Poetry -‘Anger is just an emotion’

I am angry because the past mistakes don't leave my mind,
Because the ghosts of the past scare me every night.
I am angry because my head is a haunted house
Where the past memories are played in a loop,
Sometimes being fast forwarded, but mostly rewound.
I am angry because now I have imagined all the past scenarios over a million times in my mind.
I have planned the best comeback
For their every remark
But now it's too late and I have already lost all the fights.
Loneliness and overthinking are the only things I am left with.
I am angry because
I am lonely, and I overthink.
I am angry because no matter how beautiful dress I might bring for myself,
My body fat and acne never seem to fit well.
And all those green tea packets and facepacks seem to be a total waste,
Because these pimples always seem
To be in a rush to cover the entire
Territory of my face.
I am angry because I have to spend the last year of my college
By being locked up in my house.
Everyday I tell myself it will get better, but instead it gets worse.
All my prayers seem to be powerless in front of this never ending curse.
I am angry because I am lazy,
And sometimes a bit too crazy.
All day I lay on my bed but instead of Netflix and chill,
I binge watch my past memories and good vibes I kill.
But hey! Don't get melodramatic,
I don't need your sympathy.
Because I know 'anger' is just a human emotion
And like all other emotions, it also needs to be expressed.
Because keeping everything inside, behind a fake smile
Will only make matters worse and make you feel more depressed.
So, whenever the moments of anger like the bad memories, pimples, fights,past mistakes visit you
Let them in, and experience them.
So that you can bid them farewell after some time
Rather than shutting the door
And being scared of going out, all your life.