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Pongal is a harvest festival. In a country like India, where agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for more than 50% of the population it should not come as a surprise. It is dedicated to sun God and marks the sun’s six-month long journey northwards. It is a four- day festival celebrated by the Tamil population in the state of Tamil Nadu and also in Puducherry and Sri Lanka. The basic motive behind this festival is to appreciate and express gratitude to the Gods for a successful harvest.


History of Pongal

Having been mentioned in the Sanskrit Puranas, the history of Pongal can be traced back to the Sangam age (200 B.C. – 300 A.D.). The festival was celebrated in the month of margazhi and throughout the month it was compulsory for young girls to avoid milk and milk products. They had to refrain from oiling their hair and using harsh words while speaking. They were to worship Goddess Katyayani whose idol was carved out from wet sand. They believed that doing this would bring rainfall that will flourish the paddy fields.

There are also some legends associated with the festival, however, the most famous one is related to Lord Shiva. According to it, Lord Shiva sent his bull to the Earth to tell the mortals that they were to take oil baths daily and eat once a month. However, the bull got confused and announced that they should eat daily and take oil baths once a month which enraged Lord Shiva and he banished the bull to live forever on Earth and plough the fields to harvest more food.


Reasons Behind Celebration of Pongal

The four- day festival is celebrated to show gratitude towards sun God and Lord Indra for their help in the harvest. It is considered to be a very auspicious occasion where Gods bestow wealth and prosperity on Earth.

The first day of the festival also called Bhogi festival, is celebrated to worship Lord Indra for the timely rain. This day is also seen as a mark of a new year, so people clean their houses and buy new vessels.

On the Second day of the festival people worship and praise the sun God. People boil rice with milk in an earthen pot and offer it to the Sun God.

On the third day or Mattu Pongal, people honor and glorify cattle for helping farmers in the harvesting.
On the last day or Kannum Pongal people worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati and have meals with their families.


Popular Dishes on Pongal

The literal meaning of the word Pongal means “boiling over”, which refers to rice cooked in milk and jaggery. There are two varieties of Pongal. The one which is salty is called ‘Ven Pongal’ while the sweet one is called ‘Sarkkarai Pongal’.

Raw mangoes have their own place in this festival. Mango pichadi is a special dish made from raw mangoes and jaggery which is served as a chutney.

Some other dishes for the festivals are – aval payasam, dal payasam, coconut rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, murukku, rawa pongal, curd rice and many more appetizing dishes

Best Quotes for Pongal Wishes


1. May your life and heart be pure and have full of joy. Wish you a very Happy Pongal.

Best Quotes for Pongal Wishes
2. Welcome this joyful harvest season which brings prosperity and luck. Wish you a Happy Pongal 2019.

Wish you a Happy Pongal 2019
3. Happy Pongal. With great devotion, fervor and gaiety, my warm wishes to you and your family.

Happy Pongal Illustration With Palm Trees
4. Wish you a very Happy Pongal. I hope that this harvest festival overflow joy and happiness on the auspicious occasion of Pongal.

Happy Pongal Greetings
5. On this auspicious day of Pongal. Hope this will brings an abundance of happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Happy Pongal Wallpapers
6. Let's rejoice and celebrate the tradition which fills your life with happiness and prosperity. Happy Pongal.

Happy Pongal Celebration


7. May you will get the almighty blessing with endless moments of prosperity and health. Happy Pongal.

Happy Pongal Wishes
8. May this Pongal brings sweetness in everyone's life and also fulfill the dream. I wish you have a blessed Pongal.

Happy Pongal with Animal
9. With heartfelt of happiness, I wish your life must be bright and beautiful as the colors of Kolam! Have a joyous Pongal!

Best Happy Pongal Wishes
10. May your hard work and wishes be fulfilled. I always pray for your happiness which brings glory in your life. Wishing Happy Pongal to you.

pongal festival images


11. I pray to the God of Sun for you which fulfill your all dreams and brings wealth and happiness. Wishing you a very Happy Pongal!

pongal celebration
12. Let's dance by celebrating this Pongal festival which always brings health and prosperity and the stock never fall short. Enjoy a Tamil New Year full of joy!

pongal quotes
13. While you reading this messages I wish you a great life ahead with this festival.

pongal quotes
14. This festive season may the sweetness of milk and sugarcane fills your life with joy and prosperity. Happy Pongal to you all!

pongal quotes,wallpaper,images,celebration
15. Pongal is the festival that respects the cattle and brings affection and love. Celebrate through dance and pray for a better future. Happy Pongal!

pongal 2019
16. I am sending my warm wishes to you and your family. May this Pongal festival brings happiness and wealth. Let's celebrate this festival with our own custom and traditions.

17. I pray this festival may be the start of your brighter days which is filled with happiness and good luck. Happy Pongal!

18. May Pongal festival bring health, wealth and prosperity in your life. Warm Happy Pongal wishes.

pongal festival
19. May this celebration of Pongal brings love and hope for a brighter future. Happy Pongal!

pongal festival quotes,wishes
20. Celebrate this festival of harvest by giving thanks to plants and sun for their blessing. I pray this will always bring excitement and happiness. Happy Pongal!

pongal festival quotes,images,wishes


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