45 Productive Things To Do When Bored In Your ( Life + Work )

An empty mind is a Devil’s Workshop 


Do you agree with it? When a person has nothing to do he is in a stage of being bored of everything and his mind diverts in negative thoughts and ideas, but at the same time if a person invests his free time in some productive activities, he will achieve his desired goal and new learning will take place which will result in improvement of overall personality of an individual. There are like tons of productive Activities which a person can do when having the feeling of being bored like investing the time in some fun and creative activities, learning new things every day, polishing hidden talented skills, relaxing mind and body by practicing meditation and yoga, physical exercise to stay fit and healthy, watching motivational movies, listening to favorite music and the list goes on.


45 Productive Things to do when bored

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  1. “Cookaholics” Try your hands on some new and amazing Recipes

If you are passionate about Cooking and bored with the daily routine menu, Google up and find some amazing recipes which can be made easily and try to make them at home.


  1. Work for your society and do charity

It is rightly said no one has ever become poor by giving it to others and helping them when they are in need, thus society is a place where we live and it is every human responsibility to work for the betterment of its society and do charity to bring a little happiness in some one’s life.


  1. Help your parents when there is workload

Parents take care of their children’s needs and make all efforts to fulfill them and give them the best life. When you see there is a burden of work on them help them and try to reduce their burden.


  1.  Relax Mind and Body by Practising Yoga

 Yoga nourishes our mind and body and provides relaxation. One must invest free time in practicing yoga to attain peace and serenity.


  1. Stay fit and healthy by doing workout

In order to remain physically fit and strong one must make a habit of doing workout daily.


6. Invest time in a fun and enjoyable Activities

Spend time with kids and solve puzzles or play fun and creative games with them.


  1. Explore creativity

Creativity is contagious pass it on ! if you have a creative mind explore your creativity and let your imagination build new ideas. 


  1. Polish your hidden Skills

There are many hidden skills present in every individual, it is very important to identify those skills and polish them. These skills will add a good impression to your profile.


  1. Learn new things every day

Leaning has no age bar, it can take place at anytime and anywhere in life. we should learn new things every day as this will enrich new learning, build confidence and helps in skill addition.


  1. Read any book of your interest

Reading is a good art .take your pick on the books of your interest and make a habit of reading it in free time.


  1. Invite friends and close relatives for lunch/Dinners

Whether its birthday, anniversary or Casual party invite your close friends, relatives and organize lunch, hi Tea and Dinner for them and share happiness.


  1. Plan a short trip with your near and dear ones

Travelling is a good Hobby when bored, one should plan a short trip with near and dear ones and explore amazing places in the world.


  1. Learn photography

Photography is a good skill to learn in free time. if you love clicking the photos and passionate about learning to take good shots. Enrich your photography skills and become a professional photographer.


  1. Save nature save earth Do Gardening

Gardening is a good habit to take care of your mother earth by planting trees and grow vegetables in your home.


  1. Join workshops to learn new things


There are many workshops organized and one must participate in these workshops and learn new things.


  1. Participate in different social and cultural competitions

Participation boost confidence in an individual, one should take part in a different social and cultural competence to improve his/her personality.


17. Arrange your cupboards and throw used products

 Cleanliness is next to godliness we should clean our home daily and arrange our cupboards and throw used products weekly. 


  1. Design your Dress

if you are a fashion freak and have a passion for designing make use of your free time and create your amazing outfits which you can wear at weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, etc.

  1. Decorate your home with some great artifacts

Utilize your free time in decorating your home with some great artifacts and make it beautiful and decorative. 


  1. Visit café, party with your Friends

 Visit your old friend at their home or visit a café and party with your friends on weekends.


  1.  Learn a New Foreign Language

Learning any new Foreign Language boost confidence in an individual and improves his overall personality, this also helps in skill and value addition.


  1. Learn new Habits

It is important to learn new and good habits in free time. There are many good habits like meditation, walking, swimming, cycling that one should adopt.


  1. Try to Meditate

Meditation provides relaxation to mind and body and improves a person’s physical, mental, social and emotional structure. one should make a daily practice of doing meditation.


  1. Watch Motivational Short movies

Motivation is a word that drives you to achieve your purpose if a person watches short and motivational movies he gets motivated to do productive things in life.


  1. Listen to Affirmative Music

  Music refreshes mind and soul, one should listen to affirmative and peaceful music when having the feeling of being bored.

  1. Delete your spams/ junk files /Folders from Inbox

 Our inbox consists of a lot of spams/junk files and folders and it is important to delete this regularly.


  1.  Plan the things to do in a weekend

 Plan the list of the things or activities you need to do on a weekend, jot down it and accomplish your goals.


  1. Clean your What Sapp messages

There are many unnecessary messages and groups made in our  what Sapp which fills storage capacity, it is necessary to clean these unwanted messages regularly.


  1. Write down Birthday, anniversary Dates, etc

Make your diary and note down birthdays, Anniversaries dates of your family members, friends, and close relatives. This will help to remember their dates and you can wish them on Time.


  1. Organize your workspace area

 It is important to organize our workspace area neatly and systematically weekly.


  1. Watch some Motivational Documentary

 If you are bored and have nothing to do, just sit back, relax and watch some good motivational documentary and refreshing episodes on Netflix.


  1. Read Articles depend on your interest

 Reading Article provides us the knowledge to understand in depth about something, invest your free time and make a reading list of the articles depending on your interest.


  1. Build Your Personality by joining Personality Development classes

Make the right use of your free time by doing some productive activities and joining personality development classes to improve your overall structure and boost confidence level.


  1. Learn Driving

 Driving is a good skill to learn in free time, one should learn tips and tricks of driving a good car.


  1.  Listen to some interesting stories from your elders

 Listen to some fun, good and interesting stories from your elders in your free time.


  1. Teach and Earn

If you are passionate about teaching and want to enhance your profile in this field, invest free time teaching small kids and make it fun-loving and interesting.


  1. Do Socialising

Socializing is a good thing when having nothing to do and bored, meet new people and interact with them, hang out with your friends and plan a reunion with your old friends if you have not met for a long time.


  1. Learn a New Sport

Sports and games have increased their value in recent times and teenagers/youth generation needs to play and learn any sport of their choice. This will enhance their profile and boost confidence.


  1. Learn any New Musical Instrument

Music refreshes mind and soul if you are passionate about music and have the interest to learn any musical instrument join music class and learn any musical instrument of your choice.


  1. Do Freelancing Work

There are many online and part-time internships available these days if you are interested in any field and want to make your career in it, do freelancing work in the field you are interested.


  1. Plan your Schedule and work on it

It is important to plan the schedule of every day and work according to it, in this way we will be updated and organized.


  1. Take an online class

If you want to explore your learning skills further and interested to take online lectures, take up an online course and do productive learning.


  1. Organize your Emails Systematically

Our inbox contains a lot of emails and it is necessary to organize them systematically and delete spams emails /files and folders.

  1. Try your hand on Baking

Baking is done out of love and to share with family and friends so if you are passionate about baking try your hand on some good, new, delicious baking dishes.

  1. Write a Journal

     Journal writing is a good hobby; invest your free time in writing any journal of your choice.


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