you this ring that is my gift to you. A gift of a lifetime that signifies that u am forever yours Will you marry me?


  • 7 billion people on this planet and I am lucky enough to exist in the same time as you. I don’t want you to ever to slip through my hands and I want you to stay in my heart. Will you marry me?


  • Every day I fall in love with you more and more. I feel like this love I have for you is so overpowering that it will consume me. The only way I can satiate this love is if you agree to marry me. So will you be mine forever?


  • Love is a complicated thing. Many fail at it while many fake it. But with you it’s neither. It’s a form of salvation that binds us together. It’s the purest thing that ever came into existence. Will you marry me?


  • I want you to be mine. As long as the star’s shine, as long as the moon enlightens a night sky, as long as the sun burns bright, and as long as you love me. Take my hand and let’s grow together. Will you marry me?