Makers to The Finals of 15th Smithsonian Photo Contest

The15th annual Smithsonian photo contest finalists have pretty fine work to show off. Amongst the 48,000 entries of photographers from around the world, 60 images came forward to be the most exemplary and memorable work.

Have a glimpse at these fascinating pictures of nature, travel, people and many more categories.

Voting for the reader’s choice award is open! Vote on your favourite work. You can lock your vote to one vote per day by each user. Entries closes on 27th march 2018, the day of results.

1. Ray of Zeus 

This fiery one was taken in big island, Hawaii, when a sea cliff collapsed shooting out a stream of lava. The photographer captured the image when the lava gushed into the sea releasing smoke and lava bombs just before sunrise.

2. Bear and Salmon

This bear poses with his kill of the day, a salmon. Image was taken in Kuril Lake where bears were catching up on their daily dose of 40 fish a day to gain enough weight  for the winter hibernation. These bears are hyperphaghia, meaning they are always hungry.

3. The Window

The photo of the red-eyed tree frogs spotted by the photographer in the Costa Rican hotel garden as if emerging through a window. Quite an interesting rendezvous with the frog.

26 year Lisa Schalm (centre) is a depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder patient. Posing with her reborn dolls (a skin doll made by the maker to resemble real human infant), Lisa says it’s the only way she can calm herself down. Truly, love relived.

4. Untitled

5. Boatman

Making the most of it. Seen here, the boatman catching up on his daily news reading the newspaper.

6. Roman Goods

This stand is established near Piazza dei cavallieri di Malta for the tourist to get a sight of St Peter’s basilica through a keyhole.

7. Umbrella Market

The photographer dramatically captures this woman through a channel of umbrellas.

8. Leather Drying in Dhaka

A woman on the job of drying the leather near a leather factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Soon to be master pieced into boots, purses, and belts.

9. Making incense

Bundles of fragranced incense sticks lined to dry in a commune in Hanoi, Vietnam. Incense sticks, a must in traditions and prayers of Buddhist culture.

10. Breakfast at The Weekly Market

Early morning site of Northern Vietnamese market where people come to exchange goods and culture over hot and relishing breakfast.

11. Care

Love at its best. The photographer took this image in a slum of Bangladesh where the man was feeding the infant while the daughter holds the baby. This mesmerizing site is truly, love unmatched.

12. The Swinging Girl

The little girl enjoys the swing in summer. The photographer did full justice by capturing the enthralling emotion of the girl.

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